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17-day Cordillera Real expedition with hikes around Lake Titicaca

Join a certified mountain guide on an unforgettable 17-day Cordillera Real adventure with additional hikes around Lake Titicaca, reputed to be the birthplace of the Incas. Discover awe-inspiring Andean landscapes, ancient ruins, the vibrant, colorful local culture, and more on a memorable trip that will fill you with wonder!

Mountain RangeAndes
Duration17 days
Offer periodApr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct
Skill LevelIntermediate
Fitness LevelFit
Type of tripPrivate


  • Overnight with local hosts from the Lake Titicaca community.

  • Ascent of the famous and stunning Pico Austria and Pequeño Alpamayo.

  • Ascents to the lesser known Janq’u Uyu, Pach’a Pata, and Chachacomani summits.


Would you like to join a challenging and rewarding mountaineering program in the Bolivian Andes? Then come with us on this 17-day program in the beautiful Cordillera Real with acclimatization treks around the famous Lake Titicaca.

The Cordillera Real is located southeast of Lake Titicaca and boasts some of the most amazing mountains in Bolivia. On this 17-day program, we will have the chance to explore the Lake Titicaca surroundings as we acclimatize, and then we will climb several of the breathtaking peaks in the stunning range. Some of the mountains we will go up to include the famous Pequeño Alpamayo, in the Condoriri Massif, and JanquUyu, Pacha Pata, and Chachacomani, which are lesser-known. You can find a detailed itinerary below.

Please keep in mind that you will need a good fitness level and advanced mountaineering skills to join this expedition. We will be climbing rocky, glaciated, and remote peaks, so you will need to be ready for an exciting and rewarding challenge. Of course, we will be there every step of the way to help and guide you!

So, are you ready for a thrilling 17-day expedition in Bolivia’s stunning Cordillera Real? Then contact us now and let’s start planning an unforgettable mountaineering adventure together!

Or, if you prefer, you can join us on a 19-day excursion in the remote and beautiful Cordillera Apalobamba!






Meeting point

La Paz



Day 1: LA PAZ ARRIVAL (3600 m a.s.l / 11 800 FT)

Pick up at the airport and transfer to the hotel. Availability of the rooms from midday, unless other arrangements are made. Rest of the day free.


Departure to K’Illi K’Illi to enjoy a magnificent panorama of La Paz and the majestic Illimani mountain (6,400 meters/21,100 feet in elevation). Then we visit Ramon Tito’s studio, a sculptor and watercolorist from La Paz. He works mainly with stone he finds in the surrounding mountains, like basalt, marble, sandstone, alabaster, granite. Then we go to the Pedregal Canyon, where we can enjoy fairy chimneys, and finish the walk at the foot of the Muela del Diablo. For those that want to walk more (1h30 additional walk), you can go for a trek down the ridge to the edge of Calacoto. In the afternoon, we explore the colorful markets and historic center of La Paz city by foot.

Day 3: LA PAZ - ACHACACHI - SANTIAGO DE OKOLA (3810 meters/12.500 feet asl)

Departure to the small village of Santiago de Okola, on Lake Titicaca shore, nested in a gorgeous bay overlooked by a hill named “Sleeping dragon”. It is a heavenly and magical place, with its beach and crystal clear waters. Lunch break with the community, a delicious Apthapi, a traditional meal of the Andean countryside collectively prepared by local families. It includes pancakes, donuts, shortbread quinoa, corn, potatoes, and small fried fish from the lake. After lunch, we visit a traditional weaving workshop. Then we walk to the Sleeping Dragon mountain overlooking the bay, hike up to the top and visit cave paintings in the rock.

Day 4: SANTIAGO DE OKOLA – TURTLE ISLAND – LA PAZ (3,600 meters/18,100 feet asl)

We hike in the morning along the shore of Lake Titicaca to Tortuga Island, on the other side of the bay. It is home to many birds like ducks, Andean geese, and pink flamingos. We hike to the top of this small island to get a beautiful view of the bay. We return to Santiago de Okola to have a quinoa-based Andean lunch and then drive back to La Paz.

