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3-day Mount Yari hike from Kamikochi in the Hida Mountains, Japan

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Join Yasuyuki, an NPOMG-certified mountain guide, for this fun, exciting and scenic 3-day hiking expedition to the summit of Mount Yari from Kamikochi in the Hida Mountains. Enjoy the incredible scenery and get the chance to see the sunrise from the mountain's slopes.

Private and Group

Hida Mountains

3 Days

Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct




  • Enjoy the stunning scenery on and around Mount Yari.
  • Get the chance to see the sunrise over the Hida Mountains.
  • Enjoy the public baths at the first mountain hut.


Known as the Matterhorn of Japan, Mount Yari is one of the country’s top hiking destinations!

Situated in the heart of southern Japan’s Hida Mountains, the spear-shaped peak rises to 3,180 meters (10,430 feet) in elevation and serves as the perfect destination for a 3-day hiking adventure.

Starting from Kamikochi, we will hike over relatively flat terrain along to Azusagawa river until we reach Yokoo. From here, the trail gets a bit steeper as we head up to the first mountain hut, where we will be able to enjoy the public baths.

The following day, the trail gets even steeper and we will begin to climb up scree slopes until we reach the Yarigatake hut. After leaving some of our heavier gear behind, we will continue on to the summit, where we will enjoy panoramic views out over our surroundings.

Depending on the weather, we may get up first thing in the morning and climb up Mount Yari once more in order to watch a truly sublime sunrise from the east. If it is cloudy, we won’t be able to do this.

After seeing the sunrise (or after waking up at the hut), we will hike back down to Kamikochi and say our goodbyes.

So what are you waiting for? Book now for this unforgettable 3-day Mount Yari hiking expedition in the Hida Mountains!

If you like the look of this trip then I think you may also enjoy my 3-day autumn trek from Kamikochi to Karasawa Cirque, also in the Hida Mountains!

Price includes

- Guiding fee

Price details

Not included: - Transportation for a guide (to the meeting point). - Accommodation for clients and a guide is about 10000 yen per night per person. - Food expenses for clients (ex. lunch).



mountain hut

Meeting point

Kamikochi Information center (note that it is different from Visitor center)

Equipment you will need to bring




Watter bottle

About the guide

I love nature. I love cycling, hiking and climbing.

I have worked in Canada, joined the MTB race in Africa, and traveled to Central America, Southeast Asia, Europe, and Oceania. Everywhere, I've tried to see as much nature as possible. Nature is so different in every country and I find that immensely moving.

I believe that Japanese mountains are one of those places that you must visit at least once. Since Japan consists of small mountainous islands, you can experience many different landscapes almost at once - cities, small villages, flat lands with beautiful rice fields (rice is the foundation of Japanese culture), lush forests, green mountains and rocky mountains.

Nagano is the most mountainous prefecture in Japan and best place to see nature and go hiking and biking. That is why I now live in Nagano, helping world travelers enjoy the nature and culture of Japan.

Come visit Japan and have special experience in Nagano with us.


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What people are saying about Yasuyuki Kashu

Bart Van Daele


April, 2019

It was a fantastic experience : good weather, sakura, the mountains and a great guide. Not a tour for sports fanatics but for people interested in nature, culture and ...wasabi. The guide took us by amazing smal paths, temples, springtime flowers and trees and as highlight : the wasabi farm where he invited us at marvelous green tea. Enjoy!

Tsin Wen Yeo


October, 2018

The traveller did not leave a comment.


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