Aconcagua 360°, 19-day expedition from Valle de Vacas

Join a certified mountain guide on a 19-day expedition to Aconcagua, the highest summit in America at 6962 m. This route ascends through Valle de Vacas and descends by the Normal Route, providing a panoramic view of this majestic Andean peak.




Trip Duration

19 days

Mountain Range


People per Guide

4 people

Trip Level


Offer Period

Jan, Feb, Mar, Dec

Type of Trip




    Aconcagua (6962 m) is the highest peak in South America and the second of the Seven Summits. There are several routes to reach this giant of the Andes. This time, I propose a 19-day expedition called ‘Aconcagua 360°’.

    Starting from Valle de Vacas and descending by the normal route, this expedition is a combination of routes which provides a panoramic view of the iconic Argentinian summit.

    The first three days consist on a trekking to a base camp called ‘Plaza Argentina’. Then, we’ll get all our things ready and begin the ascent to Camp 1, through the first section of the ‘Polish Route’. Our next step is a traverse on Ameghino peak that will lead us to Camp 2. From there, we’ll ascent Camp 3 through a section of Valle de los Guanacos route. Finally, we approach Aconcagua’s summit by taking the last section of the Normal Route.

    The descent is via the Normal Route. We’ll arrive to Plaza de Mulas, Aconcagua’s biggest base camp. Then, we’ll do some trekking to Laguna de Horcones, exploring a different scenery and views of this colossal Andean peak.

    One of the advantages of this route is that it allows a great acclimatization and therefore, increases the chances of reaching the summit. Besides, this route is less crowded, so you will find more flora and fauna, being able to observe stunning landscapes of the Andes mountains and incredible views of the Polish Glacier.

    Also, the 360 route has more ups and downs and deeper rivers to cross. Of course,  we will be there to help you them on mules.

    Keep in mind that the camps are not set up before reaching Plaza Argentina, so we will have to set our own tents.

    Are you ready for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure in Argentina’s highest mountain? Check out our next departure dates and the complete itinerary below, and send a request to book this trip! 

    If you want to climb Aconcagua by a different route, see our programs on the normal route (18 days) or the extended route (20 days).

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    Price per person

    Group of 1
    4270 USD

    Group of 2
    4270 USD

    Group of 3
    4270 USD

    Group of 4
    4270 USD

    Group of 5
    4270 USD

    Group of 6
    4270 USD

    Group of 7
    4270 USD

    Group of 8
    4270 USD


    Price includes

    • Guiding fee
    • Accommodation
    • Transportation from your hotel/airport (if in area) to the start of the trip and back
    • Transport during the trip
    • Luggage transfer during the trip
    • Group porters (transport of tents, cooking equipment, etc. for the group)
    • Personal porters
    • Mules and horses as needed with driver
    • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
    • Camping equipment: Tents, Cooking utensils
     - Out of the total amount, USD400 are a non-refundable deposit. The following items are NOT included in the price: <br> -Aconcagua Park climbing fee (tax charged by Mendoza government, according to nationality, dates and route). We'll assist you with this. Last year was: USD950 on high season per person. <br> -Personal equipment. <br> -Rescue or all other costs due to abandon of expedition. We recommend you to take out an insurance to cover this expenses. <br> -Personal expenses. <br> -Extra accommodation nights. <br> -Meals in Mendoza. - Any other item not listed as included. Porters can carry up to 30kg per person.


    • Day 1Mendoza (760 m).

      Our expedition starts in Mendoza, Argentina. A representative of INKA Expediciones will be waiting for you at the airport.

      We will stay at the hotel in the city. A group meeting will follow and you will meet me and the team members.

      -Accommodation: Hotel double or triple room.

      -Transport from the Airport to hotel in Mendoza.

    • Day 2Mendoza / Penitentes (2700 m).

      After breakfast, we will head to the permits office to obtain individual entrance and ascent permits. You will be personally assisted in this procedure.

      After this, we’ll travel to Villa de Penitentes, where we’ll stay at a hotel in the mountain.

      There, we’ll get our equipment ready. Equipment will be transported by mule to the base camp.

      -Accommodation: Hotel €in Penitentes.

      -Meals: Breakfast & Dinner.

    • Day 3Penitentes / Pampa de Leñas (2950 m).

      Trasfer to Punta de Vacas, at the entrance of Aconcagua Provincial Park. The park rangers will check our permits. Then we’ll begin a 4/5 hour trek to Pampa de Leñas. This is the beginning of our 3-day trek towards Base Camp.

      -Transport: Penitentes/Horcones.

      -Accommodation: double tent.

      -Meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner.

