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Mendoza based company specialized in expeditions and trekkings to Mt. Aconcagua. All the trips are run by the best certified and professional guides, with unrivalled logistics and infrastructure.

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Guy Marchal


March, 2024

Je n'ai pas pu faire le trek, car nous n'avons pas pu rester au delà du premier jour. J'attends le remboursement du trek et du permis comme l'a promis inka.

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Martina Vitkova


February, 2024

We participated on a 3 days trip to see the view point Plaza Francia which is a BEAUTIFUL view point of Aconcagua with INKA EXPEDITION/company. Our trip was VERY WELL ORGANIZED. I got an e-mail from our assistant (Hilda) immediately after booking the trip. Hilda was very nice and prepared for us all necessary documents in advance. We visited the office the day after the booking and only signed mandatory documents. Hilda was very helpful and since there were terrible landslides on our way to the meeting point, she helped us a lot, she was willing to reply to some of my messages at midnight, she was really very flexible, kind and nice, many thanks for that! :-) The first day of our trip we met in Los Penintentes in front of the Inka's base. Our two guides, Sylvia and Lula, were so nice, gave us a BIG SANDWICH, cookies atc. and also INFO about the next steps of our trip. Luckily, the weather was amazing. After reaching the base for this day, the Confluenzia camp where we spent the night, an unexpectedly DELICIOUS SNACKS were waiting for us - very nice fruit, chick peas, cheese, ham, homemade lemonade. Everything was very delicious :-) Imagine, the mulas had to bring all of those meals on their own this high (3 400 meters above sea level). The camp was very nice, CLEAN, we had also a private toilet and shower for our group (7 persons), the HOT water was AVAILABLE. The food was included and I was so surprised, how DELICIOUS everything tasted - the dinner was a three course menu (a soup, main course and dessert), a glass of wine (maybe more) included. You could ask for more food and drinks and nothing was problem. Both of our dinner menus were very rich. The same for lunch - we could make a snack by ourselves and could choose a piece of cheese, ham, mashrooms, chicken atc. The second trip was also very amazing, the ladies (our guides Sylvia and Lula) were very nice and taking care for us. However, a misunderstanding has happened. The ladies with Hilda and the boss of the company were very nice, helpful, explained every detail to us, we could ask for their help every time. Everything was explained and absolutely understandable. THE INKA COMPANY IS VERY PROFESSIONAL WITH RESPONSIBLE PERSONNEL, MANY THANKS FOR THAT!!! :-) THE PERSONNEL IN INKA'S COMPANY (THE BOSS, OUR GUIDES, HILDA, ALSO THE COOKS AND EVERYONE) WAS REALLY VERY NICE, THEY HELPED US A LOT WITH THE ORGANIZATION, THE SMOOTH PROCESS OF THE TRIP AND EVEN IN CASE OF MISUNDERSTANDING WERE ABLE TO FACE THE PROBLEM HEAD ON. THE MOUNTAINS, SERVICE, PEOPLE, EXPERIENCE IS INCREDIBLE, UNFORGETABLE!!! IF YOU ARE WONDERING TO GO FOR THIS TRIP, THE VIEW POINT TO ACONCAGUA, GO AHEAD!!! IT IS BEAUTIFUL EXPERIENCE AND THE PRICE IS WORTH IT IF YOU HAVE COMPANY YOU CAN RELY ON :-)

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Koji Niikawa


January, 2024


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Phill Basford


December, 2023

The company itself is well run and the staff in the office are helpful. The experience on the mountain was different. 1 of the guides was exceptional, he was incredibly helpful and polite to everyone. The other 2 guides were not so great, they would make excuses and take no accountability for problems that would occur on the mountain. The itinerary given did not match up with the daily experiences on the mountain. It's a shame because frustrations would build up in the group. When people tried to voice these concerns they were often met with brick walls and excuses. When 1 person tried to talk with 1 of the guides they were blanked and told, "talk to the boss" there were these kind of unprofessional comments throughout the trip. Hidden costs as well.

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