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3-Day Trek Along the Miniere nel Blu in Sardinia

3-Day Trek Along the Miniere nel Blu in Sardinia
3-Day Trek Along the Miniere nel Blu in Sardinia
3-Day Trek Along the Miniere nel Blu in Sardinia

Follow aspirant guide Marco along the beautiful coast of Sardinia as you tour three days of culture and beauty on the Italian island.

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3 Days

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Take a walk along the coast of Sardinia and see for yourself the eclectic beauty of the island! I will guide you through three days of amazing coves, rocky cliffs suspended in midair, and sandy beaches along the purest water of the Mediterranean!

The island of Sardinia is filled with natural beauty. Its location in the middle of the Mediterranean has allowed unique flora and fauna to develop, and its ancient land forms have created captivating sights for the avid adventurer.

In the southwest, tucked away into the historic culture that only this region can provide, is the stunning imagery of the Miniere nel Blu. Stretching along the coast of the Sulcis Iglesiente lie various communities developed over long periods of time, each with their own enriching tradition.

Mining has been part of Sardinian culture for thousands of years. The southwest has long been home to mining activity and a sought-after region for its mineral deposits throughout history and by many cultures.

The small town of Portoscuso possesses impeccable beaches, and its proud tuna fishing heritage is world renowned. The charming views of the Five Stacks (the five faraglioni) have been beckoning travelers for years to catch a glimpse of the unprecedented natural beauty of Sardinia.

The churches in the region are huge attractions for travelers. The medieval culture of the settlements of the coast rivals that of the mines and the associated mineral activities.

Our three day trek will takes us past ancient buildings of natural, historical, and religious relevance. We will also see the mines that gave this trek its name and understand the significance the industry played in Sardinia.

Whether you are looking to experience ancient culture on a personal level, or are interested in the natural beauty of the physical land itself, this program touches on each aspect of this incredible island.

With my local expertise, you will have a compelling adventure that will stay with you forever.

Book this now and let me show you why Sardinia should be on everyone´s bucket list.

If you were interested in a shorter activity, I can take you on a via ferrata tour of the Pan di Zucchero! Or we can multi-pitch our way up the cliffs of Masua!

Price includes

- Guiding fee

Price details

The price includes the guiding fee, and three days of trekking insurance ONLY.

The price does NOT include travel expenses and transportation costs, meals, accommodations, extra costs, and anything not explicity mentioned as ¨included.¨


More info

We can organize the logistics of your trip from the B & B Pedra Rubia.

About the guide

My name is Marco Bigatti, nicknamed “Il Biga”. I was born in Milan, I started climbing in 2006 and since then I have not been able to tear myself away from the vertical world. I turned my passion into a job, becoming Mountain Guide in October 2017, the first mountain guide that lives all the year in Sardinia.
I experience the mountains from a 360-degree point of view. I have practiced all disciplines of climbing in the Alps: rock climbing, alpinism, ice climbing , as well as ski mountaineering.

In addition to alpinism, I love pure sport climbing, seeking out the best climbing sectors throughout the entire Alpine range. But it was in Sardinia that I found a paradise of crags, in particular in the south-west of the island, where you are able to enjoy all types of climbing throughout the year.
I offer climbing day or trips for beginners or experienced climbers who need a guide, multipitch packages for those who want to live an alpine experience, climbing courses, all-inclusive climbing holiday with accommodation in our nice B&B by the sea, guided trekking and mountain biking tours.


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What people are saying about Marco Bigatti

Marko Pavlicevic


July, 2023

It was great, we couldn't get to the top due to bad snow conditions. We climbed to Pic Tyndall and I'm more than happy. Marco was great, and very professional. I'll definitely choose your service again. Thanks for everything

Jason Greenfield


May, 2023

Marco is an amazing guide! He was so kind and knowledgeable. I am a mostly gym V4-V6 climber and I went with a friend who is new to climbing, and Marco found plenty of routes for both of us and he taught us new skills. I felt safe and supported with Marco, and hope to climb with him again soon — highly recommend!!

Cozette Lehman


November, 2022

I spent a lot of money to fly to this location and to stay multiple nights at the guide’s b&b. If I had known I would only spend two hours doing one multi-pitch climb (and not the Pan de Zucchero climb I had paid for), I would’ve saved my money and gone elsewhere with another guide. As a result, I will not be using Explore-Share guides in the future if this is the model. In addition to a very short day climbing, the second day I had planned to add on was canceled when my guide had a stomach ache. He did not refer me to any other guides in the area. I was a woman on my own without transportation on an island in a remote town with a population of 700 people. As a consolation, I spent the day at a nearby beach where a local proceeded to grope and sexually assault me. When I mentioned this to Marco before leaving on my last morning in town, his irreverence was disappointing to say the least.

Richard Beck


October, 2022

The traveller did not leave a comment.

Rosemarie daly


July, 2022

Fantastic experience. Thank you Marco!

Cally Archibald


July, 2022

We had the BEST day climbing with Marco in the Masua Cliffs. It was our first multi pitch so I was a little nervous but Marco made the whole experience seem so relaxed and fun. He was super professional and adjusted easily to suit our level, and sang me lots of songs when I got scared 😅. The climb itself was amazing. Because it was our first time we did an easier 5c route but it had lots of fun challenges - crack, slab, chimney. For me it was super technical and fun. The abseil down was one of the most spectacular feelings I have ever experienced. I will remember it forever. Grazie Marco for a great introduction to outdoor climbing. We can't wait to get more experienced and come back to stay longer and do some of the harder routes.

Christian Schlegel


June, 2022

Marco is a gentleman and a very conscientious guide. He was prepared and always ahead of the game. We will try to go climbing with him again. Thanks Marco! The choice of route was an alternative due to closure on the Pan di Zucchero. It did provide a similar experience from what we can tell. So far I like the Explore-Share Service. It has been efficient and uncomplicated with reminders and an easy way to put us in contact with our guide.

Ping-hsuan Shen


October, 2021

Really good experience booking via Expore and Share. We've been in contact with several companies to arrange a climbing class but non of them were able to book a guide for us, Expore and Share managed. Put guide Marco was super friendly and experienced, we strongly recommend him.

Alessio Pinna


March, 2020

Dear All Due to Coronavirus situation we couldn’t do the excursion, can I please get a refund? Regards Alessio Alessio

Elena Ntagka


September, 2019

Marco was an excellent guide! Our communication before, during and after the tour was excellent which helped us be very well prepared and enjoy our adventure. Furthermore, he was very well prepared and supported us thought the tour. I'd highly recommend this tour with Marco!

Theo Williams


September, 2019

Marco was an excellent guide. He made both my girlfriend and I feel very relaxed and safe, whilst pushing us when needed. Would highly recommend!

DeVette Taylor - Scripps


July, 2019

Marco, was simply amazing! Very helpful and accommodating especially with working with our schedule. He pushed us all to be keep going(and watch our footing)!

Mary Claire Sheridan


July, 2019

Really enjoyed the Pan Di Zucchero, perfect for beginner climbing like myself. Marco was a great guide, lovely to chat too and I felt really safe during the climb.

Franz Both


July, 2019

Marco is a perfect climbing guide. He takes maximum care of his guest. I felt absolutely safe all the time. He knows the local area best and finds always shadowy routes which was very important at this time 34°C.



September, 2018

The multipitch we did at Pan di Zucchero with Marco was fantastic. A great spot to climb, with amazing views. Marco was also a great guide – friendly, experienced, and willing to pick us up from our accommodation which was very helpful.


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