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The scenery of Argentina is absolutely jaw-dropping and breath-taking, with vast tracts of fields and pampas giving way to massive lakes, humongous mountains and dry rock formations. Patagonia in particular has been a source of fascination for centuries, with its other-worldly terrain and sheer emptiness creating a unique territory at the bottom of the world.



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Argentine Peso

Best time to visit

October-March, when the weather is warmest and conditions driest

How to get there

Flights to Buenos Aires from most South/Central/North American hubs, with many more from Europe


Hot summers and mild Winters in most of the country, with Patagonia very cold for most of the year

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Argentina is a very large country, with every conceivable type of climate and landscape possible located within. Each region has its own distinct culture, so try and learn more about each one to discover just how diverse this place is. Some of the hiking can be extremely difficult, so make sure you have a good level of fitness before undertaking



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