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Peak Korzhenevskaya (7105 m) ascent (1 month expedition)


Climb Peak Korzhenevskaya in the spectacular Pamir Mountains in Central Asia, along with Anastasiya, a KMGA certified guide, and reach one of the 5 Snow Leopard summits!



30 Days

Jul, Aug




  • Live an unforgettable experience in the Pamir Mountains.
  • Reach the summit of the third tallest peak in the range.


I invite you to join me on a 30-day ascent expedition to the spectacular Korzhenevskaya Peak (7105 m), in the incredible Pamir Mountains in Tajikistan.

This landlocked mountainous country in Central Asia is bordered by China to the east, Afghanistan to the south, Kyrgyzstan to the north and Uzbekistan to the west.

Peak Korzhenevskaya is one of the five Snow Leopard Peaks. The Snow Leopard Award is given to mountaineers who summit these five mountains, of 7000 m and above, in the former Soviet Union territory. And I'm a Snow Leopard! I got the award after climbing these 5 fabulous mountains. You can read about it on my profile page.

Korzhenevskaya is the third highest mountain in the Pamirs. It lies about 13 km north of Ismoil Somoni (7495 m), formerly called Communism Peak, the highest in Tajikistan. Lenin Peak (7134 m) is the second highest in the Pamir Mountains.

The most common route to climb Korzhenevskaya ascends from the south and reaches the summit ridge from the west side. However, it has been climbed from almost every direction.

Besides, as not many mountaineers come to climb Peak Korzhenevskaya every year, there are no queues on the mountain. So, we will be able to experience the virgin world of high mountains.

Technically, this is not a difficult ascent. So, if you want to try a 7000-meter climb, I think Peak Korzhanevskaya is an excellent choice. Partly because it is required for the Snow Leopard award, this mountain has been climbed many times.

After arrival in Dushanbe, the capital city of Tijikistan, we will transfer to Djirgital. The next day, a helicopter flight will take us to Base Camp, on the moraine of the Moskvina Glacier. And then, the adventure begins! Take into account that although the ascent itself can be done in 21 days, the helicopter schedule makes it necessary to stay at Base Camp for 30 days. A helicopter will take us back to Dushanbe on the last day.

So contact me if you want to climb Korzhenevskaya Peak. It will be an unforgettable experience! Book your trip and we will start planning this amazing ascent together.

Also, if you don't have much time or if you are still not ready for a 7000 m ascent, you can check my 9-day mountaineering trip in Ala-Archa, in Kyrgyzstan. It's a great opportunity to climb peaks like the Korona (4860 m), Uchitel (4560 m) and Boks (4211) in a beautiful region! I also offer a 7-day mountaineering trip in Ala-Archa.

Price includes

- Guiding fee


Day 1: Dushanbe-Djirgital

Arrival in Dushanbe, the capital city of Tajikistan. Transfer to Djirgital.

Day 2: Helicopter flight-Base Camp

Helicopter flight to Base Camp at Moskvina glacier.

Day 3 to 19: Acclimatization and ascent program

Day 20: Flight to Dushanbe

Helicopter flight to Dushanbe. Overnight in hotel.

Day 21: Departure from Dushanbe



More info

EQUIPMENT: Backpack - 85 liters/ Sleeping bag / Sleeping pad / Harness (1) / Carabiner (4) / Jumar (1) / Crampons (1) / Repshnur (6-7 mm) – 5 m / Ice axe / Sun glasses – 1 or 2 / Torch (headlamp) + set of spare batteries / Down jacket/parka / Gortex: pants, jacket – 1 suit / Polartec: jacket 200 (1) / Pants (1) / Thermal underwear – 1 suit / Polartec 100 – 1 suit (jacket, pants) / Polartec gloves (1) / Overmitts (1)+ windproof (1) / Warm hat / Balaclava (1) / Warm socks -2 pairs / Socks, /Gamashi / Sun protection cream / Figure-8 descender (1) / Telescopic Sticks (poles)(1) / High altitude boots (1) / Trekking boots (1).

Meeting point

Dushanbe, Tajikistan.

About the guide

I'm an IFMGA-certified guide from Kyrgyzstan and started guiding professionally in 2003. In my 14 years of guiding, I worked as a high altitude and technical mountain guide, trekking and hiking guide, ski-touring guide and ice and rock climbing gide.

I finished Mountaineering Instructor School in Kyrgyzstan and I am a member of the Kyrgyz Mountain Guide Association (KMGA).

Additionally, I am ”Snow Leopard”. This title is given to those who have climbed all the highest mountains in the former Soviet Union. These include: Lenin peak (7134 m) 2 ascents, Khan Tengri peak (7010 m) 2 ascents, Korzhenevskaya peak (7105 m) 1 ascent, Communism peak (7495 m)1 ascent, Pobeda peak (7439 m)1 ascent.

I have worked all over the Tian-Shan and Pamir ranges. I worked as a guide in Lyallak and Dugoba, in Alla Archa National Park and Suusamyr Valley, Terskey Ala Too and Kyngei-Ala Too.

As a mountain guide, my top 3 priorities are: 1 -safety, 2 –creating positive experiences for my clients and 3 -expedition success.

I am a mountaineer and really love the mountains so I also spend all my free time here. I have participated in expeditions in the Himalayas, Africa, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Patagonia and Russia.

I live and work in a beautiful mountainous country and I will be glad to show you the virgin beauty of the Kyrgyz mountains.


