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Aconcagua Summit Expedition in Argentina

Summit the Americas' highest peak - Aconcagua! Guided by expert guides, conquer the Andes safely. Gradual ascent, expert care, flexible plan - all designed for your success.



16 Days

Jan, Feb, Dec


All levels


Summit the iconic Aconcagua, the highest peak in the Western Hemisphere.

Focus on the challenge of altitude, not technical skills.

Witness stunning landscapes of the Andes on your epic adventure.


Rise above the clouds and stand atop Aconcagua, the towering giant of the Andes, the highest mountain in the Americas.

Safety and your success are our top priorities on this guided expedition. Seasoned guides, hardened by years in the high mountains, meticulously ensure the highest standards are met, all while carefully balancing your progress with your well-being.

Our journey begins with a 3-day trek from Plaza Francia, the south face base camp. This 40km approach to Plaza de Mulas, the main base camp, gradually increases altitude, allowing your body to adjust.

Before your summit push, three strategically placed high camps further refine your acclimatization. This step-by-step approach ensures you're well-prepared for the final climb.

We've factored in two extra days for equipment carry, acclimatization, and unforeseen circumstances. This flexibility allows us to adapt to your progress and the ever-changing mountain weather, prioritizing your safety and maximizing your chances of reaching the peak. We closely monitor the infamous "white wind," known to disrupt Aconcagua climbs. If needed, we utilize the extra days to wait for optimal conditions, ensuring your summit push is safe and successful.

While the Normal Route, following the Northwest Ridge, doesn't require advanced technical climbing skills, it's the altitude that throws the biggest punch. Thin air becomes the ultimate adversary, demanding respect and a gradual acclimatization process.

Join us on this epic adventure and conquer the mighty Aconcagua. Embrace the beauty of the Andes and stand triumphant on the highest peak in the Americas.

Price includes

- Accommodation included

- Guiding fee

- Breakfast

- Lunch

- Dinner

- Transportation start and back

- Porters

- Personal porters

- Cooking utensils

- Hot shower

Price details

Included in the price:

- Transfer from terminal or airport

- 2 nights in a double or matrimonial room at a hotel in Mendoza

- 1 night accommodation in Penitentes with breakfast and dinner included

- Assistance in permit procedures in Mendoza

- Certified mountain guide by UIAGM - IFMGA (International Federation of Mountain Guides Associations)

- Assistant guide for groups of more than 4 passengers

- Full food during the ascent and kitchenware for the base camp

- Mules for transportation to Penitentes and Confluencia, with a limit of 10 kg per person

- Mules to transport equipment from Penitentes to Plaza de Mulas, with a limit of 20 kg per person

- Mules for descent from Plaza de Mulas to Horcones, with a limit of 30 kg per person

- Camping area and bathrooms in approach and descent camps

- Safety equipment including a full pharmacy, radios, satellite phone, rope, and digital oximeter

- Helicopter evacuation in case of emergency (requested by the guide and authorized by the doctor on duty). Note: Evacuation insurance is essential

- Medical review at the approach camp and base camp

- Support with the weather report for the summit day

- 2 hot showers during the expedition

- 2 days of full board with accommodation in Confluencia (shared domes or personal tents)

- 5 days of full board with accommodation in Plaza de Mulas (shared domes or personal tents)

- Expedition porters to transport group mountain equipment (20 kilos) to the upper camps. Each participant is required to carry their personal items and 7 kilos of equipment such as food, gas, household items, etc. to the higher camps. Personal porter services are available upon inquiry.

Not included:

- Permit to enter the Park (Government of Mendoza tax, dependent on the date)

- Personal equipment

- Rescue and any other expenses resulting from abandoning the expedition

- Personal expenses such as tips, laundry, telephone, drinks, porters, or other unspecified items

- Personal equipment porters for equipment, trash, and human waste

- Personal porters, available upon request

- Costs (accommodation, food, and transportation) for early descent due to altitude sickness, weather, social disturbances, physical, mental, or technical mountaineering conditions

- Travel accident and health insurance

- Additional hotel nights in the event of an early return to the city

- Meals in Mendoza

- Other services not specified as included


Day 1: Meeting in Mendoza

We will start our journey in Mendoza, Argentina, at an altitude of 760 meters. Here, we will organize and prepare all the equipment, which will later be transported by mules to Confluencia and Plaza de Mulas. Additionally, we will handle the permit procedures required for the Aconcagua Provincial Park.

Day 2: Journey to Penitentes

After enjoying a satisfying lunch (not included in the services), we will journey towards the town of Penitentes, situated at an altitude of 2800m. Along the way, we will have the opportunity to admire the majestic Cerro Cordòn and other mountains, as well as pass by the stunning turquoise waters of Dique Potrillos.