    • Day 4Acclimatization trek to Casa de Piedras (3240 m).

      We’ll continue a gradual ascent to an intermediate Camp via Quebrada de Vacas, called Casa de Piedra. This will take 6 to 7 hours. From this point we’ll get our first view of the beautiful east face of Aconcagua.

      -Accommodation: double tent.

      -Meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner.

    • Day 5Plaza Argentina base camp (4190 m).

      A 5/6 hour trek ascending Cuesta del Relincho will take us to the low section of Plaza Argentina. There, we’ll observe Andean flora and follow the route towards the glaciers, where we’ll find Plaza Argentina base camp.

      Accommodation: double tent / bedroom doms.

      -Meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner.

    • Day 6Rest and acclimatization in Plaza Argentina (4190 m).

      Rest & acclimatization in Plaza Argentina. This is a good opportunity to explore the base camp and take a shower. We’ll also do a health check, organize the equipment and prepare the loads we’ll transport the following day.

      Accommodation: double tent / bedroom doms.

      -Meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner.

    • Day 7Transport equipment and food to Camp 1 (5000 m).

      We’ll transport part of our equipment and food so that our backpacks are lighter the day of the ascent and also to get gradually used to altitude.

      In Camp 1 we’ll reach an altitude of 5000 m.  Then, we’ll go back to Plaza Argentina.

      -Accommodation: double tent / bedroom doms.

      -Meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner.

    • Day 8Rest and acclimatization in Plaza Argentina (4190 m).

      This day we’ll use it to recharge our energy level, rest, hydrate and have very good meals. The following day we’ll begin the ascent.

      -Accommodation: double tent / bedroom doms.

      -Meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner.

    • Day 9Ascent to Camp 1 (5000 m).

      We’ll begin our ascent to  Camp 1, taking the first section of the Polish Route. After a 5/6 hour trek on an easy terrain we’ll get to Camp 1 (5000 m). There we’ll find the equipment we left before. We’ll set up the campsite and then divide the loads that will be taken to Camp 2 the following day.

      -Accommodation: double tent.

      -Meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner.


    • Day 10Transport loads to Camp 2 (5500 m).

      We’ll continue our gradual acclimatization. On camp 2 we’ll reach an altitude of 5500 m. This will be a hard day: a 6 hour trek on easy terrain will take us to Camp 2.

      Then we’ll return to Camp 1 to spend the night.

      -Accommodation: double tent.

      -Meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner.

    • Day 11Rest day at Camp 1 (5000 m).

      This day we’ll use it to recharge our energy level, rest, hydrate and have very good meals. We’ll prepare ourselves for the last part of this ascent. We’ll have a meeting and agree a group strategy to approach the summit.

      -Accommodation: double tent.

      -Meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner.

    • Day 12Ascent to Camp 2 (5500m).

      We’ll begin the ascent from Camp 1 to Camp 2 using the Ameghino route. There we’ll find the loads we left before. We’ll set up the campsite and divide the loads we’ll take to Camp 3. Rest and dinner.

      -Accommodation: double tent.

      -Meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner.

    • Day 13Ascent to Camp 3 (Plaza Cólera, 6000m).

      Early in the morning, after breakfast, we’ll begin our 4-hour ascent. We’ll take the last section of the Valle de Guanacos Superior route. Camp 3 is located at the same height than Refugio Berlin (by the Normal Route), strategically located to withstand strong winds.

      -Accommodation: double tent.

      -Meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner.

    • Day 14Summit! (6961 m).

      This is the most demanding day of the entire expedition. We’ll climb the north ridge to Independencia mountain hut, at 6500 m. Then, we’ll ascend through “Portuezuelo del Viento”, follow through “La Canaleta” and then “Filo del Guanaco”, that will lead us to the summit.

      The big reward is awaiting for us. A 360° view and a feeling of overcoming that you can only understand once you experience it.

      Then, we’ll descend to Camp 3.

      -Accommodation: double tent.

      -Meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner.

    • Day 15 to 16Extra days

      Our itinerary includes three possible summit days. This days allow more chances to reach the summit.

      -Accommodation: double tent.

      -Meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner.

    • Day 17Return to base camp (Plaza de Mulas, 4250 m).

      We’ll descend from Camp 3 to Plaza de Mulas, the biggest base camp in Aconcagua. We’ll enjoy a special dinner to celebrate the experience and admire the imposing view of the west face of Aconcagua.

      -Accommodation: double tent.

      -Meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner.

    • Day 18Descent to Penitentes and transport to Mendoza

      After breakfast, we’ll descend from Plaza de Mulas to Penitentes. A private transfer will be waiting for us and take us to the hotel in Mendoza city.

