• Trip duration
    2 days
  • Trip level
  • Max people per guide
    4 people
  • Mountain range
  • Best period
    Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep


Mount Triglav is the highest mountain in Slovenia and as such it deserves its own program. It’s a very popular place in my country. The mountain which you have to climb at least once in your life. I’m here to help you realize it.

I recommend 4 options to ascent it. Each one is different as Triglav is huge. If you start from the Vrata valley you have to climb on via ferrata, if you start from Bohinj you will hike through the woods.

However to climb to the top you have to deal with 400 height meters of exposed via ferrata (path equipped with wires and pitons) whatever the way you choose. If you decide to do it with me you will for sure be in good hands. I use the rope on via ferrata, so you will always have a double security.

It’s a unique opportunity for you to climb it together with a local IFMGA mountain guide ūüėČ


Hire me for my SUMMER SPECIAL guided ascent

From late June until late September, I plan a guided climb of Mount Triglav each Wednesday / Thursday and Sunday / Monday.

I am an IFMGA mountain guide, which gives you more safety. Unfortunately, you should now some agencies in Slovenia work with unlicensed guides. Usually they are students and have no guiding experience at all.

Please note that the program may vary depending on the weather. We will decide the ideal time to ascend to the top of Mount Triglav. It will be either on Monday afternoon or on Tuesday morning.

There are around 2000 m of ascent and descent, which should take us around 12-18 hours during two days. Be prepared to start the adventure at 7AM on Monday and finish at 4PM on Tuesday. Of course the time of departure and return is not fixed, it may vary depending on the weather conditions. but it will stay around this schedule.


Here are the different options to reach the top and return.

OPTION 1 – Over the seven lakes (easiest) – 3 days

The trek starts on Blato meadow and ends in Krma valley.
Day 1: From Blato meadow over the 7 lakes, overnight at Prehodavci hut (5-7 h, altitude change: 1000 m).
Day 2: Ascent to the top and descent down to Triglavski dom Kredarica (6-8 h).
Day 3: Descent down Velo polje, from where we continue back to our car over the Jezersko sedlo and Krstenica meadow (5-7 h).
There is a via ferrata just towards the top and return.

OPTION 2 – The Vrata Valley – 2 days

We start the trek in Vrata valley and we go up TominŇ°ek or Prag route to Triglavski dom.
Day 1: 5-7 h walking and 1500 m of altitude change, 1000 m of those are via ferrata.
Day 2: 3-5 h from the hut (Triglavski dom) to the top and return, plus 4 h down to the valley.

OPTION 3 – Over the 7 lakes – 2 days

We start the trek on Blato meadow and finish it in Krma valley.
Day 1: From Blato meadow over the 7 lakes, overnight at Doli hut (6-8 h, altitude change 1300 m).
Day 2: Ascent to the top and descent down to Krma valley (7-9 h).
There is a via ferrata just towards the top and return.

OPTION 4 – from Krma Valley – 2 days

We start and finish the trek in Krma valley. We will sleep in Triglavski dom, from there we go to the top and we can descend the way to Planika hut, that way we make a small circle.
Day 1: 5-7 h walking and 1500 m of altitude change.
Day 2: 3-5 h from the hut (Triglavski dom) to the top and return, plus 4 h down to the valley.
There is via ferrata (path equipped with wires and pitons) just from the hut to the top and return.

You may also be interested in a private climbing tour in Triglav. In that case I can offer you these climbing options for smaller groups of friends.

And you can climb Triglav in winter as well. However, the only good option is to do it from Krma valley. You’ll find all the details on my special program of winter climbing in Mount Triglav.

If you have any interest in climbing this beautiful mountain, please get in touch with me. We will take the time to discuss the itinerary and the program!

Price includes

  • Guiding fee
  • Transport to the start of the trip
  • Group equipment

Price per person

1 Person200EUR
Group of 2200EUR
Group of 3200EUR
Group of 4200EUR



We sleep at Stanicev dom, a small hut a bit off from the main ways to Triglav, which means it is quiet and not busy.

If you look for an accommodation for the day before or after the ascent, I suggest you to go to Hotel Hotnik.

More info

Price: The guide fee will vary according to the number of days and number of clients. The range will be between 200 and 800‚ā¨ per person. During the summer, the standard 2-day ascent costs 200‚ā¨ per person.

The accommodation, meals and drinks are around 50‚ā¨ per person.

This equipment list will help you while packing for the ascent of Mt Triglav. You don't need to have everything from the list. Technical equipment (helmet, harness…) is provided by me. The list is: harness, helmet, headlamp, warm clothing (fleece…), waterproof jacket and trousers, gloves, hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, shoes, poles, backpack (30 L), water bottle, medicine prescribed by your doctor, camera, energy bars, chocolates, other food for during the climb, Alpine Club membership card.

- There are limited options of renting boots in Slovenia, so I recommend that you bring your own. If you don't have them, I can send you some links to the rental shops (just one in Bohinj has all the numbers).

Meeting point

Depending on the option you choose, we will meet either in Blato meadow, in Vrata valley or in Krma valley.