Kyrgyz | English



What people are saying about Anastasiya Cheremnyh

Chad Ulansky


June, 2023

We have just returned from a great 9 day trip with Anastasiya in Ala-Archa. We probably weren't her average clients - a family with 2 kids in tow. She did a great job of adjusting our days to match our capabilities while ensuring that we all kept learning. Anastasiya is an exceptional guide - skilled and knows this area well (it is her back yard). Should we find ourselves back in Kyrgystan we'd seek her out again.

Antoine Prédour


March, 2023

Fantastic trip with Anastasya who is a great and friendly guide. She is very experienced, safe and always looked for the best places to ski. We had long days and could do several ascents in a day. We went to Jyrgalan, not to Suusamyr as the region was closed. Jyrgalan shows a lot of options. We highly recommend a stay in a yurt camp. We stayed in a nice guesthouse which served very good food. Great experience and for sure we will use Explore/Share service again.

rodolphe hentz


February, 2023

It was great skitour program in Jirgalan valley. It was pretty deep powder and new experience skiing in such conditions. If you want to come to Jirgalan for ski touring, I recommend bringing wide skis. Our tour was well organized and we really enjoyed the food and hospitality. Anastasia is a friendly, experienced and patient guide.

James Dickinson


July, 2022

Anastasiya was fantastic. The course was a perfect mix of skill development and climbing and I came away feeling like I learnt a lot as well as having had one of the most enjoyable trips I could have imagined. This was largely down to Anastasiya’s extensive knowledge and experience and her ability to perfectly tailor the trip to the precise level required. If considering a trip to Kyrgyzstan, I could not recommend Anastasiya highly enough.



March, 2022

Thank you for showing us your wonderful country, guiding us safely through the mountains and teaching us so much about ski touring. Our eyes have been opened to future possibilities and we hope you can guide us again another time.

Eugene Wojciechowski


March, 2022

We spent our time skiing in Jyrgalan as there was a lot more snow there than in Suusamyr Valley. Jyrgalan was fantastic - blue skies and deep powder! It was a truly remarkable few days. Our guide, Anastasiya, was excellent and she is highly recommended - friendly, good fun, highly knowledgeable (particularly in respect of managing avalanche risk) and extremely helpful.

Priska Prasetya


December, 2021

This was certainly one of the most memorable trips that I have done! Anastasia was very responsive in responding to my questions. Though as she could not make it, she had to refer me to another mountain guide named Muhammet Giden, who was instrumental in keeping me alive and ensuring me to have the best experience during the trip. Muha was very patient, careful, professional, and also thoughtful. Muha's English is exceptional too which made communication easier too. He patiently guided me to go up and down the mountain and taught me ice climbing and rock climbing on a methodical basis. Thank you Muha for being an amazing mountain guide and a climbing teacher! Will surely take the learning forward! ;)

Meret Schadler


September, 2021

Anastasia is a very experienced mountain guide! She adjusted the itinerary based at on my personal goals and the weather conditions. Thanks to her very broad knowledge I learnt so much from her. If you are looking for a guide with a strong background and a lovely person with whom you can also sit down after a long day and have a tea Anastasia is the right choice. I definitely recommended her.

Paul Byler


August, 2021

Anastasia was a great guide/instructor and has invaluable knowledge of this area. Enjoyed every moment and learned a lot.

Michal Szczeklik


July, 2021

This was my first trip to Kyrgyzstan and first adventure with Explore Share. It was all very smooth process. I am especially grateful to my guide - Anastasiya. She made the whole experience amazing. She is very experienced both as a mountaineer and as a guide. She was very careful making sure I get acclimatised, allowing appropriate time for it. She helped me to further develop the skills o already had as well as teaching me new ones. She improved my confidence allowing me to achieve far beyond what o expected. I hope to come back for more soon!

Daniel Llort


June, 2021

Excepcional experience. I am recommending.to everyone related to this activities. The best the people and the guide knows.exactly what to do every time, great knowledge and experience. Thanks for this experience

Edward Thompson


March, 2020

Superb trip. Pavel was unavailable for this trip so his wife Anastasia, also part of KMGA, was my guide. She was as friendly as she was professional, taking safety very seriously with avalanche training and digging of snow pits forming part of the trip. I would highly recommend her as a guide. The trip itself was excellent - we were very lucky with the weather and snow conditions. The hut is very interesting, though if you are one for creature comforts this is not the place for you. My only other warning to future participants is that you need a good level of physical fitness to take part in this trip. The hike up is long and sustained, a mixture of hiking and skinning depending on snow conditions. The touring itself was as you would expect - we covered around 1,000m vertical per day but this can vary depending on energy and conditions etc. All in all a brilliant trip. 5* well deserved. Ed

Mathias Sjoervad


November, 2019

Had a wonderful 11-day trip with Anastasiya in the beautiful Ala Archa! This was my first mountaineering experience so this trip included a lot of courses in mountaineering and climbing skills. Anastasiya was a fantastic guide and was very good at keeping everything safe, fun and sufficient challenging. Would highly recommend her. Couldn’t think of a better introduction to mountaineering.



July, 2019

This rating is actually for Aleksey Pototskiy, who stepped in to be our guide when Anastasiya unfortunately had to cancel at short notice. Aleksey was fantastic. He made us feel incredibly safe, even though we’d never ice climbed before, and was extremely patient and knowledgeable. He’s a very experienced climber and mountaineer, and I’d highly recommend him as a guide to climbers of all abilities.

Niklas Jensen


April, 2006

I would highly recommend Anastasia! I had an amazing trip to Ala Archa with Anastasia during spring 2019. She is an excellent guide, very professional, have a lot of knowledge and you can really feel her passion for being in the mountains. Furthermore she is easy to be around and you can sense the hospitality. My next trip in Kyrgyzstan will definitely be with her again


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