Climb the 82 4000 meter peaks in the Alps

Join IFMGA certified guide Enrico for an unbelievable climbing adventure that will see you climbing any of the 82 4000 meter peaks in the Alps, from Mont Blanc to the Matterhorn.




Trip Duration

1+ day

Mountain Range


People per Guide

4 people

Trip Level


Offer Period

Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct

Type of Trip



  • Choose from 82 different peaks in the Alps to climb.

  • Scale mountains in France, Italy and Switzerland.

  • Due to the variety, this trip is ideal for climbers of all skill levels.

The Alps are home to many, many beautiful mountains. In fact, there are 82 peaks that exceed 4000 meters in altitude. And on this trip you will get to choose which one of those peaks you wish to scale to the very top.

Due to the sheer number of mountains to choose from in the Alps, this trip can last for one day, or several. Also, because of the amount of peaks available, this trip is open to climbers of all skill levels. However, all participants on this trip should be in good physical condition. So for experts looking for that special peak that will push them to their limits, there are definitely peaks for you. And for less experienced climbers looking for a peak where they can learn, practice and improve their evolving skills, there are several peaks for you as well. But regardless of which peak you choose, I will see to it you are expertly guided. Thus providing you with an experience that will be as fun as it will be safe and secure.

Below are some examples of the peaks available to you on this trip in the Alps.

  • Matterhorn (4,478m)
  • Mont Blanc (4,810m)
  • Lyskamm (4,527m)
  • Breithorn (4,164m)
  • Gran Paradiso (4,061m)
  • Weisshorn (4,506m)
  • Mont Maudit (4,465m)
  • Dent Blanche (4,357m)
  • Mont Blanc du Tacul (4,248m)
  • Castor (4,228m)
  • Zinalrothorn (4,221m)
  • Vincent Pyramid (4,215m)
  • Grandes Jorasses (4,208m)
  • Aiguille Verte (4,122m)
  • Monch (4,107m)

With so many peaks to choose from, I have absolutely no doubt you will have an amazing experience personalized just for you. To be a part of this adventure, just send me a request. I look forward to guiding you.

 Are you interested in ice climbing? Then join me on this 2 day course in central Switzerland.

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Price includes

  • Guiding fee
 The price does NOT include lodging, meals, and/or transportation for both clients and the guide. We can provide lodging at B&B Maison de la montagne ( when based down the valley. The price varies and depends on which peaks you choose, as well as the group size. Please contact me for personalized, private program prices. The price does not include the guide´s expenses (accommodation, meals, lift tickets, etc).

Other details

Skill level required

All Levels

Fitness level required


Meeting point

To be determined based on which peak you choose to climb.


There are many comfortable mountain huts in the Alps, as well as hotels that I will be happy to recommend to you after you have chosen your peak or peaks.


About the Guide


My biggest satisfaction is to explore new places, and share it with a rope-mate. And to do it as a professional is the realization of a dream. At the age of 15, I knew I wanted to become a mountain guide, I wanted to live in the mountains, teach and share my new passion. In 2006 I realized my dream and I became a professional mountain guide. I like sharing my knowledge and experience with my clients, taking a journey that transforms slowly the guide-client relationship in climbing partner and often in friendship. I am not and never will be a lone climber but "a company" 'explorer. My specialty lies certainly in climbing on ice and mixed in the high mountains. With my clients I climbed the most difficult faces in the Alps, explored mountain ranges, traveled between America, Asia, Africa, and Europe.



What People are Saying about Enrico Bonino


Here is the summary of my experience with Explore-share and Enrico: Explore-share was one of several companies I considered before my trip to the Alps. I was very happy with my choice from the moment I sent my first email. The staff members responded promptly and answered all of my questions very clearly and kindly. I was blown away with the professionalism they have demonstrated. Two days after sending my first email I was in contact with my guide, Enrico. With Enrico we climbed different routes in the area of Mt. Blanc and practiced different techniques for about ten days. Enrico was an excellent guide. He was patient, thoughtful, and improved my skills tremendously. He was very thorough and safety conscious. After ten days of climbing I felt a lot of trust between the two of us, which I believe makes us a good team for future climbing adventures. I would highly recommend Explore-share and Enrico to anyone who is planning to explore the beauty of the Alps and take the challenge of climbing these magnificent mountains. During my trip I met Italian, French, Swiss and German guides. All of them were extremely enthusiastic and nice. Going to Europe for climbing? Choose European professionals. You will not be disappointed.
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Erling Fasting
I can absolutely recommend Enrico to any other clients. Very professional, competent, safe and pleasant mountain-guide.
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Getting in contact through with Enrico Bonino, mountain guide, was really a snap. Some time later I got in contact over phone/mail with Enrico. Finally we found a time window in February to go ice climbing for 2 days in Chamonix. 850 km and a night later I found myself on the Italian side of the Mt Blanc in Courmayeur. Enrico took us to the traverse of the Aiguilles d\'Entrèves. Not very difficult but perfect to acquaint myself again with granite and mixed climbing after a lapse of ... +20 years. The weather was brilliant, blue skies, sun all over and the scenery was +++, pure enjoyment ! The next day the weather was grey and some snow was forecasted. So Enrico took me to Cogne where we climbed the 7 lengths of Ghost Goully. Not a pure icefall, it has some mixed, more mountain-like, character. After hiking back to the village Enrico took me to his favourite pub where we had a tasty piece of pizza and pastry. A Short trip but just what I needed to get some feeling climbing with crampons and ice axes again. This is definitely asking for more and I\'m looking forward to the next trip ! Thank you Enrico, Bruno
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Bruno Jacobs

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