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Self-guided Aconcagua expedition with logistics and support provided by Inka Expediciones

Self-guided Aconcagua expedition with logistics and support provided by Inka Expediciones
Everything you need to know about the Aconcagua ascent
Mt Aconcagua ascent, Normal Route - Mendoza, Argentina
Aconcagua Expedition

Hire a full-service program for your self-guided Aconcagua expedition, with logistics and support provided by Inka Expediciones, an experienced local company from Mendoza, Argentina.



+1 Day

Jan - Mar, Nov, Dec

Very high


* Get the logistic service and support you need to climb Aconcagua

* Hire a full-service program from an experienced local company

* Book a package that covers all you need for an unforgettable ascent


If you are an experienced climber or guide planning to climb Aconcagua (6960), then this full-service program is the ideal backup for your self-guided expedition. We offer the logistics and support you need for your ascent to the summit of this mythical mountain in the Andes, starting from Mendoza, Argentina.

Our company, Inka Expediciones, facilitates the organization of logistics services providing a package that covers all your needs. We have prepared a very convenient set of services for self-leaded expeditions, making the logistic arrangements for you, offering you the advantage of having complete control over your trip without having to worry about the “administrative headache” of organizing an expedition.

This means your time prior to the expedition’s departure is free, allowing you to concentrate on other things, such as raising sponsorship or simply keeping busy at work.

Our services include all the transportation, according to the schedule for the group in private vehicles; accommodation in hotels in the city and full board service in our base camps, with professional chefs,  dining domes with tables and chairs, dishes, electric lights and wooden floors.

Our chefs personally take care for all the meals to be nutritional and high in energy for your journey to the summit. As we have our own mule transport we can guarantee fresh meals because we provide daily bread, meat, eggs, fruit and vegetables. By enjoying our meals in the approaching camps you will avoid the extra weight needed to transport on the mules and also you won’t be cooking so you can take time to relax on the way to base camp. We guarantee excellent meal service!

We also offer constant communication through VHF, UHF radios, satellite and telephones; mules to carry your equipment (30 kg/person); dining tents and WC; medical equipment and assistance to get the Aconcagua Provincial Park entrance permits and facility for the storage and care of equipment.  You can check the details below.

If you would like us to make all the arrangements for your Aconcagua expedition**, contact us and book your trip. Just relax and let us take care of the logistic arrangements you need for an unforgettable self-guided ascent.**

We also offer guided ascents to Aconcagua, through different routes.

Price includes

- Accommodation included

- Guiding fee

- Breakfast

- Lunch

- Dinner

- Transportation start and back

- Transport during the trip

- Group porters

- Mules and horses

- Camping equipment cooking utensils

Price details

The price listed above is for Low and Medium Season (NOV 15th to DEC 14th // FEB 06th to MAR15th) via Normal Route – HORCONES VALLEY/Base Camp: Plaza de Mulas. You can check below prices for high season and other routes. The prices includes: TRANSPORTATION.

All the transportation, according to the schedule for the group, is in

private vehicles.

Transport from the airport to Hotel in Mendoza; we wait for you

at the airport and take you to the hotel.

Transport to and from Mendoza-Penitentes..

Transport to and from Penitentes-Horcones. From the hotel in

Penitentes to the entrance of Aconcagua Park, where the trek starts.


Two (2) nights of lodging in a 3 *** hotel in the city of Mendoza, double

or triple, breakfast included, at your arrival in Mendoza and for the last night of your stay.

One (1) night in Penitentes, Double or triple, half-board meals. Drinks not

included. Welcome dinner, breakfast and taxes are included.


Seven (7) meals service full board (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner). We have

a complete kitchen set up with professional chefs in our base camps, served in dining domes with tables and chairs, dishes, electric lights and wooden floors.


Permanent communication through VHF, UHF radios, satellite

phones between Base Camps, mountain expeditions, Penitentes and

Mendoza. We also offer E-mail service in Plaza de Mulas and Plaza Argentina at reasonable cost.

MULES and “arrieros” to carry your equipment (30 kg/person) from Penitentes to Plaza de

Mulas (Base Camp) back and forth. Our “responsibility and confidence

service” means taking your equipment on time and in perfect condition to

and from Base Camp and back to Penitentes.

DINING TENTS and WC. Dining domes completely equipped with tables, chairs, dishes and electricity, with the service of our Camp Team, in charge of preparing meals and offering an exceptional service with friendly treatment.

MEDICAL EQUIPMENT. We have medical kits at base camps that include all regular medicines and

oximeters, oxygen tubes and hyperbaric chambers exclusively for our clients

to be ready to solve all kinds of problems. The guides also carry a medical

kit for high camps. We have access to rangers, rescue teams, police,

professional medicine doctors and medical institutes specializing in

mountain accidents, who are immediately put on alert and get ready

whenever they are required by INKA Expediciones.


Assistance to get the Aconcagua Provincial Park entrance permits.

You will be personally assisted

in this procedure at our sales office. The permit cost is not included in our


Facility for the storage and care of equipment.

A person in charge of the camp supervises your equipment while you

ascend. Personal equipment review and advice for rental, if necessary.

The service does not include: Aconcagua Park Entrance Permit fee. Ascent fee. (Tax charged by Mendoza government, according to the selected route, dates, nationality and the assistance of authorized company).

Personal equipment.

Rescue costs or other costs due to the abandonment of the expedition. (Riding mule, pack mule,

individual transfers, helicopter flight, extra nights, meals, extra costs for changes in your flight ticket,

personal porter service, etc. - It is recommended to take out insurance to cover these expenses).

