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Splitboarding in Argentina

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Welcome to Argentina and its infinity of splitboarding options for riders and mountaineers looking for fresh snow, far from the crowds and close to winter nature. The best splitboarding trips are found following the Andes Mountains, from North Patagonia to the end of the world, in Tierra del Fuego. Take a look at our splitboarding tours in Argentina led by certified local guides.

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There are many reasons for choosing Splitboarding in Argentina

The Andes mark the border between Argentina and Chile. From all the nearby Argentine provinces, you can cross to that country and enjoy good splitboarding skiing programs in what is known as the Chilean Patagonia. The mountain passes are in excellent condition and are very accessible by car or bus.


Good to know:

Country Code




Best time to visit

June to September


Argentine peso, although Euro and US Dollar are also accepted

How to get there

There are international airports in almost all the provinces of the country. The most frequent and direct connections are in Buenos Aires, from where you can connect with the rest of the country through flights that do not exceed 3 hours


The north of the country is warmer than the south, where there are snowfalls during most of the winter, from June to August. The climatic conditions near the Andes are windy and dry. As we move away from there, the weather becomes wetter and rainier, especially in autumn, from March to June

More info about Splitboarding in Argentina:

The ski centers and snow parks are located from Mendoza and Malargüe to Ushuaia. You can go for some powder snow adventures in Las Leñas or Penitentes. Get into the lengas forests of Cerro Chapelco with your splitboard. Feel the Patagonian wind and the beauty of a great panoramic view from Cerro Catedral in Bariloche or be seduced by the extraordinary landscape of Cerro Castor, where the mountains and the ocean merge into the southernmost city in the world: Ushuaia

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