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16-day Triple Summit Expedition on Tres Cruces in Atacama, Chile

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World traveler and AEGM certified mountain guide Pako De Miguel leads you to the top of the Tres Cruces' North, Central and South peaks in stunning Atacama, Chile.


16 Days

Jan - Mar, Nov, Dec




Situated in the Atacama Desert of northern Chile, the triple-peaked Tres Cruces is perhaps the most isolated mountain worth climbing in all of the Andes. Naturally, Tres Cruces is one of the less frequented mountaineering destinations in the region, but it has a lot to offer those eager to get away from it all. If you are willing to make the journey, you will be infinitely rewarded by Mother Nature here on Tres Cruces.

At 6750m, the South peak is the tallest. Tres Cruces’ South peak is also the second highest peak in Chile and the fifth highest in the Americas. Along with the Central (6629m) and North (6030m) peaks, Tres Cruces invites you to make a triple summit in one of the most unique places on Earth.

I must warn you that this expedition is not for everyone, however. The journey to the top of the Tres Cruces’ peaks is demanding and requires a high level of physical fitness. While we will gradually acclimate to the altitude during our first days together, only intermediate and advanced level mountaineers should sign up for this trip.

In addition to making a triple summit on Tres Cruces, we will also explore the other highlights of the Nevado Tres Cruces National Park. We will visit the Santa Rosa and Negro Francisco Lagoons, as well as the the Lamas River. We will also make ascents on Redondo Colorado (4180m), Cornisa (4860m) and Laguna (4960m) in preparation for our triple ascent on Tres Cruces.

You can find the complete itinerary for this trip below. As always, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me.

They say good things come in threes, and Tres Cruces is certainly no exception. Click on “Request to book” now for more information or to reserve your spot on this triple threat expedition.

I lead a few other expeditions here in the far north of Chile as well. You can join me on the Parinacota Volcano from March to October, or climb to the top the Llullaillaco, the highest archaeological site in the world, between August and December.


Day 1: Arrival

  • Arrival to the airport in Copiapó, Chile

  • Transfer to Caldera (50m)

Day 2: Santa Rosa Lagoon

  • Transfer to the Santa Rosa Lagoon

  • Overnight in Santa Rosa (3700m)

Day 3: Mount Redondo Colorado

  • Ascent on Mount Redondo Colorado (4180m)

  • Transfer to Negro Francisco Lagoon

  • Overnight in Negro Francisco (4150m)

Day 4: Mount Cornisa

  • Ascent on Mount Cornisa (4850m)

  • Overnight in Negro Francisco

Day 5: Mount Laguna

  • Ascent on Mount Laguna (4960m)

  • Overnight in Negro Francisco

Day 6: Río Lamas

  • Transfer to Río Lamas (Lamas River)

  • Overnight in Río Lamas (4300m)

Day 7: Tres Cruces North

  • Tres Cruces North Summit (6030m)

  • Overnight in Río Lamas

We will approach Tres Cruces North via the North Route. We will ascend 800 meters on rocky terrain. After the col, we will ascend a final 200 meters on the snowy terrain of the Southeast Ridge.

Day 8: Tres Cruces Base Camp

  • Transfer to Tres Cruces Base Camp

  • Overnight at Base Camp (5250m)

Day 9: Portage to Camp 1

  • Portage to Camp 1 (5970m)

  • Overnight at Base Camp

Day 10: Rest Day

  • Rest day and overnight at Base Camp

Day 11: Ascent to Camp 1

  • Ascent to Camp 1

  • Overnight at Camp 1

Day 12: Tres Cruces South

  • Tres Cruces South Summit (6750m)

  • Overnight at Camp 1

We will approach Tres Cruces South via the North Route. We will ascend 770 meters from Camp 1, crossing snowfields and scrambling over large, unstable boulders to reach the summit.

Day 13: Tres Cruces Central

  • Tres Cruces Central Summit (6629m)

  • Overnight at Base Camp

We will approach Tres Cruces Central via the South Route. We will ascend 650m from Camp 1 over packed snow at up to 40 degrees.

Day 14: Extra Day

  • Extra day

Day 15: Caldera

  • Return transfer to Caldera

  • Overnight in Caldera

Day 16: Departure

  • Return transfer to the airport in Copiapó

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