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Julian Alps Trekking Adventure with Triglav Ascent

Join a 4-day trekking adventure in the Julian Alps and discover some of its most amazing spots including the Seven Lakes Valley, and the famous Mount Triglav!


Julian Alps

4 Days

Jun, Jul, Aug




  • Discover the most beautiful spots in the Julian Alps.
  • Explore the beautiful Seven Lakes valley.
  • Climb Mount Triglav, Slovenia's most iconic mountain.


This exciting 4-day trekking tour will take you to discover the most amazing spots in the Julian Alps with the option of climbing Triglav.

The first part of the trek takes place in an area where the First World War was fought and has historical spots that intertwine with nature. From there, the Seven Lakes valley is a sparkling haven that leads to Triglav, which we will have a chance to climb. The trek begins in the Lepena Valley and ends in Bohinj. We will sleep in the Dom na Komni, ZasavskakočanaPrehodavcih, and Vodnikov dom huts.

Each day, we will trek an average of 8 hours, therefore, you must be physically fit to join. Climbing Triglav is optional and requires a minimum of three participants, otherwise, an easier trekking route is available.

If you would like to join this unforgettable trekking adventure in the Julian Alps, then don't hesitate to send your details so that we can start planning the tour together!


Day 1: Lepena– Krn lake – Lepočami – Bogatinska Vratca – Lanževica– Komna hut

We will begin our adventure on a trail that takes us from Lepena to Krn Lake. From there, we will head to some abandoned Italian caravels where border controls took place between the two world wars. We will climb Bogatinsko sedlo (1804 m), and from the saddle, we will continue to Lanževica (2003 m). At the end there is a folded descent to komna hut.

  • Altitude gain: 1300 m

  • Distance: 13 km

  • Duration: 8-9 h

Day 2: Komna hut – Triglav 7 lakes hut - 7 lakes valley - Prehodavci hut

On day 2, we will explore the longest high-mountain valley of the Julian Alps, where Triglav National Park is located. The trail from Komna hut gradually progresses through the Triglav traverse route to the mountain on Kal, and slowly descends into Lopučnica valley followed by the ascent to the 7 lakes hut.  As we approach the hut, we will catch the first views of the 5th and 6th - double Triglav lakes.

Then we will keep hiking through the 7 lakes valley to Kidney Laks, the 4th and largest lake. Before climbing to Prehodavci hut (2071 m), we will catch sight of the 2nd and 3rd lakes- Brown Lake and Green Lake.

  • Altitude gain: 850 m

  • Distance: 16 km

  • Duration: 6-7 h

Day 3: Triglav

There are 2 options for the third day, the first and easiest is to head to Kanjavec (2568 m), and the second, which is slightly more demanding, is to climb Triglav (2864 m).

Both groups will start by heading towards Hribarice. From there, the first group will move toward Kanjavec (2568 m), Slovenia's longest ski touring route, the top is straightforward and the route requires no special technical skills. Then we will descend to Dolič and continue through the Velska valley to Vodnik hut.

In case you decide to climb Triglav, we will continue over Hribarice to Dolič. From the hut, we follow a former Italian mule track and then branch off to the right towards Triglav until we reach an altitude of 2550 m, where the protected climbing route starts. It takes us to the Triglav ridge which we follow to the top of Triglav. From the summit, we will enjoy views all the way to the Slovenian sea. We follow the classic path down to Small Triglav (2725 m) and continue down to Planika hut (2401 m). From there, we move down to Vodnik hut (1817 m) where we meet with group 1.

NOTE: to carry out the Triglav climb, at least 3 people must choose this option.

First group:

  • Altitude Gain: 1500 m

  • Distance: 10 km

  • Duration: 6-8 h

Second Group (Triglav):

  • Elevation Gain: 1650 m

  • Distance: 8 km

  • Duration: 8-9 h

Day 4: Vodnik hut – Velska valley – Jezersko saddle – Planina Krstenica – Planina Blato

From the hut, we climb down to Velo polje (1680 m), where dairy products are produced during the summer months. From there, we continue to the Jezersko saddle (1980 m) and then descend to the Planina Krstenica (1645 m). From the mountain, there is another descent to the Planina Blato (1150 m) pasture where transport awaits us.

  • Altitude gain: 265 m

  • Distance: 9 km

  • Duration: 4-5 h




Mountain Huts

Meeting point


Equipment you will need to bring

Other gear: Mountaineering clothes (long mountaineering pants and spare pants, at least four layers of clothing, wind jacket, spare clothing, hat, gloves), backpack at least 35 l, hiking boots, pocket knife, first aid , sunglasses, sunscreen. You will need a helmet, climbing harness, and via ferrata kit - in case you climb Triglav.

