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Cotopaxi and Chimborazo ascents, 9-day trip

Cotopaxi and Chimborazo ascents, 9-day trip
Cotopaxi and Chimborazo ascents, 9-day trip
Cotopaxi and Chimborazo ascents, 9-day trip
Cotopaxi and Chimborazo ascents, 9-day trip

A local ASEGUIM Mountain Guides will take you up to some of the most famous volcanoes in Ecuador, to finish off with the mythical Chimborazo!

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9 Days



This program will drive you to some of the best mountain spots of the Andes in Ecuador. You will start in Quito region by an acclimatization program. Then we will climb progressively higher summits until reaching the two highest summits from the country, Cotopaxi (5897 m) and Chimborazo (6268 m).

This program will not only allow you to maximize your chances to ascend the highest peaks. It will also take you through some of the most stunning landscapes of the area.

Do you find this mountaineering trip interesting? Then please contact me and we’ll start making plans!

If you are looking for a shorter mountaineering trip in Ecuador, I also offer this Ascent to Cayambe.

Price includes

- Guiding fee

- Transport during the trip

- Permit and entrance fees


Day 1: Rucu Pichincha (4796 m)

Hike up to Rucu Pichincha (4796 m). We leave from Quito at 8AM after breakfast, and travel to the cable car in Quito to make an initial altitude gain. We ascend at the 4796 m peak of the ancient Rucu Pichincha volcano. From the top we can see the Guagua Pichincha active volcano. Quito is nestled on the slopes of this active volcano. My primary goal here is to help each team member begin testing their response to higher altitude and to give our bodies a chance to get used to altitude, while enjoying the many photographic opportunities. The hike is around 3-4 hours up and 2 hours down to the cable car. We arrive at the hotel around 4-5PM.
Included: Breakfast, Lunch. Hotel not included.

Day 2: Refugio Ilinizas (4600 m)

After breakfast we depart from Quito to Ilinizas parking lot. We will leave Quito on the Pan-American Highway southbound where we cross a rich green and fertile valley of Machachi. It’s commonly referred to as “The Valley of the Volcanoes”. After 1:30h drive from Quito we arrive at a remote paramo in an area called la Virgins parking lot at (3900 m). From here we can hike for 3 h to reach the refuge (4600 m). On our hike we can cross the wonderful forest Polilepis trees (also called “árbol de papel” or “quinuar”). In the hike up we see beautiful landscapes. We arrive at the refuge around 3-4PM.
Included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner. Refuge

Day 3: Iliniza Norte (5125 m)

We wake up early in the morning (5-6AM). We leave out to summit day attempt on Iliniza Norte. This peak is normally a fairly straightforward climb for acclimatization. The trail up on this mountain is sound and easy for most of the way when there is no snow. But if the weather is bad, cloudy or snowy, it is very easy to lose the trail. On one part of the route we will use a fixed rope to pass the “Death Pass”. If the conditions are risky, I will give you all the safety to enjoy your climbing acclimatization day. After this pass we continue hiking up until the summit. The average time to the summit is 3 h or less. At the summit, picture time, resting to recover the energy, enjoying the nature, etc. Afterwards we prepare to descend for 1:30 h to the refuge. After 1 h rest we pack our backpack to go down to the car park where our car transportation will take us out for one of our hotel destination near to Cotopaxi National Park for a good rest night.
Included: Breakfast, Box Lunch. Hotel La Estacion

Day 4: Cotopaxi Glacier school day

Recovering breakfast at La Estacion. Then we leave at 9AM from Machachi to Cotopaxi National Park. We continue our altitude acclimatization on the process of climbing Mt. Cotopaxi. The Cotopaxi car park is situated at 4550 m. From here we have a 45 min hike up with full packs to the Jose Rivas Refuge on the Cotopaxi flank North-West (4800 m). After arrival at the hut, we enjoy a hot tea and a short rest before climbing school training. We can go into the glacier around 11AM and work on the moderate glacier section, a good area to familiarize ourselves with the various climbing techniques and equipment. I will ensure you have the necessary glacier skills and all the techniques for climbing the high peaks like Cayambe, Cotopaxi and Chimborazo. You’ll learn and practice rope-handling, glacier travel, snow climbing and basic crevasse rescue skills and safety techniques, i.e. the general procedures for high peak mountains. After a 5-hour training we will return to the refuge around 5PM. Lunch at the glacier. Late in the afternoon we go back by car.
Included: Breakfast, Box Lunch. Tambopaxi Hostel.

