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2-day hiking traverse in Daisetsuzan from Hakuundake to Asahidake


Discover the beauty of Daisetsuzan area in this 2-day traverse covering mountains Hakuundake, Kurodake and Asahidake, together with a JMGA mountain guide.

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2 Days

Jul, Aug, Sep


I invite you to a wonderful adventure in Hokkaido: a 2-day hiking traverse in the Daisetsuzan area!

Daisetsuzan is a mountainous area in the centre of the island of Hokkaido. In this trip, we’ll be hiking and admiring an scenic overlook of mounts Hakuundake and Asahidake.

Besides, if weather conditions are good, you can also see a stunning sunset and sunrise.

We will stay overnight at a lodge in Kurodake. You can rent sleeping bags there if you need to.

I also can provide an optional tour, like hiking to the summit of Asahidake which is an active volcano or to Susoai-daira Plateau, which is a large habitat of snow field alpine plants.

Furthermmore, I can also take you to an optional visit to Nakadake Onsen (hot spring).

If this trip sounds interesting to you, please contact me! You should consider that if you go hiking in July, it might include climbing on snowy gorge. 

Price includes

- Guiding fee

- Mountain guide expenses


Day 1 to 2: Hakuundake, Kurodake, Asahidake Hike

We will start our tour from Ginsen-dai or Kogen-onsen (hot spring). From there, we will hike to Hakuundake (2,230 m) , Kurodake (1,984 m) and Asahidake (2,291 m) or Susoai-daira Plateau. By the end of day, we will be back to Asahidake Onsen (hot spring) to rest ourselves. It’s also possible to reverse this route upon your request.




Kurodake Lodge (JPY 4,000 per person)

More info

Required technical level: Altitude difference: approximately 1,000 m

Required fitness level: need to have good strength for 6 hours of hiking in a day.

This items are not included in the price: -Lift fee -Rental fee for sleeping bag (option)

About the guide

I wish you a very warm welcome from Hokkaido, the north island of Japan. The dream spot for any fan of powder skiing!
I'm Jun, I'm a JMGA (Japan Mountain Guides Association) mountain and ski guide. I'm also a ski and telemark instructor. I graduated from the Hokkaido University. I have been skiing all around Hokkaido and I know every corner of this incredible island. I'm also an expert in avalanche safety management.
I'm guiding my friends and clients in all the most beautiful places of Hokkaido: Shiretoko (UNESCO World Nature Heritage), Daisetsuzan National Park, Rishiri, Niseko, Yotei volcano, Asahikawa... hiking, skiing and mountaineering.
Have a look to the different tours I propose to have more info on what you can experience here and get in touch with me. I will be very happy to help you organising your trip and guide you in our beautiful mountains. I'm also the director of the Hokkaido Mountain Guides Association (HMGA) which includes around 84 guides.


Japanese | English




Sapporo - Hokkaido

What people are saying about Jun Ishiguro

Alan Thomas


January, 2022

Jun is an outstanding guide, a true expert in his field. He was attentive to our needs and desires and very ably provided us with a fantastic experience skiing in the Asahikawa area backcountry. I will book other trips with him and highly recommend him to others!

Emil Rakadjiev


February, 2021

We had a fantastic and unforgettable trip to the top of Mt. Yotei with Jun-san. He was very friendly, helpful and also flexible. Hope to do another trip with him soon!

Ruby Du


September, 2019

The traveller did not leave a comment.

Maria Grazia Messina


September, 2019

Excellent professional guide and wonderful scenery

Ting Yong Tan


August, 2019

The weather was perfect and I trekked according to my plan. Guide Jun is patient and knowledgeable.

Barry Mckillop


March, 2019

Amazing experience. Took 5hrs to summit. Cloudy and little wind made it easier. Skies opened up 100M from the top. We summited and then we skied fresh powder into the crater. Well worth it.

Weiie Lee


October, 2018

We had an excellent time hiking up to the summit of Mt Kurodake. Jun gave us a good intro to the flora and fauna on the way up and regaled us with stories all the way up. He set a pace suitable for us and ensured our safety throughout. Jun comes highly recommended!

Gadi Shkolnik


September, 2018

The trip was great. The views are extrodinary.

Stefan Janisch


March, 2018

Wow what a Tour! Jun guided us perfectly, we made it to the top of yotei. An Incredible experience!



March, 2018

Jun Is An excellent and cheerful guide who will help you find the skiing you want what ever your level



February, 2018

The traveller did not leave a comment.

Jenna Shlachter


February, 2018

Jun was an excellent guide! He took us to some fantastic tree skiing on Yotei and we got to do a few laps since the weather did not allow us to summit. We had a really great trip and would highly recommend Jun as a guide.

Kenton Beerman


August, 2017

Jun did an incredible job guiding us through Daisetsuzan National Park. He was attentive, friendly and courteous. His knowledge of the local flora, fauna, and landscape was superb (that rock garden in particular left a deep impression on me). His cooking was superb. And, we felt like we experienced aspects of the Japanese outdoors and Japanese culture that are very hard to reach.



August, 2017

Jun did an incredible job guiding us through Daisetsuzan National Park. He was attentive, friendly and courteous. His knowledge of the local flora, fauna, and landscape was superb (that rock garden in particular left a deep impression on me). His cooking was superb. And, we felt like we experienced aspects of the Japanese outdoors and culture that are very hard to reach. Andy and I had a phenomenal time.

Philipp Vogt


June, 2017

It was a great experience and with Jun we had a fabulous guide. We hope he will be a guide for much longer to join him again. Thanks a lot Jun, どもありがとうございます


October, 2016

Jun is a responsible and reliable guide. He is also knowledgeable on the local flora and fauna and managed to show us quite a few interesting alpine flowers, birds and animals. He is kind and helpful and converses well in English. I will not hesitate to recommend him to any anyone needing an English speaking guide in Japan.



November, 2015

Thanks to www.explore-share.com, we added a hiking to Mount Fuji to our trip in Japan. We found Jun, our guide through explore-share and had a great time going to the top of Mount Fuji and then hiking in Hakone. This was a clear highlight of our all trip and we would not have done it if explore-share had not facilitated finding a guide like they did.



February, 2015

Really enjoyed the experience of skiing in Hokkaido. Loved the Onsens after the skiing and for me the highlight of the trip was staying in the Riokan for 4 nights and being able to ski in and out of our delightful lodging. Jun was truly adorable and extremely competent. Always good natured and ready to help and make our stay enjoyable. Unfortunately my japanese is limited but Jun made a great effort to communicate in English and made himself understood. A great trip and a big thank you to Jun who organised everything smoothly with no stress.

Franco & Susie


February, 2015

A discovery of a new country, a very nice guide, very different food - with all the trimmings! The transfers in mini bus are longer than we are used to. As an older couple, some of the days are a bit too long. But the choice of 3 different ski areas, many onsens (hot bathes) after each ski day, and the willingness of Jun to accommodate our wishes helped us to fully enjoy this experience. One person had the flu, and that hampered our style a bit, otherwise, a fun experience! An incredible light deep snow. Very friendly people. A worthwhile adventure. Take 5 days in Tokyo and Kyoto before, like we did, to overcome jet-lag. Makes it so much nicer!



December, 2014

It was an amazing experience to see the Mt Fuji from different sides and to imagine how the great painter Hokusai got his inspiration! The walking days were never too long and well adjusted to the capacity of the group. The accomodation was very comfortable and the food well adapted to the trekking. Our guide Jun is very professional and make you feeling safe. He was always making sure that everybody is fine and enjoy the journey. I am looking for to go again with Jun in Hokkaido next February for a touring ski tour!



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