About the guide

I am an IFMGA mountain guide born in 1980 in Mojstrana, a Slovenian village close to Mount Triglav, the highest mountain in the country at 2864 m.

From an early age, my parents took me to the mountains during summer and winter. At that time, my father was part of a mountain rescue team in my hometown and was also going on expeditions to the Himalaya and the Andes, so he became a big inspiration for me. We went climbing, hiking, sport climbing and ski touring together. His enthusiasm truly influenced me.

I went to Alpine school, then Mountain rescue team, I did the Alpinist exam and I became an Alpinist instructor. After that, I also studied to be a professor of Sport. Several years later, I decided to begin my mountain guide education and to become an IFMGA/UIAGM certified mountain guide.


Slovenian | English




Mojstrana, Slovenia

What people are saying about Gregor Kofler

Jonathan Richard


August, 2022

Ziga was the best guide, very professionnal, secure, I recommend

Nicolas Sacre


July, 2022

Our guide Cveto was very knowledgeable and friendly. The pace of the climb was tailor made and perfect for our group. Overall a very enjoyable experience!

Daniel Remenyfy


July, 2022

The trip itself and the via ferrata was nice with great views, however we didn't enjoy the guiding experience. He was rushing a lot, and asked us to hurry each time we tried to stop to drink or take a photo. On the way back he was walking 200 meters ahead of our group, was chatting on his phone, sometimes shouting back to hurry. Overall we spent only 4 hours climbing. Despite what was promised in the tour description, they were not willing to pick us up at Bled (unless we pay 160 euros extra), so we had to take a 35 min drive to the Kofler office. They also asked us to pack warm winter clothing which was super unneccessary given the very hot weather.

Luis Cabral


June, 2022

We spent three amazing days with Grega hiking Triglav and the seven lakes valley. Grega took care of all the planning while communicating with us any necessary changes due to weather/hut availability. He also was great company on the evenings and throughout the whole journey, making the experience even more special because of the friendship created.



February, 2020

We couldn't do the north wall of Triglav due to adverse weather conditions. So we did the Triglav winter climb through the normal route.

Bruce Chisholm


September, 2019

Grega is a very professional and knowledgeable guide who facilitated a wonderful adventure and memory for me.I would thoroughly recommend both Grega and the 1 day trip if you have a high level of fitness.



August, 2019

We enjoyed a magical day biking the bike trail to Kranska gora into Italy. Perfect trail well marked with stops for snacks. I recommend this trip for families of all ages. Electric bikes for our group of elders who still love adventures but not hill climbing. My best day in Slovenia! Thank you

Rhodes-Dawber family


July, 2019

A fantastic trip, with an extremely professional mountain guide. Made us feel very welcome in his back yard, with excellent attention to both safety and enjoyment.

Sarah Lockhart


July, 2019

Loved Slovenia and would highly recommend for those who enjoy the outdoors and walking. The via ferrata route was great for a morning hike. Stunning views and not too hard which was good given the heat that day. Our guide Borut (replaced by Gregor at the last minute as I had misjudged our dates so very much appreciated it) was lovely and made our trip even better.



June, 2019

Gregor has a lot of experience, new and modern equipment, is very reliable, recommendable. I did with him a Triglav bike round tour.



June, 2019

We rented climbing gear from Gregor for one day, and since we came back very late, we didn't have time to return it, so we brought it the next day. Gregor didn't make any deal out of it at all, he was very courteous, smiled and only asked did we like it.

Oliver Tolerton


May, 2019

Gregor was friendly and supportive, the location was amazing and the climbing courses were challenging but achievable. Overall an awesome experience!



January, 2019

Amazing unique experience with a great guide. Grega was very good and we had lots of fun. I would highly recommend ice climbing with grega!

Nick Campbell


September, 2018

Very knowledgeable and helpful guide, I would strongly recommend to anyone else considering to take a hike in this area.

Jack Chalkley


September, 2018

Grega was brilliant. An absolute legend. The climb was challenging but Grega made us feel safe and comfortable throughout.

Jelle Vanackere


July, 2018

The traveller did not leave a comment.

Sina & Phillip Richter


June, 2018

The traveller did not leave a comment.

Edin Becic


January, 2018

Great Experience, a lot of fun....

Gergely Göblös


August, 2017

The traveller did not leave a comment.

Gergely Göblös


August, 2017

The traveller did not leave a comment.



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