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Mont Donon, Half-day hike in the Vosges


Join UIMLA-certified leader Aymeric on a terrific trek to Mont Donon and hike through an immaculate portion of the Vosges on a half-day program filled with a beautiful wilderness only eastern France can supply.



1/2 Day

All year



* Discover a historical and cultural landmark in the Vosges.

* Learn about Mont Donon and the region from a certified local guide.

* Take in the incomparable wilderness scenery of eastern France.


Visit the sacred mountain of Donon on a half-day hike in the Vosges! With lush forests, low mountains, and picturesque panoramas, this trek provides an immersive experience into one of the most notable landscapes in northern France!

The Vosges are a nature-lover’s dream, extending north to south in eastern France near the border with Germany. The mountains in the northern part of the range are known as the Lower Vosges because of their smaller stature. They are also narrower than the Hautes Vosges in the south. The cherry on top of the northern section is Mont Donon, with a height of 1,009 meters.

This is where the magic of your unforgettable program takes place! You will enjoy a breathtaking hike through the delightful surroundings of the mountains and forests, with Donon easily discernable in the distance. The woodlands give way into the low mountains for a pleasant and charming trek in the impeccable nature of France.

The most enriching feature of our hike is the evocative culture of Alsace and Lorraine. With a history that dates back to the Romans, Donon was once a site dedicated to the God, Mercury. Over the centuries, it has become the location of a sandstone engraving commemorating Victor Hugo. It even played a significant role in World War I.

Our trip to the top will culminate at the ruins of an ancient temple, from which we will admire the surrounding Vosges and valleys below. It is an enchanting trip that will captivate all of your senses, through mind, body, and soul.

Everyone is invited to join this program. Participants with an appreciation of culture are sure to have a blast. I will ensure a safe and fun atmosphere as we peruse the environment of eastern France and its many hidden treasures.

Book this great half-day hike NOW and head to the lower Vosges to conquer the indomitable peak of Mont Donon on a quest through the gorgeous countryside of France!

We can also enjoy other programs in the Vosges, including a hike around Lac de Pierre-Percee or a historic hike of Col de la Chapelotte!

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- Guiding fee

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The price includes the guiding fee.

The price does not include personal equipment, clothing, or food and drink(s), nor does it include anything not explicitly mentioned as “included.”

About the guide

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Mountain Leader

Based in the Vosges, between the Pierre Percee and the Donon Lakes, I offer you to join me on different activities to explore the nature around us. From hiking to snowshoeing, and from mountain biking to trail running, I'll take you to all the best spots in my home mountains, as well as all over France.

I'm a certified Mountain Leader and a certified Sports Instructor, specialized in Rock Climbing. I'm also a certified Mountain Bike instructor. If I'm not available to guide you, I'll have one of the mountain leaders in my team (Antoine, Pascal, Daniel, Vincent or Lionel) take you on a wonderful tour of the area.





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What people are saying about Aymeric



Très bon weekend passé dans les Vosges. Aymeric a tout organisé de main de maître et est un super guide. Vivement recommandé pour vos randonnées dans la région



We had an amazing time and think Aymeric is a wonderful guide!

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