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Mountain Climbing in Salta

This province of northern Argentina offers about ten peaks over 6000 meters high

The most famous mountains in Salta are the Llullaillaco Volcano, Nevado de Cachi, Nevado de Chañi, Nevado de Castillo, Nevado de Acay, Cerro Chuscha and El Bayo. The average duration of a mountain climbing expedition depends on the summit and distances, but it can vary between two days and two weeks. Usually the starting and return point is the capital city. Check out our selection of guided mountain climbing trips in Salta and enjoy your next adventure in the Argentine high plateau.

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Anders Viken


January, 2020

Ascent to 6732-meter Llullaillaco Volcano

I dont know where to start. But david do not speak english, as he said and lupe from explore and share said he did. But I was thinking okay ill get to practice My spanish. But we had some trouble in communication. And there was some bad communication between david and Explorer and share so i did not get the expedition i bought. I paid My self for 3 days at hostels and hotels althoug it was included also 100 dollars extra for base camp at llullaillaco. At grand tolar david left me at gave me a local guide lorenzo also only speaking spanish but really nice and peacefull and great Guy by the way. But david said he has problems so he had to go. When i got down from summit no david. So i write to him a litle angry where he was and where My stuff was and he was in a city 3 hours away. But he got me some transport to him and ill ended up paying for My hotel there to. Now to the good things. The expedition where beutyfull. And david know whats good for you i got good aklimatation and most places where absolutely stunning. Will i recomend david. Probely not. Unless you speak spanish and make sure everthing is sorte out and no misunderstandings.


There are many reasons for choosing Mountain Climbing in Argentina

Ethnic and cultural wealth is guaranteed in Salta. The festivities and religious rites of northwestern Argentina will be a memorable treasure for the traveler.


Good to know:

Best time to visit

To venture into the high mountain area, the months between August and December are the best


It is a continental, arid and high altitude climate with a wide thermal amplitude between day and night

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