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Aconcagua Hiking

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February, 2023

3-day Aconcagua trekking to Plaza Francia

Great experience and amazing trekking moment. A warm thanks to Pablo who was an amazing guide ! He made the whole trip even better thanks to his kindness and expertise! What a pro!

Alan Aim


February, 2023

Aconcagua Plaza Francia + Plaza de Mulas 5-day trek

Lupe was excellent

Yves-René Dubuis


December, 2022

Trekking to Aconcagua “Confluencia” Base Camp, Day trip from Mendoza

The traveller did not leave a comment.

Chelsea Trotta


February, 2022

Trekking to Aconcagua “Confluencia” Base Camp, Day trip from Mendoza

Joaquin was an amazing tour guide! He was polite, on time, and gave us an amazing experience. He is not only a great guide but amazing person, we love talking to him and learning about Argentina and consider him a friend. We are so appreciative and this hike was the highlight of our trip.

Macarena Freire


February, 2022

Aconcagua Base Camp + Cerro Bonete 7-day Trek

Fue una hermosa experiencia de la cual guardaré bellos recuerdos y lazos. Al recordar volveré a viajar a las montañas de la Cordillera amada. Gracias por brindarme seguridad y confort en la realización de mis sueños.

Koen Kolkman


November, 2019

Trekking to Aconcagua “Confluencia” Base Camp, Day trip from Mendoza

The hike and location were great, but what made it a super experience was Joaquin, our guide. He shared a lot of his knowledge about the nature and the country. He really took his time and let you enjoy all the surroundings have to offer. On top of that we had an amazing lunch (you have to try the carrot mayonaise) with an incredible view. If we ever go back to Argentina we’ll definitely book another day with him. Thanks for making mendoza unforgettable!

Enya Lundgrenn


April, 2019

Trekking to Aconcagua “Confluencia” Base Camp, Day trip from Mendoza

I would highly recommend this trip to anyone. Joaquin is an excellent guide, and will not only take you to you destination, but also teach you a lot about the geography and history around Aconcagua and the area around. The view of Aconcagua is better by the entrance to the park, but the trip up to Confluencia is worth the trouble if you are staying in Mendoza (or nearby, I travelled from Chile just for this hike). Depending on your fitness level, Joaquin can find a hike that will suit you and give you an experience of the Andes mountains that you wont get anywhere else.


There are many reasons for choosing Hiking in Aconcagua

Aconcagua is the highest mountain outside Asia and stands high and tall in the Andes Range. Climbing this mountain is a dream for any mountaineer! Plus, it is home to stunning glaciers that will take your breath away.


Good to know:

Country code





Argentine peso

Best time to visit

During the summer months, between December and March

How to get there

Fly in to Mendoza and either take a bus or drive for approximately 2-3 hours


Aconcagua is a cold mountain during the winter. In the summer, daytime temperatures are high when it is sunny, but can drop as low as -25°C at night in the high altitude camps

More info about Hiking in Aconcagua:

Also known as the Colossus of America, Aconcagua is a stunning mountaineering feat, although technically easy. This big friendly giant is located in Mendoza, in the Las Heras department, in the Aconcagua National Park. Whether you decide to go all the way up to the summit or try a shorter trek, you will love this mountain and the stunning landscapes that surround it. Find a certified guide to show you the way around Aconcagua and discover the highest mountain outside Asia on an unforgettable adventure!

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