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Fly-in ski-touring Rockies trip

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Join Till, IFMGA certified mountain guide, on an 8-day fly-in ski-touring trip in the unique area around the Sorcerer Lodge, an the heart of the Rockies.


8 Days

Jan - Mar, Dec


Join me on this 8-day fly-in ski-touring Rockies trip. The Selkirk Mountains are a unique scenario for ski lovers around the world. Its unique weather conditions, more continental, make this trip truly special.

First, I will meet you at Golden, located in the province of British Columbia. Once there, we will fly-in to Sorcerer Lodge by helicopter. Note that the reason we need to fly-in to this area is that there is no alternative infrastructure around this part of the Rockies. Also, this is the main reason why skiing in this area is different. This is why it is the Mecca for skiiers with a passion for powder skiing.

This will be our base camp for the rest of the trip. The Lodge offers several ski-tour options, thanks to its versatile surrounding terrain. And, given the exclusivity of access to it, all the powder will be ours for these days.

Next, the conditions of this area at the heart of the Canadian Rockies are unique. During the month of February, low temperatures combine with 2 meters of light powder snow per week.

Specifically, the area allows for different trails depending on the snow and weather conditions. During 7 days I will guide you around the different skiing options. For example, tree skiing, small climbs, glaciated and non-glaciated terrain, summiting, shredding the untouched powder, and more.

The cozy Sorcerer Lodge also counts with a relaxing sauna. Plus, you can stay reassured that food will be taken care of. I always fly-in a professional mountain cook, who will provide a varied daily menu for us, including gourmet dinners. All the meals are included.

Please note that each skier will need to bring his/her own gear along.

Interested in this fly-in ski-touring Rockies trip? Contact me for more details and information.


Day 1: Meeting and Briefing (Golden, British Columbia)

  • Late afternoon: meeting in the Kicking Horse River Lodge (Golden, BC, Canada)

  • 8 pm: briefing on the next day and the chopper ride

Day 2: Helicopter ride - Check in at the Sorcerer Lodge

  • 6 am: Breakfast at the Kicking Horse River Lodge

  • 7 am: We head to the helipad

  • Helicopter ride (around 45′)

  • Check in at the Sorcerer Lodge

  • Search and rescue training

  • Brief ski-tour

Day 3 to 8: Skiing tours

Day 9: Fly out back to Golden

  • After breakfast: fly out back to Golden

  • Return to Golden in between 10am-1pm


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