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Chigmit Mountains, Alaska, 10 Day Guided Ski Tour

Chigmit Mountains, Alaska, 10 Day Guided Ski Tour | undefined

Spend 10 thrilling days ski touring through the amazing Chigmit mountains in the Alaskan wilderness with one of our AMGA certified mountain guides.

10 Days

Apr, May




On this 10 day adventure you will have the chance to explore and enjoy the amazing Chigmit mountains in Alaska. Part of the Aleutian mountain range, the Chigmit mountains are an impressive collection of volcanic peaks. They are a wonder to gaze at, and an even more impressive set of peaks to ski through, which you will have ample opportunity to do on this trip.

We will be staying in a high, centralised camp. Thus giving you the chance to explore and ski any of the many different descents without having to spend too much time searching for the right spots, while also enjoying some tremendous views of the landscape.

There are also a number of amazing peaks you can ascend and even ski down as well. One of those peaks includes IIiamna (3,053m), which presents a challenging climb, but an absolutely unforgettable descent, weather permitting, of course. There is also Mount Redoubt (3,108m) to consider as well. Both of these majestic volcanoes are active, and on clear days you can see plumes of steam rising from their summits.

Along with the volcanoes, there are also several glaciers you can not only see, but ski through as well. Furthermore, you will have an array of forests and wide open spaces to choose from. However, due to the isolated nature of the chigmit mountains, the terrain is very wild, and as a result can be difficult. Hence why participants on this trip should have plenty of previous ski touring experience and be in good physical condition.

The Chigmit mountains are a truly amazing place, and the skiing to be found there is some of the best in the entire state of Alaska. To see for yourself, all you have to do is send us a request.

Price includes

- Accommodation included

- Guiding fee

- Breakfast

- Lunch

- Dinner

- Transport during the trip

Price details

Along with the guiding fee, camping equipment, meals, and transportation, the price also includes safety equipment including satellite phone, maps, GPS and medical kit, but the price does not include personal equipment; however, if you do not already have the necessary equipment, several items can be rented prior to the starting of the trip.


More info

Participants should bring the following items: 1 Litre refillable bottle of water, water bottle insulator, large duffel bag, skis, climbing skins, ski crampons, ski strap, adjustable ski poles, metal shovel, avalanche transceiver, probe, mountaineering helmet, appropriate boots, waterproof jacket and pants, insulated gloves, snow goggles, sun glasses, appropriate hats, sleeping bag, headlamp, socks, and personal items.

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What people are saying about E-S Adventure Guides



Great guides and great snow!



Will was great wise and fun to spend the day with.



Guide cancelled within 48 hrs and I was unable to find someone else and so far I’ve not been refunded. Put a small dent in my otherwise great trip to Revelstoke.



All perfect



Guide was very experienced and very patient with us. We learned alot and he tried to fit in all the knowledge he could in one day, super awesome. A little tough going back and forth to get the trip set up hard to tell if the site is sketchy until you see reviews but all worked out. Ended up with an awesome day with an awesome guide. Overall pretty satisfied and thankful!

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