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Bavella (Corsica) guided rock climbing

Bavella (Corsica) rock climbing
Bavella (Corsica) rock climbing
Bavella (Corsica) rock climbing
Bavella (Corsica) rock climbing

Bavella is one of the most famous rock climbing destinations in Corsica. There are countless routes, make your choice and join Cédric, IFMGA certified mountain guide.

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Join me for a fantastic rock climbing day at the Bavella massif, in southern Corsica. Let's explore together these red granite walls.

Bavella is one of the most classic rock climbing destinations in Corsica, and for good reasons! Besides being a beautiful place for this activity, it offers countless options so you have plenty to choose from.

Find below a list of my favourite routes:

  • Punta di l'Acellu (1588m): the Zonza ridge (440 meters, difficulty D+)

  • Punta di l'Ariettu (1591m): the Quenza ridge (300 meters, difficulty D+)

  • Punta di Quercitella (1500m): the Resistenza (370 meters, difficulty ED-)

  • Punta di Spechju (1546m): the Capu Rossu (250 meters, ED+)

  • Tafunatu di Peliri (1312m): the Eperon Bettembourg (600 meters, difficulty TD+)

  • Punta u Peru (842m): u Haddad (240 meters, difficulty TD) or Omerta (180 meters, difficulty TD)

  • Punta Rossa (1209m): Mimi (230 meters, difficulty TD+)

  • Punta di u Corbu (1157m): Jeef (280 meters, difficulty ED-) or Le Dos de l'Éléphant (280 meters, difficulty TD+)

  • I teghje lisce (1025m): Abbastanza (300 meters, difficulty ED) or Acqua in Bocca (300 meters, difficulty ED-)

  • Punta Lunarda (1276m): nirvana (250 meters, difficulty ED)

  • Castelluciu d'Ornucciu (564m): route Périllat or Pillier Southwest (200 meters, difficulty TD-), or Le Nouveau Monde (200 meters, difficulty TD)

It is for sure a long list, with many options of varied difficulty levels.

Tempted to practice rock climbing in Bavella? Then don't hesitate to book this trip. Choose your favourite and let's go!  If you have more time available and you are looking for an organized program, check out this 6-day rock climbing trip in the region.

Price includes

- Guiding fee

Price details

The price will depend on the chosen route, it ranges from 350€ to 440€.


What is the Bavella Massif in Corsica known for in terms of rock climbing?

The Bavella Massif in Corsica is famous for its stunning red granite walls, making it a popular destination for rock climbing enthusiasts.

How diverse are the climbing options in Bavella?

Bavella offers a wide variety of climbing routes, catering to climbers of all skill levels. You'll find options ranging from beginner-friendly to more challenging routes.

What is the price range for guided rock climbing in Bavella?

The price for guided rock climbing in Bavella varies depending on the chosen route, with rates ranging from 350€ to 440€. It's essential to choose a route that suits your preferences and skill level.

Do I need previous rock climbing experience to take part?

While a few routes cater to beginners, having prior rock climbing experience is recommended for tackling more challenging ones. We can suggest routes tailored to your skill level.

Are there long climbing trips available?

Yes, if you have more time and are interested in an extended climbing experience, check out our 6-day rock climbing trip in the Bavella region. It offers a comprehensive exploration of the area. Check it out here: https://www.explore-share.com/trip/climbing-bavella-corsica/

What is included in the price?

The price includes the guiding fee, ensuring you have an experienced guide to lead your climb and provide safety and support.

Can I choose the specific route I want to climb?

Absolutely! You have the flexibility to select your favorite climbing route from the list provided. We'll tailor the experience to your preferences.

What should I bring for a day of rock climbing in Bavella?

For a successful climbing day, make sure to bring appropriate climbing gear, comfortable clothing, water, snacks, and a sense of adventure. We'll provide guidance on what to bring based on your chosen route.

About the guide

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Mountain Guide

Certified mountain guide UIAGM / IFMGA
I work with Manu, a good friend of mine...
We are both rock climbing instructors and certified mountain leaders. I shared with Manu happy and doubtful moments, building a professional future with a passionate focus on the mountain and the guide role. An open vision over the world, where our competences, knowledge and curiosity are at our client’s service for one day or for life.
The agency we founded together is the natural outcome of our profound complicity. People think we are cousins or brothers. We are just friends, and lucky to be so, because our children are in love: as in love as you can be at 8 years old!
We are both lucky to live in Corsica, this unknown mountain where climbers, mountaineers and skiers still feel like pioneers. This mountain is our playground and our office.
Curious and open to the world, we also organize each year trips to faraway places to see what other mountains and people can give to us, and what we can learn from them.
Ice in the Equator and Patagonia, Spanish, Jordanian or American rocks, snow in the Carpathians, Norway ot the Caucasus. We love the mountain in all its forms and every time we reach a summit we want to climb the neighbouring summit and find what is hiding behind it.


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What people are saying about this trip



I had a fantastic time climbing in col Bavella area. Cedric is an amazing guide, extremely professional, attentive, patient and very easy to work with. He is a natural instructor/teacher. I highly recommend Cedric as climbing guide. Col Bavella is a faboulouse place with multitude of climbing routes of all kinds and grades. The granite rock is very good, firm, with good traction. The views are really stunning.

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