trip duration TRIP DURATION
8 days
mountain range MOUNTAIN RANGE
max people per fuide MAX PEOPLE PER GUIDE
trip level TRIP LEVEL
best period BEST PERIOD
Apr, May
type of trip TYPE OF TRIP


8 days tour designed to know Morocco and their hi level multipitch routes. Choose adventure, I’ll lead you.

Taghia will be the base camp, a town located deep in the Atlas mountains, where just arrive it becomes an adventure. 2 hours hiking with our baggage carried by donkies.

We’ll enjoy top quality orange limestone routes adapted to your level. Most of the times we’ll climb 2000 meters peaks.

We can choose many option from 90m to 350m long trad or sport routes.

Extra details


Gite accomodation included.


From 1 to 4 climbers


All included


All included less fly tickets.


From 750€ to 1000€. Ask for personal budget

Spots of interest


Azilal Marquet

Gite Mohamed

Taghia snowed

Everything is adventure in Taghia

Climb in Taghia

Taghia walls

Price per person

Other details

More info

- Rerservation prepayment must be 40% of the total budget, 40 days before the trip. It will be done via bank transfer or paypal. If the number of climbers change the budget we'll be cancelled.
- Depending on group authonomy ratio guide-climbers will be 1-2 or 1-3.
- Insurance: For all courses or trips it is imperative to be covered by liability insurance, hospitalization, repatriation.
- Program: It may happen that the program proposed or established together is modified according to the conditions of the weather. With the agreement of all we can be led to change destination to meet better conditions. More detailled program we'll be send with the reservation payment.