      Transport: Horcones  / Penitentes / Mendoza.

      -Accommodation: Hotel €in Penitentes.

      -Meals: Breakfast, Lunch.


    • Day 19Mendoza

      Breakfast at the hotel. End of our services.

      -Accommodation: not included.

      -Meals: breakfast.


    Next departures

    For private groups contact the guide
    Next datesInfo
    24/01/2020 to 11/02/2020
    USD 4270 per person
    31/01/2020 to 18/02/2020
    Special Price: USD 3990 per person.
    07/02/2020 to 25/02/2020
    Special Price: USD 3990 per person.
    14/02/2020 to 03/03/2020
    USD 4270 per person

    Other details

    Skill level required


    Fitness level required

    Extremely Fit

    Meeting point

    Mendoza city, Argentina.


    -Hotel in Mendoza (double or triple bedroom) (2 nights)

    -Hotel in Penitentes (1 night)

    -Mountain camps: double tent / bedroom doms

    More info

    Basic required equipment:

    a) Clothing:

    Light Weight Long Underwear. Expedition Weight Long Underwear. Fleece Jacket. Fleece Trousers. Parka. Jacket. Waterproof/breathable. Wind Pants. Waterproof/breathable.

    b) Headgear:

    Sun hat. Balaclava. Wool or pile ski hat. Head lamp. Glacier glasses.

    c) Hands:

    Synthetic gloves. Mittens. Gore-Tex over mitts.

    d) Footwear:

    Light hiking boots or trekking shoes. Climbing double (or triple) plastic or synthetic boots. Gaiters. Wool socks. Liner socks.

    e) Climbing Equipment:

    Ice axe. Crampons. Ski poles.

    f) Camping:

    Backpack. -20°C Sleeping bag. Ridge Rest sleeping pad. Therma rest pad. Dish, glass, knife, spoon and fork. Pocketknife. Water bottles. Pee bottle. Pee Funnel (for women). Sunscreen. Lip screen. Personal first aid kit.

    g) Traveling:

    Large duffel bag with lock. Smaller duffel with lock. Plastic bags. Travel clothes. Toiletry bag. Camera gear.



    From London to Buenos Aires:

    - Airline: Norwegian Air UK

    LGW-EZE (13 h 40 m) US$774 round trip

    - Airline: British Airways

    LHR-EZE (13 h 50 m) US$1,216 round trip

    From Buenos Aires to Mendoza:

    - Airline: Aerolineas Argentinas

    AEP–MDZ (1 h 55 m) US$115 round trip

    - Airline: LATAM Operated by Latam Airlines Argentina

    AEP–MDZ (1 h 52 m) US$117 round trip


    From New York to Buenos Aires:

    -Airline: United

    EWR–EZE (11 h 5 m) US$1,005 round trip

    - Airline: American - LATAM Operated by American Airlines for Latam Airlines Argentina

    JFK–EZE (10 h 44 m) US$1,083 round trip

    - Airline: Aerolineas Argentinas - Delta

    JFK–EZE (10 h 55 m) US$1,270 round trip

    From Buenos Aires to Mendoza:

    - Airline: Aerolineas Argentinas

    AEP–MDZ (1 h 55 m) US$115 round trip

    - Airline: LATAM Operated by Latam Airlines Argentina

    AEP–MDZ (1 h 52 m) US$117 round trip

    (*) Total price includes taxes + fees for 1 adult. Additional bag fees and other fees may apply.


    About the Guide


    Sebastian is a professional licensed guide and Head guide and general director of INKA Expediciones, the leading company provider of expeditions and treks in Mt. Aconcagua, with the best logistics infrastructure and the highest success rates.
    His first ascent of Aconcagua was at age 16, and since then he has summit 25 times. He has also summited Mount Blanc in France, Mount McKinley in Alaska, Mount Elbrus in Russia, Kilimanjaro in Africa and several mountains in Europe and America.



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    What People are Saying


    The expedition was great. Andy was a great guide who was very attentive to all the climbers and was constantly checking how we were feeling both physically and emotionally. He was always focused on one objective, to get us all to the summit and back down safely. In this regard he would always go the extra mile! Andy is the best guide i have climbed with by far and all guides should be as professional and attentive as him. The food was fine for a non meat eater but there is only so much cheese someone can eat no matter how well it is served:grinning: The huts and tents were all good. The mountain was hard, the summit was harder! I was totally exhausted but felt great after the summit. The Hotel was good with a nice pool and Mendoza was a really nice place to be with very nice people. All in all a great trip with a great group of climbers and two of the best guides. Would I recommend this trip? simple answer is..... Hell yeahh!!
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