Day 5: LA PAZ - LAGUNA KHOTIA - LAGUNA AJWANI (4615 meters / 15 141 feet asl.)

Departure towards the Royal Cordillera. We arrive at Khotia Lake then start walking, we ascend to the “Contador” pass (4760 meters / 15 616 feet asl.), which offers a pretty view of mountain peaks. We then descent to the valley, crossing a semi-swampy area close to the Surakhota lake (4410 meters / 14 468 feet asl.), and then go up towards the mountain to the Ajwani Lake (Lake of the birds, 4615 meters / 15 141 feet asl.), home to many ducks.

Day 6: LAGUNA AJWANI (4615 meters / 15 141 feet a.s.l) - LAGUNA JURIKHOTA (4700 meters / 15 419 feet a.s.l)

We start walking until we cross the Milluni pass (4910 meters / 16 108 feet asl.), where Huayna Potosi seems very close, then we descend to Sistaña Lake (4670 meters / 15 321 feet asl.). We then reach the Janchallani pass at 4885 meters (16 026 feet asl), from where we have an amazing view of the Condoriri Massif. We descend to Jurikhota Lake (4700 meters / 15 419 feet asl.), nested in a narrow valley.

Day 7: LAGUNA JURIKHOTA (4700 meters / 15 419 feet a.s.l) - LAGUNA CONGELADA - AUSTRIA PASS (5140 meters / 16 863 feet a.s.l) - LAGUNA CHIARKHOTA (4680 meters / 15 354 feet a.s.l)

We walk until the Congelada lake (4880 meters / 16 010 feet asl.), where the view is splendid, the Condoriri glacier seems like plunging into turquoise waters. Then we take a steep slope up to the Austria pass at 5140 meters / 16 863 feet above sea level. A steep trek up screed terrain to its peak (5330 meters / 17 486 feet asl ) is optional before starting the descent. The Austria peak offers the best view of the Condoriri massif. We descend towards to Chiarkhota Lake (4680 meters / 15 354 feet asl), where we set up camp.

Day 8: ASCENT OF PEQUEÑO ALPAMAYO (5370 meters / 17 618 feet a.s.l) - LAGUNA CHIARKHOTA (4680 meters / 15 354 feet a.s.l)

Departure in the night. Non-technical approach taking us through a valley to the glacier at 4805 m asl ( 15 764 FT). We climb to the dome and a pass (5245 m asl. / 17 208 FT) just above the bergschrund. The ascent to the Tarija Peak (5320 m asl / 17 454 FT) is steep (50º/55º). The view from here of the summit ridge is gorgeous.
Descent on a rocky part (about 50m) before climbing the impressive final slope (55 / 60
º).We descend by the same path.

Day 9: LAGUNA CHIARKHOTA (4680 m asl. / 15 354 FT) - RINCONADA (4505 m asl. / 14 780 FT) - LAGUNA KHOTIA – LAGUNA JANQ’U QUTA (4715 m asl. / 15 469 FT) –CERRO WILA LLUXITA (5245m asl. / 17 208 FT)

We walk to the Rinconada, where the car awaits us to go to Janq’u Quta Lake ( 4715 m asl. / 15 469 FT) at the foot of Mullu pass, where we set up the camp. We climb through rocks, on a steep slope, follow the ridges and then we reach the summit of Cerro WilaLluxita at 5245 m asl ( 17 208 FT). We have a beautiful view of 3 glaciers, the Janq’u Uyuand, the Janq’u Laya and the Mullu Apacheta.

Day 10: JANQ’U UYU CROSSING (5.515 m asl. / 18 093 FT) – LAGUNA LECHE KHOTA (5.140 m asl. / 16 863 FT)

PD / I and IV / V in rock / Departure in the night. The path is rocky until we reach the edge of the glacier, where our trail becomes smoother. We climb up from the glacial dome until the summit. Non-technical ascent with gradual slopes (35º/40º). The summit of Janq’uUyu is overlooking the ridges of this massif, as well as Chachacomani, Cerro Jakocire, Imasiña and Huayna Potosi. We camp at Leche Khota lake, nested at the foot of Jach’aPata peak.

