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Gran Sasso Via Ferrata Program, Italy


Follow your guide Vassili to the unimaginably perfect Apennine Mountains and enjoy one of the many via ferrata routes in the Gran Sasso National Park on a program in one of Italy’s most prized regions.

Private and Group


1 Day

Jul, Aug, Sep




  • Explore a variety of amazing via ferrata routes in a gorgeous region.
  • Learn crucial skills from a certified guide to develop as a climber.
  • Admire the scenery of the Gran Sasso National Park and its expansive beauty.


Find your way to one of the most beautiful locations in Italy and join a via ferrata program in the vast and illustrious Gran Sasso National Park! With a flexible schedule and array of options, you can craft your dream vacation in the splendor of the Apennines and create memories that will last a lifetime!

When it comes to unbelievable scenery, the countryside of Italy is replete with unprecedented landscapes. From pastures of sheep and meadows of wildflowers to ancient places of worship to the tops of majestic peaks, the Gran Sasso National Park has it all. With such a magnificent selection of varying countryside to complement its limestone crags, you could spend a lifetime trying to discover each of its remarkable nooks and crannies. You couldn’t ask for a better via ferrata course.

Your program is designed specifically for this – allowing you a day or two… or more! – to explore Gran Sasso’s majesty through classic via ferrata routes that are as thrilling as they are fascinating. Learn the depths of its unique culture while climbing your way along ancient rocks and routes that have been enjoyed by many travelers throughout history.

The highest peak of the Apennines – Corno Grande (2,912m) – has the amazing Ferrata Ricci, which takes you to the eastern peak of the mountain. It is a great way to take on an iconic Italian geoformation while experiencing delightful flora and fauna along the way.

Other routes include the Ferrata Danesi, a route taking adventurers to Corno Piccolo, another impressive objective in Gran Sasso. It also features Ferrata Ventricini, which covers the ring of Corno Piccolo. These routes are instant classics and leave a lasting impression on anyone lucky enough to experience them. We can take on every challenge that Gran Sasso could possibly throw at us.

The routes do have certain challenges that necessitate experience and proficiency. This also means adventurers should possess a reasonable level of fitness. I can also include additional days for any ambitious climbers who want to dive into an immersive program on Gran Sasso. Let me know what your goals are and I would be happy to accommodate.

This area is like my home, so sharing it with you is an absolute pleasure. I will show you a safe and satisfying trip that will increase your appreciation of Italy’s central and eastern beauty. You will undoubtedly leave with a strong impression of Gran Sasso.

Book this via ferrata program NOW and experience the life-changing routes of Gran Sasso National Park and the unparalleled rustic beauty of Italy!

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The price includes the guiding fee.


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