Upon reaching Penitentes in the afternoon, we will prepare the equipment for mule transportation to the base camp and then check into our hotel in Penitentes. The transport time to Penitentes is approximately 3 hours.

Day 3: Trek to Confluencia

Following an overnight stay in Penitentes, we will be taken to the entrance of the Laguna Horcones park, providing us with our initial sight of the Aconcagua Mountain. After presenting our permits at the park ranger post, we will commence a 2-3 hour trek to reach Confluencia, where we will establish our camp.

Day 4: Plaza Francia

We have scheduled this day to facilitate improved acclimatization and enhance the expedition members' likelihood of reaching the summit. We will embark on a 5-hour hike to reach Plaza Francia, the base camp of the awe-inspiring south face of Aconcagua. This is among the most stunning locations that we will have the opportunity to marvel at during the expedition.

Day 5: Base camp Plaza de Mulas

Following an 8-9 hour journey across the "Playa Ancha" and ascending the steep "Cuesta Brava," we will have the opportunity to admire the Cerro Cuerno and the Cerro Bonete as we make our way to the Plaza de Mulas camp, the largest camp in the Aconcagua provincial park. As the day draws to a close, the majority of us will start to experience the effects of the altitude.

Day 6: Explore Plaza de Mulas

On this day, we will take a break to hydrate and explore the area before preparing for our ascent to Cerro Bonete.

Day 7: Ascend Cerro Bonete

At 6 am, we'll have breakfast before embarking on a 4-5 hour ascent to Cerro Bonete. Once at the summit, we will enjoy an impressive view of the west face of Aconcagua. In the afternoon, we will make our way back to the camp at Plaza de Mulas.

Day 8: Moving onto Camp I "Canada"

Today, we'll ascend nearly 700 meters with a heavy load over relatively easy terrain. Following this, we will return to the base camp. It is essential to make use of the comforts and lower altitude at the base camp for food and equipment transfer.

Day 9: Climb Aconcagua

In the morning, we will start our ascent to Aconcagua, progressing to Camp I, known as "Canadà." Prior to this, our focus has been on achieving optimal acclimatization. Our goal is to ensure that everyone has the best possible acclimatization for the summit. The ascent to Camp I will take approximately 3-4 hours.

Day 10: Arrive to the second camp, Nido de Cóndores

Following breakfast, we will proceed with our climb to our second camp, Nido de Cóndores, where we will be treated to an impressive view of the Cordillera. The hike to reach this camp will take approximately 2 to 4 hours. Upon arrival, we will set up camp and have dinner.

Day 11: Preparing for the climb

On this day, after having breakfast, our plan is to prepare for the ascent. One of the important tasks we will do is to check the weather conditions with Base Camp. This will help us determine the best day to proceed towards our objective. By verifying the weather forecast, we can ensure the safety and success of our ascent.

Day 12: Extra day

In our schedule, we have allocated two additional days for making the summit attempt. These extra days are intended to maximize our chances of reaching the summit.

Day 13: Reach Camp III, "Berlin"

We start our 4-hour trek to Camp III, situated on the northern ridge. Upon arrival, we will set up our tents, have a meal, and rest in preparation for the final ascent to the summit. The duration is estimated to be around 3-4 hours.

Day 14: Summit Aconcagua

Our ascent begins at the North Ridge, leading us up to the Independencia Refuge at approximately 6500m. From there, we press on through the "Portezuelo del Viento," navigating through "La Canaleta," and finally ascending the "Filo del Guanaco" that will guide us to the summit.

The reward awaiting us is immense—a breathtaking 360° panorama and the profound sense of achievement that only becomes fully apparent upon reaching our goal. As this extraordinary journey concludes, we will descend to Camp III, reflecting on the incredible journey we've undertaken.

Day 15: Return to Plaza de Mulas

Upon our return from Camp III to Base Camp, we will prepare a wonderful dinner to celebrate the experience.

Day 16: Return to Mendoza

After packing our gear in the suitcase to be transported by the mules, we will enjoy a hearty breakfast before embarking on a 7 to 8-hour walk back to the Horcones lagoon and our meeting point, where our private transport will be ready to take us back to Mendoza, marking the end of our services.


