4-day Parinacota Volcano guided ascent

Come try this 4-day Parinacota Volcano guided ascent. Jenaro, a IFMGA certified guide, will take you up to this perfectly shaped mountain!

4 days
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Parinacota Volcano is a perfect and beautiful formation a few hours west from La Paz. It is a relatively easy ascent if you are in good shape, and the effort is totally worth it!.

Parinacota (6384 m) and Pomerape (6282 m) together make the Nevados de Payachatas. And these twin peaks make an amazing structure to look at from far away. But even more awesome is to climb them. So this 4-day Parinacota Volcano guided ascent will allow you to walk through its dazzlings Penitentes.

Also close to the Parinacota Volcano is the highest peak in Bolivia, the Nevado Sajama (6542 m). Since both Nevados are at the Parque Nacional Sajama, in the bolivian border with Chile.

Because of the spectacularity and massive of their formation these two volcanos were thought to be gods by the ancient people who lived in the Andean high plateau.

I’ll take you through Parinacota Volcano safely. Because even though it is a technically easy ascent, the snow formations known as Penitentes can make the path unclear to inexperienced visitors. Yet the penitentes are one of the features that make this ascent so beautiful.

 We’ll drive for around four hours from La Paz to the small town of Sajama (4400 m). In the way we’ll be able to watch the Nevado Sajama and the twin peaks of Payachatas, from a distance which will allow to enjoy their delightful structure. Then I’ll transport you to the Payachatas Base Camp (4800 m).

Therefore, the next day I’ll guide you slowly and enjoying the features. And the next day, after you enjoy this wonderful ascent I’ll take you to some hot Springs in Sajama! So you’ll be able to relax after the effort. In conclusion, you’ll go back to La Paz with an amazing adventure and perfectly relaxed!

So please contact me to try this adventure! And if you’re looking for some other hikes in the are, check my other trips: Yunga Cruz Trek or Huayna Potosi Climb.


Day 1: Transfer and arrival

Transfer from La Paz to Sajama (4400 m). Transfer to Payachatas Base Camp (4800 m).

Day 2: Parinacota Ascent

Ascent to Parinacota Volcano (6112 m).

Day 3: Hot Springs

Transfer to Sajama (4400 m). Hot Springs.

Day 4: Departure

Transfer back to La Paz.


More info

An experienced cook will join us in the expedition. He'll cook three meals a day with a Vegetarian or non vegetarian option.

Meeting point

La Paz.