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4-day Ski touring in El Chalten: Loma del Diablo, Cerro Vespignani, Cerro Madsen

4-day Ski touring in El Chalten: Loma del Diablo, Cerro Vespignani, Cerro Madsen
4-day Ski touring in El Chalten: Loma del Diablo, Cerro Vespignani, Cerro Madsen
4-day Ski touring in El Chalten: Loma del Diablo, Cerro Vespignani, Cerro Madsen
4-day Ski touring in El Chalten: Loma del Diablo, Cerro Vespignani, Cerro Madsen

Tour the famed mountain village of El Chalten high up in the Argentinian Andes, featuring Loma del Diablo, Cerro Vespignani and Cerro Madsen, with IFMGA-certified mountain guide Merlin.

Private and Group

Alborz, Andes

4 Days

Aug, Sep




* Conquer the heights of the Argentinian Andes.

* Capture the breathtaking rugged landscapes surrounding El Chalen.

* Take advantage of skiing with a fully-qualified guide.


Skiers seeking the rugged backcountry blanketed with thick white powder look no further than El Chalten.

Located in the heart of Patagonia, the small mountain village of El Chalten lies within the Los Glaciares National Park and rests at the foothills.

The town is the perfect springboard to explore the wild slopes surrounding it, especially via ski touring.

Ski among the towering peaks of Fitz Roy, Cerro Torre and the Southern Ice Field.

We’ll venture further than most skiers, beyond the lines at the lifts, and head into the remote mountainside.

Explore the slopes of Loma del Diablo (1,800 meters) and Cerro Vespignani (2,146 meters), as well as Cerro Madsen. These tree spots offer excellent skiing conditions, testing terrain and breathtaking beauty.

To take part in this ski touring adventure, skiers are required to have very good levels of fitness, given that our approach involves carrying our own skis. You’ll also need prior experience of ski touring.

The exact locations of the trip may be modified subject to weather and snow conditions.

Get in touch now to reserve your place among the majestic Andean mountains of El Chalten on a 4-day ski touring trip.

Price includes

- Accommodation included

- Guiding fee

- Transportation start and back

- Transport during the trip


Day 1: Ski Loma del Diablo

Day 2: Ski Cerro Vespignani or Cerro Crestón

Day 3: Ski at Glacier de los Tres

Day 4: Ski Cerro Madsen



More info

Personal Equipment: backpacks of 30-60 litres, sleeping bag and mattress, headlamp, water bottle and small thermo flask, trekking shoes, gaiters, synthetic base layers, fleece and wind stopper, synthetic hooded jacket, 2 pairs of gloves, warm hat, extra socks, waterproof trousers and jacket, sunglasses and goggles, sun bloc, lip protection, ski touring set: skis, skins, boots, and poles, safety set: shovel, beacon, probe.

Meeting point

Equipment you will need to bring

sleeping bag

About the guide

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Mountain Guide

Certified UIAGM-IFMGA Mountain Guide from Argentina.

I live in El Chaltén since 1998. I'm originally from Bariloche and I started with mountain activities when I was 15 years old. I've done climbing and ascents in many mountains of Patagonia, Perú, Bolivia, United States and Europe; such as Fitz Roy, Cerro Torre, Alpamayo, El Capitán, Mont Blanc and Aconcagua among others. I'm also a Ski Instructor and I am passionate for backcountry ski.

I speak fluent English, Italian and French and have been leading trips and expeditions for more than 20 years. I work together with a group of guides, so if I'm not available for the trip you request, one of my colleagues will guide you!



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What people are saying about Merlín



Teo was a lot of fun and very knowledgeable about the area. He was very considerate of how I was getting on. I had an amazing time!



Merlin is the top climbing guide in Chalten. Anything from simple sport climbing to hard multi pitches. I did a sport day with my brother and our girlfriends. We went to two different crags in Chalten, and climbed 10 routes, fun for the whole family. I got to lead climb and had my girlfriend belay me for the first time. Thanks Merlin and Martin! I want to return to climb Guillaumet with Merlin!



Everything about this trip was really great. Firstly explore-share was extremely helpful, really responsive. We felt really supported making all the arrangements from Netherlands to Argentina. Thanks for the team for that! In terms of the trip -- this was one of the most special trips we ever had. Huemel circuit is was very special. You start day1 in Patagonian forests and slowly ascend to the more rugged, stoney views of the circuit until you end up in the glaciers (and walk on them!) in day 2. Day 2 is slightly challenging due to the long ascend and walk until the camp. But without being very experienced we were able to do it (also thanks to our amazing guide Luis). We camped in an area only by ourselves, where it snowed overnight, which added to the majestic beauty of the whole trip. Day 3 mainly was descending to the 3rd camp area next to Viedma lake. This was also slightly challenging given the very steep descend in the forest, but despite the challenge it was fun, and was filled with great views. The reward is big, where Viedma lake is awaiting with glacier pieces floating on the lake just in front of you (and sometimes letting go some of it’s pieces). It’s a mesmerising area. And day 4 is going back to the start through next to the lakes, hares and guanakos. slightly easier trek but very peaceful, a nice goodbye to the circuit. We were picked up by a car at the end, arranged by Merlin/Luis. In all days, we were flabbergasted by the ruggedness and beauty of Patagonian mountains, glaciers, forests, lakes and everything we've seen. We were mainly alone in the circuit -- at least in the direction we were doing there was no one else with us. In that sense it was extra special. Our guide Luis was one of the main reasons for why this trip was so special. Very experienced and friendly -- made us feel really comfortable in what we were doing through his guidance on technical moves (e.g. in traverses, when we are descending etc). Also very experienced in the area, knew the circuit step by step - gave us a lot of information on the story of the geography not just like a guide but like a scientist almost (he was full of knowledge for this space). It was obvious that he really loves these lands and mountains, it was great to experience this route with him. I never write reviews, but this was a great trip on all levels, and want to make sure anyone who sees the review doesn’t doubt and just goes for it. Thank you Luis, Merlin and explore share - for your friendliness, professionalism and love of nature. You definitely added an incredible memory to our minds. I highly recommend everyone to experience Huemel Circuit with Luis and Merlin. Gulcin and Sebastiaan



Mojon Rojo was my second climb with Merlin (I climbed Cerro Electrico with him 2 days earlier.) But it was like climbing with your old friend. I had an amazing time climbing with him. His climbing skills and knowledge are top notch. I can’t wait to climb more peaks in Patagonia with him.



Trip of a lifetime! Merlin is great the setting is spectacular and we were blessed with perfect snow and bluebird skies. Couldn't ask for more.

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