Equipment you will need to bring

- Long-sleeved shirts - Cotton short-sleeved shirts or t-shirts - Fleece or wool sweater and/or trousers - Lightweight pants - Regular and long underwear (necessary at altitudes over 13,000 ft./4,000 masl) - Medium weight parka with fibber fill or down - Light cap and wool hat - Rain poncho (or rain gear) - Water bottle - Light gloves - Medium weight socks - Hiking boots - Sleeping bag (-20) - Small daypack - Strong waterproof duffel bag - Sunglasses, sunblock, lip balm - Flashlight with spare batteries and bulb - Towel Approximate price for rental of equipment: Sleeping bag - 7.00 USD Sleeping pad or Matress - 3.00 USD Boots - 10.00 USD Crampons - 5.00 USD Harness - 4.00 USD Traverse ice axe - 4.00 USD 2 Technical ice axes - 10.00 USD Helmet - 5.00 USD Gloves - 3.00 USD Gore-Tex Pants - 4.00 USD Gore-Tex Jackets - 4.00 USD Flashlight or Headlamp - 4.00 USD Lock Carabineers - 2.00 USD The gear is rented directly at the guide's agency after booking the trip, and the price is subject to change.

About the guide

Guide profile image




Mountain Guide

Founder, manager and IFMGA Mountain Guide of Andean Peaks. I work together with my brother Eloy and a team of IFMGA mountain guides, and UIMLA Mountain Leaders. If I'm not available to guide you, one of my qualified colleagues will be your guide.

I was born and raised in the hamlet of Yarush in 1987, at the foot of the Cordillera Blanca. From very young age i was born my passion for the mountains. In 2003 I started as enthusiast to climbing in rock next to my brother Eloy. In 2009 i obtained the title as ''official guide of high mountain''. I enjoy doing sports climbing and opening new routes in the cordillera Blanca, and in other countries. My wide experience has taken me to climb most of the mountains in cordillera blanca.


| English



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What people are saying about Octavio


We had 10 days in the Cordillera Blanca and Octavio helped us plan a great trip. We did Laguna 69 day trip, Santa Cruz trek, climbing in Hatunmachay, ice climbing and trekking on Mount Pisco. The trip was very well organised and equipment provided was of high quality. Octavio is an experienced mountain guide and climber so we always felt safe throughout the trip. We had a great chef with us when camping and always enjoyed the food he prepared. Also enjoyed chatting to Octavio in the evenings and hearing his great stories!


This guys are great. They are certified mountain guides. The food in the camp was better than the restaurants in Huaraz. You feel safe in their hands all the way to the summit. We climbed 3 mountains in the same tour Ishinca, urus and Tocllaraju. Many thanks to the team they make of the tour a fun place during the climb and in base camp. Totally recommendable


We had 10 days in Andes (Huaraz as base) and wanted to get a mix of trekking, rock climbing and mountaineering. Contacted Andean Peaks who helped me organize the whole trip. Octavio, who was our main guide and one of the owners of the company was super helpful and quick to respond on both emails and Whatsapp. Octavio is a qualified professional mountain guide. Apart from this, he's also a super friendly guy an a good climber. Bonus points for always being punctual, having great equipment/tents etc, good chef (cooked pizza for us at 4600m!). Highly recommend. Activites: 1 day Laguna 69, 3 day Santa Cruz Trek, 2 days rock climbing, 1 day Ice wall climbing and 3 day Pisco mountain.


My husband and I booked a private day hike with Octavio to Laguna Churup. We wanted to try out a company before committing to a longer trek, and now we feel certain that when we return to Peru, we will book our trek with Andean Peaks. Octavio was great- he even met us at our hotel the night before to let us know what to expect and explain the day’s plan (our Spanish is subpar, but Octavio’s English is great). We were picked up promptly on the day of the trek and enjoyed a scenic drive up to the trailhead. Octavio was very patient and in tune to our needs given it was our first day hiking at altitude. The trail to Churup has some challenging sections involving rock scrambling with aid of cables. Octavio was very knowledgeable about the safest way to negotiate and gave us great instruction to help us reach our destination safely. He also assisted two other hikers (not on our trek) as they were having difficulty with the cable climb. I thought that was a great gesture as otherwise they probably would have had to turn around. We took a break at the lake and enjoyed the provided lunch before climbing up the last bit to complete the lollipop loop trail. Everything went very smoothly, and we so appreciate the trip with Andean Peaks!


Leaving Huaraz after an amazing trek with Eloy from Andean Peaks. Me and my boyfriend did a Santa Cruz trek (you can opt for a private or group tour), 4 days, 3 nights. All the service was just perfect - food (we thought we will survive on snacks but actually received proper meals and nice company during dinners), support during the actual trek, local stories, luggage transfer etc. The whole team took care of us very nicely, not forgetting about allowing us also to have a nice local experience! The landscape itself is beautiful! Highly recommended! Besides the trek itself, also the communication prior to that was smooth and re-assuring. Thanks Octavio & Eloy!

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