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Discover and Learn the Mont Blanc Ridges

Mont Blanc ridges
Pyramide Calcaires
Matterhorn training

Experience the technical ridges of Mont Blanc with spectacular views of its majestic glaciers. Learn how to master even the hardest climbs in this excellent training ground with an IFMGA certified mountain guide.



3 Days

Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct




  • Climb the Aiguille Marbree, Aig. D’Entreves and Les pyramides Calcaire
  • Learn how to climb on mixed ice/rock terrain with an IFMGA certified mountain guide
  • Master your techniques in glacier crossing


Climbing Mont Blanc is a formidable challenge that requires a high level of skill, fitness and experience. The ridges of Aiguille d’Entreves provide the perfect testing grounds to start gaining the necessary skills in order to conquer even harder climbs.

Join us in this adventure where you will learn proper climbing techniques for both ice and rock terrain and improve your techniques in glacier crossing under the guidance of an experienced IFMGA certified guide.

We will start with an easy and fun climbing ridge in Val Veny, a valley located in the Aosta Valley which offers one of the most beautiful views of the snow-capped peaks of Mont Blanc. Afterward, you will be able to spend the night in the picturesque town of Courmayeur, home to a number of restaurants, bars and historic buildings.

The next morning we'll make our way to the Skyway lifts to reach Pointe Helbronner. This will mark the start of our journey to join the first rocks of the Aiguille Marbrée, an immense mountain peak in the Mont Blanc Massif with an elevation of 3,523 meters. Known for its sharp ridges and rocky terrain, it will provide a challenging yet rewarding climb. As we prepare ourselves with the proper equipment we will start ascending through the Aiguille Marbrée which, according to the condition, will have mixed ice/rock terrain or, in dry season, rocky terrain only.

We will then rest for the night in Torino Refuge, a mountain hut situated at an impressive altitude of 3,375 meters with a stunning panoramic view of the surrounding peaks and glaciers; a great place to rest and acclimatize before embarking on our next climb.

After witnessing the stunning dawn of the Alps, we will begin with our first assessment to test both overall physical condition and climbing skills in order to leave the refuge and start crossing the glacier heading the Aiguile d’Entreves to reach the beginning of the climb. The terrain here will be varied as it includes steep snow, ice slopes, exposed ridges and rocky terrain. As you traverse it you will develop a vast range of mountaineering skills and techniques, gaining considerable climbing experience.

Conquer this challenging path with the instruction and expertise of your certified guide and obtain the experience, technique and skills required to master touger climbs!

Contact us today and start preparing for your next thrilling journey!

Price includes

- Guiding fee

Price details

Price includes:

- 3 days of private guiding with a certified Mountain Guide

- Organization

Price does not include:

- Rescue and personal insurance

- Guide's expenses (accommodation, meals, lift tickets, etc.)

- Accommodations, food, and beverage

- Skyway lift ticket

- Technical equipment


Day 1: Climbing Pyramide Calcaires

We will begin with a fun and easy climb on the Pyramide Calcaires ridge in Val Veny, where you can enjoy one of the most stunning views of Mont Blanc!
Afterward, we reccommend spending the night in Courmayeur, a charming town situated at the foot of Mont Blanc.

Day 2: Crossing Aiguille Marbrée

We will take the Skyway lifts to reach Pointe Helbronner
Here, we will cross the glacier and make our way to the firsts rocks of the Aiguille Marbrée.

Harness, crampons, rope will be necessary as we climb the Aiguille Marbrée.
The climb, according to the condition, can be on mixed ice/rock terrain or, in dry season, only rocky terrain; in both situations we will wear mountaineering boots and crampons if needed.

We will then spend the night in Torino Refuge (pointe Helbronner).

Day 3: Aiguille d’Entreves Ridge traverse to Mont Blanc

We will begin our first assessment to test both overall physical condition and climbing skills at the high mountain ridge starter (3604m)

At dawn we will leave the refuge to cross the glacier heading the Aiguile d’Entreves to reach the beginning of the climb.

According to the condition this climb can be on mixed ice/rock terrain or, in dry season, only rocky terrain; in both situations we will wear mountaineering boots and crampons if needed.

The traverse will end on the glacier on the opposite side of the mountain, where we'll head back to the refuge and descend via lifts.




Hotel and Mountain Hut

Meeting point

Entreves - Courmayeur

Equipment you will need to bring

Rent equipment on site

Belay device

Frequently Asked Questions

What experience and how fit do I need to be to climb this mountain? Is this program suitable for children or older people?

About the guide

Unusual Experience is a Mountain Guide-based association.
It grew up from the idea of delivering mountain adventures to a whole new level, very targeted on the growth of the client to deliver a fully personalized experience.
We offer also a large base of a group program from beginners to advanced people who prefer to join in a ready-to-go trip!

With seasonal scheduling we have backcountry skiing, freeride, and ice climbing programs for the winter and high mountain alpinism, 4000mt peak climbing, and rock climbing for the summer.

Last but not least we are strong mountain bike riders and ready to ride with you on some of the best ridge trails in the Alps!


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What people are saying about Unusual Experience

Alexander Proctor


August, 2023

We had a fantastic time on the Monte Rosa Tour and couldn’t recommend the team and trip highly enough. The tour was extremely well planned to ensure we had the best chance of achieving our goals whilst having a great time, thanks to a perfect mix of climbing and learning whilst giving our bodies a chance to adapt/ acclimatise and rest. Each day was varied and exciting and our guides were extremely knowledgeable, safe and great fun to spend a week with. The course was perfectly tailored to the teams skill level and allowed us all to have a brilliant time. Can’t thank Enrico, Marco and Francesco enough. Cheers guys


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