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Reach Slovenia's highest peak with an experienced local guide. Triglav is a national emblem of Slovenia and the focal point of the stunning Triglav National Park.

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Triglav is synonymous with Slovenia. This iconic mountain, whose name translates to “Three Peaks” is at the center of the Slovene culture and history. Climbing to its summit is as much a cultural experience as a physical one. A former Slovene president even believed it was the duty of each citizen to climb Triglav at least once is their lifetime. If you are in Slovenia, you simply must visit the Triglav National Park and stand atop its most acclaimed peak. Getting there is easy with public transportation, and you only need two days to climb to the top of Slovenia’s highest mountain.




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Slovenian, Italian and Hungarian are all official languages in Slovenia, though English is also widely spoken in the capital and in areas frequented by visitors, such as Triglav.

Best time to visit

Triglav can be climbed all year round, though most choose to make their ascent during the warmer summer months. The end of June and early July is perhaps the most ideal time as the conditions are pleasant and the summer crowds have yet to arrive. Winter ascents are also possible for brave souls, but keep in mind that conditions may be harsh, particularly during January and February.



What's the weather like?

Summer is the "dry season" in Slovenia, running from June to October. During this time, the weather is pleasant and conditions are typically ideal for making your ascent on Triglav. In the winter months, expect chilly temperatures and keep in mind the conditions can sometimes be harsh on Triglav.

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How long should I stay?

While it only takes two days to climb to the summit of Triglav and come back down again, we recommend spending some time in the surrounding Triglav National Park.






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Grega is a very professional and knowledgeable guide who facilitated a wonderful adventure and memory for me.I would thoroughly recommend both Grega and the 1 day trip if you have a high level of fitness.
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Bruce Chisholm
This rating is for Igor Kremser, who ended up guiding our group. He did an amazing job and made everyone feel comfortable climbing to the peak. He also took great pictures along the way and shared them with us. All in all, a fantastic experience!
Read review
Michelle Gleason
We enjoyed our trip immensely. Highly recommend Rok Zalokar as as guide. Very knowledgeable and patient with our group of climbers.
Read review
Maria Visintin
We were with Matevz\' friend, (Ziga? - sorry if I spelled this incorrectly), but still definitely had a great time :). Thank you both .. hope to come back again!
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Jorella Doga-ong



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