Day 5: Tambopaxi

In the morning we can take a rest if you feel tired. We stay at the hostel just to relax. If you feel good to make an small and easy hike, we can do it too. We can visit the big spring water that comes out from the foot of the Cotopaxi. We can also visit the Incas ruins (el Salitre). This hike lasts 3 hours. Then we return to the hotel for lunch. Then we can move up to the refuge again to continue our process for climbing Cotopaxi. We arrive at the refuge around 3-4PM. Early dinner at 5:30PM and early to bed, usually by 6:30PM.
Included: Breakfast, Box Lunch. Tambopaxi Hostel.

Day 6: Cotopaxi summit (5897 m)

We wake up at midnight. Breakfast and equipment check. We leave the refuge at 1AM. We will pass a group of uniform slopes and ice ramps of 30 and 35 degrees before reaching a glacier platform. We will enjoy one of the spectacular color displays in the Andes. From this point we will see the valley below us where the morning sunrise welcomes us with incredible colors. Our route will pass under a base of rock 400 feet wide called Yanasacha. The quichua name says it all, it’s a black wall of impressive size. The Indians called it the route of the moon. Here we start climbing glacier slopes of 35 and 45 degrees, at the top of which we will only have 15 more minutes climb to emerge onto Ecuador’s second highest summit: Cotopaxi (5897 m). Our approximate climbing time will have been 7 hours. Return to the refuge around 9-10AM. Rest and hike back down to the 4×4 in the parking lot and then drive to Latacunga City.
Included: Breakfast, Box Lunch. Hotel Cotopaxi.

Day 7: Quilotoa

After Cotopaxi I recommend a rest day and visit Quilotoa crater lagoon (3900 m). We spend a full day around the stunning lagoon of Quilotoa. After this visit we can sleep by the small village (Chugchilan) in the afternoon drive down to the hostel.
Included: Breakfast, Box Lunch, dinner. Mama Hilda Hostel.

Day 8: Chimborazo Refuge (4800 m)

We will depart from Hostal Mama Hilda at 8AM and drive south of Cotopaxi where we will pass the agricultural towns of Latacunga and Ambato. It is a 5-h drive crossing agricultural and indigenous areas. At the end of the ride, we will arrive at the lower refuge of Chimborazo (4800 m).
Included: Breakfast, Box Lunch, dinner. Refuge.

Day 9: Chimborazo summit (6268 m)

Chimborazo, with 5 summits, is Ecuador’s highest mountain and a massive volcano! We will rise at midnight for breakfast and an equipment check and leave the hut at 1AM. We move immediately to the huge glacier on Chimborazo’s southwest face where we first traverse moderately angled ice slopes, climb through a series of icefalls and up the steep ice ramps. Climbing simultaneously on moderate grounds belaying up the steep pitches. Our team will rope together in order to cross crevasses and finally make it to the summit. This is the highest point of the Ecuador Andes peak. From here we have a magnificent view of the emerging volcanoes that form the eastern and western Cordillera. The said volcanoes seem to emerge from the clouds below our feet. Our approximate climbing time is 8 to 9 hours. After good pictures and resting on the top of the mountain we will return to the refuge. In the afternoon we drive back to Quito. Arrival in Quito at 7-8PM.
Included: Breakfast, Box Lunch. Hotel Not Included




- 6 nights at La Estacion & Tambopaxi into the Cotopaxi National Park - 2 nights at refuges.

More info

The information about meals and accommodation included is detailed in the daily itinerary.

