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Choquequirao 4-day guided hike

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If you go to Cuzco you have to know there are many other places to visit besides Machu Picchu. One of them is the amazing Choquequirao. Adner, a local mountain guide, will take you there!

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4 Days

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It’s my pleasure to invite you to this trekking program in Choquequirao. I think it’s an ideal stop in Cuzco for those who love nature and hiking.

Choquequirao is a place as wonderful as Machu Picchu. However, it is not so popular and therefore, it’s always uncrowded. Ideal for those who enjoy the wild loneliness. 

The archaeological town of Choquequirao lies inside the jungle in the Andean valley. Its amazing wildlife is the result of a dry and subtropical weather. It is a main touristic attraction since visitors can find here a wide variety of flora and fauna. Among the most important species you will see the spectacled bear, the condor, butterflies and birds.  

Then, let me share a quick itinerary of my trekking program. It’s just an example. At the bottom of this description you can read the complete day-by-day details.

Quick Itinerary

  • Day 1: From Cusco to Cachora and then to our camp in Santa Rosa.

  • Day 2: From Santa Rosa to Choquequirao.

  • Day 3: Leaving Choquequirao in direction to Chiquiska.

  • Day 4: Finally, we’ll leave Chiquiska to reach Cachora again and back to Cusco.

The total price of this trip is USD 400 per person. Of course, it can vary according to the group size. Keep in mind that the total cost of the trip must be paid once the booking is confirmed

So, feel free to fill the form and put in touch with me. Let’s plan this hiking adventure together and spend 4 unforgettable days!

Price includes

- Guiding fee


Day 1: Cusco - Cachora - Santa Rosa

Our first day starts driving from the village of Cachora. The path works its way down into the Apurimac Valley where we will have fantastic views of the snow-capped peaks in the distance. The area around Choquequirao is rich in wildlife and we will see a wide variety of flora and fauna.

Our campsite for the night is at Santa Rosa (2200m) which is on the other side of the Apurimac River. As the campsite is a little further, it is one of the quietest places to camp. So we can enjoy the beautiful scenery around us without distraction.

Day 2: Santa Rosa - Choquequirao

Today is probably the hardest day of the trek. To get to Choquequirao we need to make our way back up the opposite side of the Apurimac Valley which involves ascending about 800 m over a distance of 14 km. The views we’ll get today, mixed with the wide variety of flora and fauna, make it worth it.

Throughout the day we will see a wide variety of bromeliads, orchids and stands of bamboo. We’ll also hopefully see birds such as Quetzals, Toucans and a variety of humming birds. After about a 5-hour walk we’ll arrive to our campsite, close to Choquequirao (3050m) and settle in for the night. If the weather is clear, the views of the sun setting from here are amazing and we may be lucky enough to spot Condors soaring over the valley.

Day 3: Choquequirao - Chiquiska

Today’s focus is on exploring Choquequirao. Waking up early you’ll head off on a guided tour of the site during which you’ll see the most important and interesting sections of the city and learn about the Inca culture and the close relation between Choquequirao and Machu Picchu. 

Compared to Machu Picchu little is known about Choquequirao even though it has been known for much longer. Originally discovered in the 17th century by the Spanish, it lays abandoned and forgotten until recent years when tourism raised the profile of the city and exploration began. 

After your tour you’ll begin the trek back to Cachora along the same route we came. Our campsite for tonight is Chiquiska (1800m) in the base of the valley by the Apurimac River.

Day 4: Chiquiska - Cachora - Cusco

Today is the final day of the trek as we make our way back to Cachora. Winding our way back up the side of the valley, we’ll have our final views of Choquequirao in the distance before arriving to Cachora in the late afternoon and travelling by bus back to Cuzco.



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About the guide

I'm a mountain guide, passionate traveller, and photogapher. I spend my free time and holidays exploring new destinations, discovering new mountains and cultures.

I have more than 10 years of experience climbing mountains and doing expeditions in Peru. This experience prepared me to lead and guide challenging adventours.

I like guiding people from all around the world, and help them to discover and enjoy the mountains, while reaching their goals.

I work together with a team of guides in Cusco, so if I'm not available, one of my colleagues can guide you instead.



What people are saying about Adner Choqqe Lique



July, 2018

Such a beautiful trek with the trail mostly to ourselves the whole time. Edison set a good pace and was very caring for our safety and enjoyment during the trek. Even though it was a hard physical effort we always felt safe and the views at the top we're well worth it.


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