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There are many reasons for choosing Mountain Climbing in Villa La Angostura:

Forests, lakes, mountains and awe-inspiring wilderness have gained Villa La Angostura the nickname "Garden of Patagonia", a perfect spot for outdoor adventures and inspiring views!



Good to know:

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Argentine peso

How to get there

You can get there by car or bus, it is 83 km (51 mi) away from Bariloche

Best time to visit

Summer months between December and March are best for mountaineering, winter months are good for skiing


Average summer temperatures are 25 °C (77 F), average winter temperatures are 0 °C to -2 °C (32 F to 28 F) with snowfall

More info about Mountain Climbing in Villa La Angostura:

Villa La Angostura is a town in Neuquen province in Argentina that is located to the north of the famous Nahuel Huapi National Park. It boasts an area of 79.6 km2 (30.7 sq mi) and is near the border with Chile. Therefore, it is also a popular tourist corridor, year-round, and part of many mountain climbing programs that combine Argentinean and Chilean peaks. Due to its stunning beauty, it has been nicknamed the “Garden of Patagonia”. Cerro Bayo is the most popular peak in the region, and most surrounding mountains have altitudes that range between 1,500 m (4921 ft) to about 2,000 m (6561 ft)



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