Sailing the Northwest Passage, 24-day Expedition from Greenland


Your IFMGA-certified guide Bruno will guide you on a truly epic 24-day sailing adventure around the Northwest Passage, a massive expedition that connects the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans through the Canadian Arctic Archipelago, where the wildlife and landscapes will leave you awe-struck.


24 Days





  • Visit Siorapalak - the most Northerly community in the world!
  • See widlife such as polar bears, seals, walrus' and migratory birds!
  • Visit Devon Island - the largest uninhabited island on earth!
  • Immense and majestic glaciers, fjords and icebergs!
  • Visit Santa's summer cottage overlooking Ummannaq and the sea!


I invite you to join me on a sprawling, exciting and downright beautiful 24-day trip sailing the Northwest Passage, a journey that goes from Greenland to what seems like the edge of the world, as the untouched, silent landscapes of fjords, valleys, glaciers and icebergs entails spectacular wildlife such as polar bears, whales, seals and countless bird species.

The Northwest Passage has long been an ambition for explorers and traders to sail through unimpeded, but efforts were often put asunder due to the thickness of the Arctic pack ice. This route is now navigable for many, and the numerous islands and communities we will visit are endlessly fascinating, including the most Northerly community in the world, in Siorapalak.

After meeting and spending the night in Copenhagen, Denmark, we then fly to Ummannaq in Greenland, and head straight to the mighty Ummannaq Fjord.

The subsequent 19 days are spent visiting a veritable kaleidoscope of remarkable and mind-blowing scenery and wildlife, from secluded islands, inlets and bays to towering and majestic glaciers, icebergs and fjords.

The gorgeous and resplendent wildlife we will witness will leave you speechless, as creatures such as whales, seals and migratory birds provide a glorious backdrop to proceedings.

Some of the amazing places we visit include Ellesmere Island, the most isolated and Northern part of Canada, Siorapaluk, the most Northerly community in the world and just 1360km from the North Pole, Baffin Island, the fifth-largest island in the world, and Devon Island, the largest uninhabited island on earth and an area scientists study due to its geological similarity to Mars.

The last few days are spent sailing back to Greenland past the Sermimuit Glacier, and we then fly back to Copenhagen, where our last day and night are spent.

This special voyage will leave you content and at peace with all that nature has to offer – book to now to experience!

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Day 1: Paris or Geneva-Copenhagen

Night in Copenhagen.

Day 2: Copenhagen - Ummannaq

Flight and then embark on La Louise late afternoon.Navigation in the Ummannaq Fjord. 

Day 3 to 22: Passage of the North West


Our journey begins at Ummanaq at the foot of a rocky peak below which icebergs pass.Embark for a discovery of the city on foot: the church surrounded by peat houses and the museum which brings together exhibitions dedicated, among others, the mummies of Qilakitsoq.
Possible hike in steep terrain for Santa’s summer cottage overlooking Ummanaq and the sea. Navigation continues north.

Upernavik – Ice Fjord

Stopover at Upernavik, located 800 km north of the Arctic Circle. Upernavik’s location offers fabulous views of the Davis Strait and Apparsuit, one of the world’s most breathtaking bird cliffs. Upernavik’s main activity is halibut fishing and hunting. The city was the starting point for attempts to cross the Northwest, between Greenland and Alaska. We will visit the fjord where giant icebergs accumulate.

Melville Bay – Greenland Cape

We pass Melville Bay, recently set aside as a nature reserve before navigating between icebergs and landing towards the Greenland ice cap.

Qaanaaq – Siorapaluk

Qaanaaq (Thule) is the first region of Greenland colonized by the Inuit of the West.Discovery of the city on foot: the Knud Rasmussen Museum and the church. Guided walk in the mountains in the heart of a splendid nature. Located only 1360 km from the North Pole, Siorapaluk is the most northerly community in the world. Discussion with one of them about the life of this remote village, the hunting and rituals of their community. It is the homeland of “Sila”, the Snow Maiden. The economy relies on hunting narwhals, seals, walrus and polar bears.

Smith’s Detroit

Navigation to the pack ice of Smith Sound, north of Greenland. We will try to move as far north as possible between Ellesmere Land and North West Greenland. We will look for seals, walrus, narwhals, polar bears; Sea ice and giant icebergs will be our daily life. The glacier Petermann gave the summer of 2010 an iceberg of 260 km².

Gray Fjord – Ellesmere Land

This Inuit community is the administrative and economic node of the Ellesmere and Devon Islands. Landscapes are forged in the rock, and several glaciers come to calve at the seaside. Visit ancient Inuit camps, bird colonies in the evening. Ellesmere Land is the most secret island in the Canadian North Archipelago and cruises go only very occasionally.

Devon Island – Beechy Island

Depending on the pack ice, we will sail north or south. These regions are rich in musk ox and polar bears that we should observe several times. Ellesmere Land and Devon Island are the most spectacular in the Canadian North Archipelago, close to the autonomous Nunavut, they are waiting for the promising future of the free passage of ice … It is on this bare land that the sailors of the expedition died  unfortunately  with Franklin (1845-46) and the tombs erected in this desert of pebbles recall the tragic hours of the quest for the Northwest Passage. The remains of this expedition were searched by hundreds of ships before they were found in 2016.

Baffin Island – Inlet Bridge

You will live a real “unknown land expedition”, in the land of eternal ice. Still little explored, Baffin Island is the island of immoderation, immense and cold, the silence, the infinite spaces of deserts of ice and snow, vertical landscapes, dotted with fjords, glaciers and valleys with a thousand beauties . The horizon of these virgin lands protects an exceptional fauna: polar bears, whales, seals, belugas, narwhals, killer whales and migratory birds

Back to Greenland and Disko Bay 

We will cross the Baffin Sea towards Illulissat in Disko Bay. We will find civilization again, but icebergs will always be present thanks to those coming out of the Sermimuit glacier, the ice fjord that produces the largest number of icebergs in the northern hemisphere.

Day 23: Ilulissat - Copenhagen

Night in Copenhagen

Day 24: Copenhagen - Paris or Geneva




The Louise is a schooner built between 2003 and 2010, specially designed to navigate the Arctic regions with a French crew of great experience. It is one of the few boats to explore Baffin Island from Greenland. The sailboat allows us to hike every day in different places while having access to our daily comfort equivalent to that of a shelter. Each evening the ship is anchored in a sheltered bay to appreciate the best landscapes. The French crew of 2 can accommodate 7 passengers in 2 cabins with single berths divisible into 2 by sliding doors. The ship is equipped with a shower, 2 toilets, 2 washbasins, a square with dining table, a sitting area with 2 benches for 2 people, electric heaters and clothes drying rack. We will also spend two nights in a hotel.

More info

The Northwest Passage is more than just a trip, it's a real adventure and exploration is the key word. In the heart of the Arctic the weather will not always be lenient and the conditions of navigation can be difficult. We recommend very good hiking equipment including shoes and a marine suit for observations on the bridge. During the hikes we will move more often off the trail.

Meeting point

Copenhagen, Denmark


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