Day 11: ASCENT OF PACH’A PATA (5.650 m asl. / 18 536 FT) OR REST

AD + / II
We walk up to a rocky barrier and continue through rocks passing a lake. We gradually ascent to a pass at 5510 m asl (18 077 FT) , with some steeper (45º-50º) slopes. The final approach to the summit is steep (65º-70º). The view is breathtaking, we can admire several massifs of the Royal Cordillera, the Illampu and Ancohuma, Chearoco and Chachacomani as well. We also see the Janq’u Uyu ridge, where we were the previous day and the face of Wara Warani.


PD /II and IV / V on rock – We walk through a plateau and continue to the edge of the glacier at 5310 m asl. (17 421 FT) We arrive at a small peak at 5455m asl (17 896 FT), with an amazing 360º panoramic view. Further away, we continue along the crest, passing another peak at 5505 m asl (18 061 FT) and an exposed rocky section. We go down to a glacial valley (5410 m asl / 17 749 FT) and climb up again to a last pass at 5600 m asl (18 372 FT). To descend, 2 options: through the glacier to Chachacomani valley or climb to the ridges and descend above the base camp of Chachacomani, which is more exposed and technical.
Anyone preferring not to cross the glacier can accompany the cook by vehicle to the Chachacomani base camp.

Day 13: CHACHACOMANI BASE CAMP (4470 m asl. / 14 665 FT) - HIGH CAMP CHACHACOMANI (5.130 m asl. / 16 830 FT)

We walk through a perpendicular valley and arrive at a hollow with a meandering stream (4700 m asl / 15 419 FT). Further away, the path is more steep and rocky. We arrive at the glacier and set up camp.

Day 14: ASCENT OF CHACHACOMANI (6074 m asl. / 19 927 FT) - BASE CAMP (4470 m asl. / 14 665 FT)


Departure in the night. We walk around crevasses to the foot of the Chachacomani ridges. The slopes become a bit steeper (45º). The view from the summit is stunning, overlooking all the Cordillera. We descend by the same route and return to base camp.

Day 15: BASE CAMP CHACHACOMANI (4470 m asl. / 14 665 FT) - CRUZ PAMPA (4420 m asl. / 14 501 FT) - LA PAZ (3600 m a.s.l / 11 811 FT)

We go back to the village of Cruz Pampa and drive back to La Paz.

Day 16: LA PAZ/ FREE (3.600 m a.s.l / 11 811 FT)

Day free to discover the highest capital of the world, La Paz city.


Drop off at El Alto’s international airport (3 hours before the international flight departure time).

Equipment you will need to bring





Avalanche equipment (beacon, probe and shovel)


Ice Axe



Water bottle

About the guide

guide profile img

Thaki Travel was founded in La Paz, Bolivia in 2011 by Anne BIALEK and Jérôme BENASSI, two adventurous friends, passionate about Bolivia and who fell in love with the kindness of the Bolivians.

During your trip in Bolivia, we will be all the time with you, we personally know all our co-workers from the receptionist of a hotel to a mule-driver of the Cordillera Real.

We like to explore and innovate. Every year, we invest in field expeditions to open new routes and build new original itineraries for our clients. We focus on building strong friendships with local communities giving us privileged contacts and access to off the beaten tracks, like the north part of the Cordillera Real where almost no one else goes.

We are very sensitive to responsible tourism. We have carried out several social actions to improve the lives of local communities and we build all our itineraries in a sustainably-driven approach.
We are very serious about altitude.

All our programs are carefully planned to comply with the acclimatization process, we have trained all our guides to Altitude sickness and we have a partnership with a French Institute about training and research in mountain medicine (Ifremmont). We are the only local travel agency that offers to their clients access to a medical platform (any client having health problems related to altitude can contact a specialized doctor 24/7 through our satellite phones)

We use high quality equipment for our treks and mountain expeditions: North Face VE25 tent (for 2 customers), .., IFMGA mountain guide for 2 customers (English speaking), Oxygen, oximeter, hyperbaric box, satellite phone.

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