Some mountain equipment is included: boots, crampons, ice axe, harness with carabineer, helmet, pants, mitons

About the guide

Tomás and his team of IFMGA/UIMLA-certified mountain guides, leaders and rock climbing instructors (Alvaro, Juliana, Merlin, Rodrigo, Armin, Alfredo, and Camila) are some of the top outdoor adventure professionals in Latin America.

Whether you wish to climb some of the most stunning mountains in the Andes or discover the vibrant peaks of Central America, among other amazing options, you will find yourself in good hands with this lively team of professional local guides that will not only show you the top spots in Latin America for outdoor adventures but also, bring you closer to the colorful local cultures of the places that you visit with them.

Tomás will be your main point of contact during the booking process and will help you with all the questions you have in order to make sure you receive the best possible guiding service.

Pick one of the E-S Latam Adventure Guides' programs and start planning an unforgettable experience in the beautiful mountains of Latin America!


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What people are saying about Explore-Share

Kumari Selvakumar


Sept 14, 2022

I’m extremely happy with the ease with which I could book via your site reliable and experienced guide. Thank you so very much, and I’ve started to recommend your site to my friends. Dimitris is not only an awesome guide, but a wonderful person who was always looking out to give me the best experience I can have when he found out how much I love climbing! He is the Best!

Niklas Warren


Sept 6, 2022

I am very pleased with Explore-Share! This was my first international climb, and the communication and response time were great. Herbie is a very skilled guide and very efficient. The entire booking process & payment was smooth. I will definitely use Explore-Share again. Thank you.



Aug 23, 2022

I was looking for a local guide for a hike I was planning and came across Explore-Share. They seemed to have good reviews and so decided to give them a try. The experience was very positive and completely happy with their service. I will be using them again for next trip.

Colin Finnegan


Aug 17, 2022

Easy to set up and find the perfect trip. Informative site that is easy to use. Guides are all great to work with and communicate all arrangements needed. As simple as can be!

Lesley Weber


July 16th, 2022

Thank you explore-share for a wonderful via feratta experience. We have been wanting to learn for a long time but don't have the facilities in Scotland. The guide Mitja was extremely helpful and knowledgeable, answering all my many questions and providing advice. On the day head to take another group but he quickly arranged another guide Borut, who was brilliant. We had a fantastic morning learning via ferrata at Hvadnik in the gorge. It gave us the confidence to later hire our own equipment and go out in Mojstrana. Altogether a five star + experience. Thank you.

Richard Scrivener


July 20, 2022

Hello! I have been thoroughly impressed by the service and assistance that explore-share have provided the past couple years in helping to plan my trip to the High Tatras in Poland. I really appreciated the flexibility that they provided in allowing me to rearrange my trip twice owing to covid. They were responsive and communicative throughout. This trip was part of my Stag weekend celebrations and explore-share connected me with an outstanding guide in the form of Marcel - he was an excellent recommendation and we really enjoyed our guided hike in the High Tatras with him. Marcel was an outstanding professional, placed a high focus on preparing well and staying safe, and was also a great guy! Highly recommend. Many thanks and best wishes - Richard

Yvonne Morrison


May 8, 2022

Our first time with Explore-Share. An absolutely fantastic experience from start to finish. Extremely good value, very well organised with attention to detail. We travel widely and this has by far been the best of experiences. Well done to all concerned. We are already looking at booking another trip!

Mark Stone


April 14, 2022

Great service by explore share. Our guide, Fred, gave us a fantastic day. Totally wild adventure that would be impossible on our own. I’m really impressed. Thank you very much.

James Dempster


March 9, 2022

I can’t recommend this enough. Great service, great price and the on the ground team was top notch. Top marks all round.

Leonardo Rodriguez


March 4, 2022

Everything went very well! Above our expectations! Thanks Explore-Share and Thanks Kiliholidays! Great support from all you! Thanks for the hard work and excellent level of commitment.

Daniel Martinez


Feb 2, 2022

Excellent job making your platform available to all mountain lovers. Our guide Gabrielle was an excellent companion



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