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Trail running is a sport you can do just about anywhere. It is the activity of running off of paved surfaces, often taking advantage of the geographical features and landmarks of nature. Mountainous regions are sought after for their challenging trails and stunning visuals, combining the endurance of the run with elevation-influenced obstacles. Runs can last anywhere from a few kilometers and a few hours to an immersive week on various routes to fully indulge in a region.

Trail running can be combined with other activities, like hiking and nature discovery, to take advantage of a certain area. Running is great for anyone who is open to a workout, with varying levels of difficulty for every run. Elevation gains, long distances, and remote areas tend to have more challenges, but meandering jogs along the ocean are just as rewarding. When it comes to interacting with the terrain, from gravel paths to root-filled nature roads, trail running is a wonderful way to explore your favorite places while working out at the same time.





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Plgm Freitas
Great experience, but definitely favored toward elite runners. One of our guides, JC, was amazing. He cared about every runner. The other guide seemed only to care for the elites (and himself). On top of Col des Montets, I asked if we had time to put on warm layers. The guide said \"of course,\" but then quickly proceeded to run off with the entire group while I stood bare and freezing with my gear unpacked. Total lack of consideration for the well-being of his runners. Otherwise a great tour.
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James Jirn
Well organized tour of the TDS course. Amazing views await even if you’re not planning to run the race
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Christopher Woodrow
Awesome and very well organised
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Andrew Pidden



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