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Soaring 4,702 meters above sea level, the Domuyo volcano is actually the highest summit in the picturesque and remote region of Patagonia. Its rough and rugged character display its impressive and aggressive nature. The name Domuyo actually comes from the indigenous Mapuche, which roughly translates as “to tremble and grumble”, referring to its shaky history.



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What's the weather like?

The region receives a mostly continental climate with cool temperatures given its high altitude

Best time to visit

Visit during the summer months between December and March for ideal mountain climbing conditions

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Located in west-central Argentina in the province of Neuquen is the striking Domuyo stratovolcano. It rises to 4,702 meters (15,427ft) and is the highest peak in Patagonia. That’s why it is often nicknamed the Roof of Patagonia. The first recorded ascent of the volcano was all the way back in 1903 by Lino del Valle Carvajal. While its last erupted is still unknown



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