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16-day Santa Cruz Trek with Alpamayo Circuit in the Cordillera Blanca, Peru


Join a certified mountain guide on the Santa Cruz Trek and Alpamayo Circuit in Peru and spend 16 days on a guided hike in some of the most compelling terrain in the Andes with evocative views of the surrounding Cordillera Blanca.


Andes, Cordillera Blanca

16 Days

May - Nov




* Combine the iconic Santa Cruz Trek and Alpamaya Circuit.

* Spend over two weeks in the gorgeous Cordillera Blanca of the Andes.

* Explore flora, fauna, and culture that can only be found in Peru.

* Experience a safe and satisfying trip alongside a certified guide.


Discover the vast beauty of Peru on a 16-day hike on the Santa Cruz Trek and Alpamayo Circuit in the Cordillera Blanca! This guided program gives you an exhilarating trek through the jaw-dropping wilderness of a South American wonder and a front row seat to some of the most impressive mountains in the Andes!

The Cordillera Blanca is an incredibly important part of the Andes Mountains, running the length of Peru from north to south. More than 50 mountains reach over 4,500 meters in height, replete with stunning glaciers – over 700, crystal clear lakes – over 300, captivating meadows, and lush endemic plant life. For trekkers and travelers, this is one of the most majestic outdoor areas in all of South America.

This is where you come in! This program is designed to give you an exhilarating tour through the entire region. Over the course of 16 days, you will have the chance to see mountains up close and personal, including “the most beautiful mountain in the world,” Alpamayo (5,947m). Other peaks include Huascaran (6,768m), Santa Cruz (6,259m), Jancarurish (5,578m), Quitarahu (6,036m), and so many more.

After meeting at the airport, we will head right out to Huaraz to start acclimating for the journey. A couple of days getting accustomed to our surroundings and the mountain culture will prepare us for the next five days of the Santa Cruz Trek and the ensuing connection to the Alpamayo Circuit. The entire journey will take place in the Cordillera Blanca, with mountains passes and stunning lakes at every turn.

You can expect glaciers views along the way, as well as a heavy dose of wildlife. The wilderness of Peru is home to an intriguing array of animals to go along with its remarkable plant species, so you will remain in awe each day of the program. Camping along the trail gives you a chance to dig right into this enriching landscape and really see how it has shaped societies and communities throughout history.

The hike is a substantial undertaking and will require roughly two weeks immersed in the Peruvian countryside. A fitness level on par with this amount of activity is required, and any previous hiking experience is a serious asset. The mental fortitude to trek for multiple days and camp in the backcountry is also necessary for a successful expedition.

Book this unforgettable amalgamation of two incredible hikes in the Cordillera Blanca NOW and spend 16 days hiking the Santa Cruz Trek and Alpamayo Circuit for a once in a lifetime experience in Peru!

For those on a tighter schedule, we can also enjoy a three day historical trek from Olleros to Chavin in the Cordillera Blanca!

Price includes

- Guiding fee

- Breakfast

- Lunch

- Dinner

- Group porters

Price details

The price includes the guiding fee, the cooks and helpers, meals during tour, donkeys and a mule driver, camping tents, and kitchen equipment. The price does NOT include flights, transfers, departure taxes in Lima, insurance and trip cancellation, meals in Lima and Huaraz, airport pick up, public transportation, hotel accommodation and pick up in both Lima and Huaraz, Huascaran National Park entrance fee(s), personal equipment and expenses, tips, personal food and drink(s), and anything not explicitly mentioned as “included.”


Day 1: Arrival

After getting picked up at the airport, you will take a 400 kilometer bus ride to Huaraz, which will include passing through the coastal desert and the Andean Highlands before descending down to our destination.

Day 2: Acclimatization

We will spend this day acclimatizing to the altitude. A trip to Puya Raimandi National Park is a great way to get used to the atmosphere. This day hike along the Pumapampa River allows us a compelling experience with the flora and fauna while reaching heights of 4,780 meters above sea level before returning to Huaraz.

You will also get to see first-hand glaciation from the Pastoruri Glacier.

Day 3: Cashapampa

We tour the Santa Cruz Valley and Cashapampa and its amazing scenery. Ultimately, we will finish the day at our campsite in Llamacorral.

Day 4: Llamacorral

Visiting glacial lakes is a big part of this day, including Ichiccocha and Hatuncocha. Quenua trees and wild lupins in bloom accompany this portion of the journey, keeping our eyes peeled for the vibrant fowl of the region.

