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Vallée de la Restonica (Corte) guided rock climbing tours

Vallée de la Restonica (Corte) guided rock climbing tours
Restonica rock climbing - Punta San Teofalu
Restonica Rock climbing - Punta Spenicazzia
Restonica rock climbing - Pain de Sucre

Climb on the best walls and rocky faces around Corte, in la Vallée de la Restonica, together with Cédric, a local IFMGA mountain guide.


1 Day

All year




  • Discover the best climbing areas in the Vallee de la Restonica.
  • Choose the spots that best match with your climbing level.
  • Be amazed by the natural surroundings of the town of Corte.


Located in the center of the island of Corsica, Corte is in the middle of a beautiful region of mountains and lakes. La Vallée de la Restonica is a real paradise for anybody looking to enjoy some great rock climbing far from the crowds.

I know the area extremely well, and I can propose different climbing tours based on the time you have, your wishes and your rock climbing level of course. Below you’ll be able to see some of the spots I like the most. Have a look at them and let me know which one, or which ones you would like to try with me.

Pointe des 7 lacs (2226 m): Symphonie d’automne sortie l’Occhju
  • Length: 280 meters

  • Grade : TD

  • Walking distance : 1 1/2 hours

  • Guiding fee : 380€

Pain de sucre (2100 m) : L’oubliée
  • Length: 220 meters

  • Grade : TD+

  • Walking distance : 1 1/2 hours

  • Guiding fee : 370€

Punta Spenicazzia (1506 m): Acqua di rocca
  • Length: 200 meters

  • Grade: TD+

  • Walking distance : 1 hour

  • Guiding fee : 380€

Punta Spenicazzia (1506 m): Candella di l’oro
  • Lenght: 200 meters

  • Grade: D+

  • Walking distance : 1 hour

  • Guiding fee : 350€

Monte Leonardo (1146 m): Amandulina
  • Length: 200 meters

  • Grade: TD

  • Walking distance : 10 minutes

  • Guiding fee : 350€

Lombarducciu (2261 m): Les choucas
  • Length: 280 meters

  • Grade: TD

  • Walking distance : 1 1/2 hours

  • Guiding fee : 350€

Punta San Teofalu (1720 m): San Teofalu
  • Length: 200 meters

  • Grade: TD

  • Walking distance : 1 hour

  • Guiding fee : 370€

Pointe de la Touffe (1751 m): Robenise
  • Length: 200 meters

  • Grade: TD-

  • Walking distance : 1 hour

  • Guiding fee : 350€

Punta u Finellu (1565 m): Esmeralda
  • Length: 450 mètres

  • Grade: TD+

  • Walking distance : 1 hour

  • Guiding fee : 390€

Feel free to send me a request and lets start discussing your rock climbing plans and wishes. It will be my pleasure to let you discover some of the best walls in the Vallee de la Restonica, walls that I have extensive experience climbing.

Price includes

- Guiding fee

Price details

The price will vary based on the route we take. I have indicated under each of them the guiding fee.



There are comfortable accommodation options in Corte that I would be happy to recommend to you.

More info

  • I'm guiding rock climbing all around Corsica. Feel free to look at the other spots and programs I'm proposing.

  • I'm busy when you come here, my friend Manu, a local IFMGA mountain guide as well, we'll go with you.

Meeting point

We can meet in Corte

About the guide

Certified mountain guide UIAGM / IFMGA
I work with Manu, a good friend of mine...
We are both rock climbing instructors and certified mountain leaders. I shared with Manu happy and doubtful moments, building a professional future with a passionate focus on the mountain and the guide role. An open vision over the world, where our competences, knowledge and curiosity are at our client’s service for one day or for life.
The agency we founded together is the natural outcome of our profound complicity. People think we are cousins or brothers. We are just friends, and lucky to be so, because our children are in love: as in love as you can be at 8 years old!
We are both lucky to live in Corsica, this unknown mountain where climbers, mountaineers and skiers still feel like pioneers. This mountain is our playground and our office.
Curious and open to the world, we also organize each year trips to faraway places to see what other mountains and people can give to us, and what we can learn from them.
Ice in the Equator and Patagonia, Spanish, Jordanian or American rocks, snow in the Carpathians, Norway ot the Caucasus. We love the mountain in all its forms and every time we reach a summit we want to climb the neighbouring summit and find what is hiding behind it.


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What people are saying about this trip

Martin Huemer


August, 2022

Cedric is very professional mountain guide and a nice person to spend a day with in his home mountains.!!!


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