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Climbing Cerro Bonete Chico: Top Outdoor Adventures Awaiting You


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Explore one of Argentina’s highest northern mountains on your next climbing trip.

Situated in the Northern Argentinean province of La Rioja, Cerro Bonete Chico sits at around 6,759 meters and is the sixth highest summit in the Andes. This peak is tucked away in the wilderness of the Cuyo region and climbing to the summit is an awesome challenge.

Top mountain climbing trips | Cerro Bonete Chico

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FAQs: Mountain Climbing in Cerro Bonete Chico

What should I know about Mountain Climbing Cerro Bonete Chico?

This is a challenging climb and due to its remote location, it’s advisable to do it with an experienced mountain guide. Trips with a guide will also include acclimatization and camping or overnight stays in mountain huts along the way. It is not an overly technical climb, however, conditions can be extreme and it’s a real test of endurance so you’ll need an excellent level of fitness and mountaineering experience.

Why should I choose Cerro Bonete Chico for my Mountain Climbing adventure?

**Impressively high peak **

Don’t let the word chico (small) in its name deceive you, Bonete Chico is a massive mountain. With a summit at 6,759 meters, it’s among the tallest mountains in the world. Climbing it is a multi-day affair that will leave you with a huge sense of accomplishment.

** Stunning scenery **

The peak sits within one of the driest areas on earth with spectacular scenery. The Parque Nacional Talampaya is full of awesome rock formations and at the Laguna Brava, you’ll even find Flamingos.

**Cuyo culture **

When not climbing mountains, enjoy the local culture. From delicious meat and empanadas to folklore music and the annual La Chaya party in February, there are a lot of interesting cultural elements to be explore close to the Cerro.

What can I expect from the weather during my Mountain Climbing trip in Cerro Bonete Chico?

The summers are hot and humid sometimes reaching 35 degrees celsius and the winters are cold and short with temperatures rarely dipping below 0 degrees celsius.

Which language is predominantly spoken in the Cerro Bonete Chico region?


What currency is accepted around Cerro Bonete Chico?

Argentinean Peso

How can I get to Cerro Bonete Chico?

Fly from Buenos Aires to La Rioja and travel via car or transfer to the cerro.

What's the country code for the Cerro Bonete Chico region?


When is the best time to travel to Cerro Bonete Chico for Mountain Climbing?

December, January, February, March

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