Once we reach Arhuaycocha Lake, we reach the trail head for Alpamayo. In the shadow of surrounding peaks like Quitarahu, Artesonrahu, and Paria, we will make our way to camp at Taullipampa.

Day 5: Alpamayo Base Camp

Alpamayo Base Camp – We will spend two days at Taullipampa to get accustomed to the altitude and prepare for our Alpamayo Circuit. We will hike to the Alpamayo Base Camp and possibly watch some falling ice from Arhuay Glacier and another trip to Arhuaycocha Lake.

Pukahirca Sur and Rinrihirca are both outstanding sights from our vantage point.

Day 6: Punta Union Pass

This is a demanding day to Punta Union Pass at 4,780 meters, looking at at Huaripampa Valley. Our camp will be set up at Tuctupampa.

Day 7: Pukarahu Pass

We hit the trail and head to the switchbacks at Pukarahu Pass. This is where the Cedros – Alpamayo Circuit connects with our trail, including wonderful mountain views of Contrayerba and Paria. We will descend down past Huecrucocha and set up camp.

Day 8: Lake Huecrucocha

Immersing ourselves in local villages, we will come to understand traditional culture in the Andean Highlands. Stunning views from Tupa Tupa Pass will take us to camp at the village of Jancapampa for the night.

Day 9: Tayapampa Camp

Yanacon Pass and Sactaycocha are our goals for the day while admiring immense peaks and the wildlife. Condors are common here. The trail will take us to Tayapampa Camp.

Day 10: Caracara Pass

Two passes, Mesapata and Caracara, will make this a challenging day. It also includes a river crossing before the steep ascent, so once we complete the passes and head into the Jancarurish Valley and the Alpamayo Crossing.

Day 11: Ruinapampa

We can use this day to rest, or enjoy an optional hike to Jancarurish Lake to take in the wondrous mountains around us. We will hit 5,000 meters before making camp at Ruinapampa.

Day 12: Osoruri

Another two pass day, but this time we cross Vientunan and Osoruri Passes. The glacial lake of Cullicocha is a pleasant reward, as is the view of Lake Milluacocha from our descent to camp at Wishcash.

Day 13: Hualcayan

Our final day includes a visit to an old community that was destroyed by an avalanche from an earthquake. The immersion in Yungay is another opportunity to delve into Peruvian culture.

We will transport back to Huaraz for a big dinner to culminate our trek.

Day 14: Huaraz

This is a transport day for a flight or bus trip back to Lima.

Day 15: Extra Day

This day is reserved for extra time spend at Taullipampa, Huaraz, Lima, or another camp along the trail. Placement is at the discretion of the guide.

Day 16: Leaving Lima

On the last day, you will leave Peru with a wealth of new, incredible memories.


About the guide

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Guide Agency

Peru Expeditions is a Guide Agency and Tour Operator based in Huaraz, Peru.

It's a family-owned travel agency, which was founded more than 35 years ago, and is now managed by IFMGA-guide Juventino and his son, Eric.

We organize trekkings and mountain expeditions in Cordillera Blanca, and all around Peru.


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What people are saying about Peru


He was very kind, patient and helped me to reach my goal the citadel of Machupicchu. One day I wanted to quit but he encouraged me to continue and waited for my step.


We did the MTB-Huarascan-Circuit (Crossing Punta Olimpica Pass and Portachuelo de Llanganuco Pass) with Eric Albinos „Peru Expedition“. All, the transfers, the hotel stays, the acclimatization tours and the circuit itself, was well organized. Eric and his staff were flexible to our wishes and very helpful. Our Guide Joni is an excellent mountain bike-guide and good tailor too if something is torn. The cook prepared delicious meals during the circuit. The camping equipment was in very good condition. We (Karin, Franz. Wolfgang) can fully recommend „Eric´s Peru Expeditions“.



The agency gave me a guide Darwin, not Juventino. Climb was good, easy just walking. There is one dangerous section near the moraine area with very loose gravel. So make sure you don't slip there or you are dead. I stayed in refugio at the base camp which was much more comfy than camping. Darwin was good but give clients some breaks once in a while, not rush too much. It's a high altitude climbing after all.


5 star guide. Nothing but the best.


A very, very sympathic guide, who knows all the secrets of the places and itinerarys the most beautiful ; organization top ; food excellent too ; marvellous souvenirs.

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