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Chacapampa, Bolivia, 3 Day Guided Hike

Jenaro is an IFMGA certified mountain guide, and he wants to take you on a beautiful 3 day hiking expedition down into the Chacapampa valley.


3 Days

Apr - Nov




Bolivia is one of those countries that can easily classified as a hikers dream. There are so many different regions that are ripe for short, medium, or long hiking expeditions. And each one will present you with an incredible amount of pure, natural beauty that you will never forget. And on this trip, you will get to hike for 3 days through the Condoriri massif, until we descend into the unforgettable Chacapampa valley.

Well known for its altitude, participants in this trip should arrive a few days early so they can properly acclimatize. Thus ensuring that you will have an enjoyable, worry free hiking journey. Participants should also be in good physical condition in order to handle the rigours of the trek as well.

The trip will begin in the city of La Paz (3,640m). From there, we will take a 2 hour drive to the Tuni lagoon (4,200m). After that we will hike for 3 hours until we reach the Chiarkhota lagoon (4,600m), where we will set up camp and sleep for the night.

The second day of the trip will see us hiking from the Chiarkhota lagoon to the Livinosa lagoon (3,800m), where we will camp for the night.

Finally, on the third and final day of the hike, we will make our way down into the Chacapampa valley (3,400m). You will have a lot of time here to explore and admire the gorgeous area. After lunch, we will then take a transport back to La Paz.

Throughout this hike to the Chacapampa valley, you will get to enjoy some absolutely stunning views of not only the various lagoons and landscape, but also of the Cordillera Real, including the beautiful and massive Huayna Potosi mountain (6,088m). If you would like to join me, please send me a request.

Would you like to climb the great Huayna Potosi mountain? If you do, I can help you do so on this 2 day trek.

Price includes

- Accommodation included

- Guiding fee

- Breakfast

- Lunch

- Dinner

- Transport during the trip


More info

Llamas, donkeys or mules will help carry the equipment, food, and tents during the trek; however, participants should carry their own personal equipment, so remember to pack only what is essential.

Meeting point

La Paz

About the guide

Guide profile image




Mountain Guide

I work together with several IFMGA/UIAGM colleagues. So if I'm not available to guide you, one of my colleagues equally certified will guide you.

I began to climb the mountain when I was 15 years old. I was born in Pinaya (3.800 m.a.s.l.), a region located not far away from the top of the base camp of the majestic snow-covered Illimani (6.462 m.a.s.l.). I dedicated most part of my life to climb different ice and Rock Mountains through the Cordillera Real, Cordillera Occidental, and Cordillera de Apolobamba.



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What people are saying about -Jenaro



The overall experience was quite excellent. The guide as well as mountain were fantastic and I had an absolutely incredible time climbing this mountain. Jenaro is an fantastic example of hard working South American who wants best for his people as well as his clients. For example, when we initially met he found out how I was charged almost twice as much for a taxi as I should have been, chased the taxi driver down, and made them give me back my money. He is a very caring and very responsible guide. However, I was somewhat concerned about the overall organization of the trip. First and foremost, Jenaro is not actually the guide who goes up the mountain with you - he runs the organization that provides a guide as well as any gear you may need. In addition, at times the entire outfit seemed quite disorganized. For example, when I arrived to La Paz and let Jenaro know I had arrived he thought I was coming the next day and seemed to need convincing to let me hike the day I wanted to despite multiple back and forth discussions over WhatsApp. There were other small, yet very prominent, cases of of not having clear organization. As said before, Jenaro is a very caring and knowledgeable resource in La Paz however could certainly improve in organization and structuring his business.



Jenaro and Pedro where highly Unmotivated to assist me in ascending Sajama. I had to stop them from changing the program to seeing the Salt Flats and seeing Copacabhana. They wanted me to see that first and then hike by myself there to "acclimatize " when El Alto is higher than those places. They talked about everything in Bolivia except Mount Sajama. They just wanted me to fail. Please do not advertise their services to other climbers on your platform, thanks. -Ishaaq



Jenaro was not my guide for this trip even if I was not aware of it

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