Mercedario and La Ramada Expedition in The Andes

Join AAGM certified mountain guide Anibal on a 2-week expedition to the Mercedario and La Ramada Peaks in the Andes region!




Trip Duration

16 days

Mountain Range


People per Guide

3 people

Trip Level


Offer Period

Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Oct, Nov, Dec

Type of Trip

Not specified


La Ramada is a beautiful range of mountains in the Central Andes region. Its tallest peak is the Mercedario that reaches an altitude of 6720 m. It is a region for explorers that love a challenge and being in wild natural environments with beautiful landscapes! On this 16-day expedition to this unique and remote area in the Andes, I take you to discover some of its glorious mysteries!

We begin our trip with a transfer from Mendoza to either El Molle or Laguna Blanca, depending on road conditions. From then on, we set off on an ascent that will take several days until we reach La Ollada at the top of the Mercedario. Because of the high altitude, we will allow some rest days along the way in order to adapt. This will also give us the chance to enjoy the stunning sceneries and mountain life. After we ascend La Ollada we will return to Laguna Blanca, and from there, we will take on another ascent to another peak of La Ramada. Our trip will end back in Mendoza with a sense of accomplishment and the unforgettable imprint of the Andes in our memories.

As this is a long expedition that will take us high up into the mountains, it is necessary to have a good fitness level. However, you will always have personalized attention, and I will be there to guide you every step of the way. Additionally, we will have fun rest days as we go ascending, and this should make the quest for the summit a demanding but certainly very rewarding experience!

Are you ready to discover some of the Andes most beautiful gems? Then book your place now and join me on this 2-week ascent to the Mercedario and La Ramada peaks! I will be happy to show you the way!

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Price per person

1 Person
5800 USD

Group of 2
4900 USD

Group of 3
4100 USD


Price includes

  • Guiding fee
  • Accommodation
  • All meals during trip
  • Transport during the trip
  • Group equipment
 Prices are per person. INCLUDED Road transfers as per itinerary. English speaking mountain guide (one every three climbers). Tents, stove and kitchen items. All meals and gas in the mountains. NOT INCLUDED: Hotel nights or meals of any kind in the city. International and/or domestic airfares. Porters, Personal gear, medications, ground or air evacuations, room services, laundry, beverages, phone communications and items of personal nature, insurance liability, hospitalization or medicals of any kind, any other service not mentioned in this condition sheet. NOTE: Extra per porter is 1200 us. The porter/s is/are for the whole expedition, and to transport up to 20 kg (each) of expedition gear. In case of interest, the cost should be shared between the expedition members. Otherwise members will have to carry part of the shared expedition gear and supplies (such as tents, stoves, gas and food).


What happens if I need to cancel the trip?
If you decide to cancel, you’ll get a 100% refund (minus fees) if the cancellation is notified up to 60 days before the start of the tour, a 75% refund (minus fees) if you cancel between 59 and 30 days before the start of the tour, and a 50% refund if you cancel between 29 and 21 days before the start of the tour. If you cancel less than 21 days before the first day of the tour, you won’t receive a refund. Take into account, however, that if accommodation, flights or transfers were included in the trip you booked, then a different policy may apply as the guide will be bound by the provider’s cancellation policy.

What happens if the guide cancels the trip because of bad weather/unsuitable conditions?
If bad weather or unsuitable conditions force the guide to cancel the trip, he or she will: a) propose a similar activity at a different place where conditions are better, or b) propose to postpone the activity until a later date, or c) cancel. If you refuse option a), our cancellation policy will apply. Please note, however, that the call to cancel a trip due to bad weather can only be made by the guide (not the client).

What happens if the guide doesn’t show up or cancels for personal reasons?
If the guide cancels for reason of injury or other, you will get a 100% refund on your trip.



  • Day 1: Mendoza-El Molle/ Laguna Blanca

    We will start our journey with a transfer from Mendoza to Barreal (240 km, 1600 m) and then drive in a 4WD vehicle to El Molle or Laguna Blanca depending on the road conditions. Overnight camping

  • Day 2: Laguna Blanca

    If we don’t get to Laguna Blanca at 3000 m on the day before, we will hike for approximately 4 hours to get there.

  • Day 3: Los Colorados

    We will continue on to Los Colorados base camp at 3800 m. which will take around 6 hours.

  • Day 4: Los Colorados

  • Day 5: Cuesta Blanca

    We will continue on some 4 hours until we reach Cuesta Blanca Camp 1 at 4400 m.

  • Day 6: Acclimatization Cuesta Blanca

    Acclimatization day at Cuesta Blanca. Short walks during the day.

  • Day 7: Pirca de Indios

    After resting at Cuesta Blanca, we will continue on for 5 hours to Pirca de Indios Camp 2 at an altitude of 5100 m.

  • Day 8: Pirca de Indios

    Acclimatization day at Pirca de Indios. 

  • Day 9: La Ollada in the Mercedario mountain

    We will continue ascending steadily for 4 hours to La Ollada  at 5750 m.

  • Day 10: Ascent to La Ollada Summit

    We will head up to La Ollada summit at 6700m on a long 10 hour trek day. 

  • Day 11: La Ollada-Laguna Blanca

    After a 6 hour trek we will return from La Ollada to Laguna Blanca. 

  • Day 12: Valle del Arroyo de Las Hornillas

    We will get a chance to rest after a 4 hour drive from Laguna Blanca to Valle del Arroyo de Las Hornillas. 

  • Day 13: Camp 1: Papúa

    We will stop at camp 1 (Papúa site) of La Ramada East route after a 4 hour walk. (3800 m)

  • Day 14: Camp 2: Kunfú

    Continuing on our way up, we will ascend 6 hours to Camp 2 (Kunfú site) of La Ramada East route. (5100 m).

  • Day 15: La Ramada Summit

    Another exhilarating 8-10 hour hike to La Ramada Summit (6380 m).

  • Day 16: Return to Mendoza

    We will descend for 6 hours and then have a 4 hour drive back to Mendoza. 


Other details

Skill level required
Fitness level required
Meeting point

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About the Guide


AAGM Guide from Argentina

I ve been guiding in the Central Andeans for the last 25 years, mostly in Mercedario, La Ramada and Ansilta peaks. I really enjoy guiding small groups of people interested in enjoying and feeling the mountains as they are. Do not hesitate to contact me, I will be happy to help.

FROM 4100 USD per person

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