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Hiking in Salta

Hike among the heights of the Argentinian Andes packed with color and flavor

Discover the northwest of Argentina to get a taste of the wild delights that the province of Salta has to offer. Vast rugged mountains shaded in different colors, fierce groups of volcanoes and their lava fields, breathtaking valleys and a strong local culture where tradition and folklore remains part of the present. Visit during the months of March and April as well as October and November for ideal hiking conditions.

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There are many reasons for choosing Hiking in Argentina

The north of Argentina is a place of natural treasures. Extraordinary salt flats sweep out across dry lakes that mirror the skies above. Explosive volcanoes and trails that take you to summits where looking down reveals wide open lakes of clouds that drift below. And you may catch glimpses of the pumas prowling along with jaguars, deer wondering the slopes as well as bears, while eagles and condors swoop the skies.


Good to know:

Country code



Argentinian peso


Spanish, as well as Quechua and other local languages

Best time to visit

Visit during the months of March and April as well as October and November for ideal hiking conditions

What's the weather like?

The region receives a tropical climate with year-long warm weather. However, the temperature in the summer months can reach as high as 47 °C

More info about Hiking in Salta:

Located in the extreme northwest of Argentina, the province of Salta borders Bolivia and Paraguay to the north and Chile to the west. It is the sixth-largest province in the country and is home to mountains, lakes and a collection of colonial buildings. The territory is covered in the three national parks of Los Cardones National Park, Baritú National Park and El Rey National Park

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