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Svaneti, Georgian Caucasus, 8 Day Guided Ski Tour


  • Enjoy 8 days of great ski touring Svaneti, Georgia.
  • Ski on some of the highest peaks in Europe, including Tetnuldi.
  • Immerse yourself in the wonderful local, Svaneti culture.


An absolute getaway, that is probably the best way to describe this amazing 8 day ski touring trip in Svaneti Georgia.

The province of Svaneti is a special place. It is remote and full of wonder and, of course, mountains, a lot of mountains. And as a result of those mountains, which happen to be some of the highest in all of Europe, there are a lot of fantastic descents. And for 8 wonderful days, I would like to guide you on some of the best descents on some of the best mountains in the region.

Just a few examples of the peaks you can see, admire and ski on include Ushba (4,710m), Shkhara (5,193m) and Tetnuldi (4,856m). You will also get to ski tour on the sensational Chaaladi glacier, a personal favorite of mine.

Along with the great peaks in Svaneti, during this trip you will also get to visit and spend nights in some amazing villages. They include Becho, Ushguli and Mestia. Each one of these places offers some great ski touring terrain. They also offer a fantastic cultural experience as well. Hence giving this trip an additional level of excitement.

The itinerary of this trip is very flexible. That means each day will depend on several factors, from your desires and skill level to the snow, weather and avalanche conditions. Thus making your experience a unique one.

If you would like to enjoy ski touring in one of Europe’s least known, but arguably most beautiful spots, just send me a request. The snow, the people, the atmosphere, the scenery in Svaneti is fantastic. And I know after 8 days there, you will already be planning a return visit.


Day 1: Pick up from Kutaisi airport and take 5 hour transfer to guesthouse in Mestia

Day 2: Ski tour around the Tetnuldi resort

Day 3 to 5: Enjoy ski tours around Mestia depending on snow and avalanche conditions

Day 4 to 7: Enjoy ski tours around Becho and Ushguli

Day 8: Transfer to Kutaisi or Tbilisi




Guesthouse in Mestia and guesthouses in either Ushguli or Becho.

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