Personal expenses (tips, laundry, phone, drinks, satellite phone, internet access, showers and porters)

Extra nights in hotel in case of early return to the city.

Meals in Mendoza.

Tents for accommodation in Confluencia / Plaza de Mulas / Plaza Argentina

Porter service (for common or personal equipment).

Any type of service at the high camps.

Tents, stoves, etc. at base camps and high camps.

TRF OUT Hotel- Airport.

Any other service not specifically mentioned as included in this section.


More info

Price per person Aconcagua 360o Route – VACAS VALLEY Plaza Argentina/ Plaza de Mulas (Low and Medium Season-NOV 15th to DEC 14th // FEB 06th to MAR15th) 11 a 15 pax U$D 1390 07 a 10 pax U$D 1450 05 a 06 pax U$D 1470 03 a 04 pax U$D 1490 02 pax U$D 1690 01 pax U$D 2390

High Season (DEC 15th to FEB5th) Normal Route – HORCONES VALLEY Base Camp: Plaza de Mulas 11 to 15 pax U$D 1420 07 to 10 pax U$D 1490 05 to 06 pax U$D 1550 03 to 04 pax U$D 1590 2 pax U$D 1790 1 pax U$D 2490

High Season (DEC 15th to FEB5th) Aconcagua 360o Route – VACAS VALLEY Plaza Argentina/ Plaza de Mulas 11 a 15 pax U$D 1490 07 a 10 pax U$D 1590 05 a 06 pax U$D 1650 03 a 04 pax U$D 1690 2 pax U$D 1790 1 pax U$D 2550

All prices are in American dollars and per person

Meeting point

Mendoza city

About the guide

Guide profile image




Guide Agency

Mendoza based company specialized in expeditions and trekkings to Mt. Aconcagua. All the trips are run by the best certified and professional guides, with unrivalled logistics and infrastructure.



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What people are saying about Inka



Je n'ai pas pu faire le trek, car nous n'avons pas pu rester au delà du premier jour. J'attends le remboursement du trek et du permis comme l'a promis inka.



We participated on a 3 days trip to see the view point Plaza Francia which is a BEAUTIFUL view point of Aconcagua with INKA EXPEDITION/company. Our trip was VERY WELL ORGANIZED. I got an e-mail from our assistant (Hilda) immediately after booking the trip. Hilda was very nice and prepared for us all necessary documents in advance. We visited the office the day after the booking and only signed mandatory documents. Hilda was very helpful and since there were terrible landslides on our way to the meeting point, she helped us a lot, she was willing to reply to some of my messages at midnight, she was really very flexible, kind and nice, many thanks for that! :-) The first day of our trip we met in Los Penintentes in front of the Inka's base. Our two guides, Sylvia and Lula, were so nice, gave us a BIG SANDWICH, cookies atc. and also INFO about the next steps of our trip. Luckily, the weather was amazing. After reaching the base for this day, the Confluenzia camp where we spent the night, an unexpectedly DELICIOUS SNACKS were waiting for us - very nice fruit, chick peas, cheese, ham, homemade lemonade. Everything was very delicious :-) Imagine, the mulas had to bring all of those meals on their own this high (3 400 meters above sea level). The camp was very nice, CLEAN, we had also a private toilet and shower for our group (7 persons), the HOT water was AVAILABLE. The food was included and I was so surprised, how DELICIOUS everything tasted - the dinner was a three course menu (a soup, main course and dessert), a glass of wine (maybe more) included. You could ask for more food and drinks and nothing was problem. Both of our dinner menus were very rich. The same for lunch - we could make a snack by ourselves and could choose a piece of cheese, ham, mashrooms, chicken atc. The second trip was also very amazing, the ladies (our guides Sylvia and Lula) were very nice and taking care for us. However, a misunderstanding has happened. The ladies with Hilda and the boss of the company were very nice, helpful, explained every detail to us, we could ask for their help every time. Everything was explained and absolutely understandable. THE INKA COMPANY IS VERY PROFESSIONAL WITH RESPONSIBLE PERSONNEL, MANY THANKS FOR THAT!!! :-) THE PERSONNEL IN INKA'S COMPANY (THE BOSS, OUR GUIDES, HILDA, ALSO THE COOKS AND EVERYONE) WAS REALLY VERY NICE, THEY HELPED US A LOT WITH THE ORGANIZATION, THE SMOOTH PROCESS OF THE TRIP AND EVEN IN CASE OF MISUNDERSTANDING WERE ABLE TO FACE THE PROBLEM HEAD ON. THE MOUNTAINS, SERVICE, PEOPLE, EXPERIENCE IS INCREDIBLE, UNFORGETABLE!!! IF YOU ARE WONDERING TO GO FOR THIS TRIP, THE VIEW POINT TO ACONCAGUA, GO AHEAD!!! IT IS BEAUTIFUL EXPERIENCE AND THE PRICE IS WORTH IT IF YOU HAVE COMPANY YOU CAN RELY ON :-)






The company itself is well run and the staff in the office are helpful. The experience on the mountain was different. 1 of the guides was exceptional, he was incredibly helpful and polite to everyone. The other 2 guides were not so great, they would make excuses and take no accountability for problems that would occur on the mountain. The itinerary given did not match up with the daily experiences on the mountain. It's a shame because frustrations would build up in the group. When people tried to voice these concerns they were often met with brick walls and excuses. When 1 person tried to talk with 1 of the guides they were blanked and told, "talk to the boss" there were these kind of unprofessional comments throughout the trip. Hidden costs as well.


Extremely happy with the whole experience. These guys will go an extra mile to help your dreams come true. You can book it with full confidence!

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