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Valgrisenche tour: 6 days in Grand Paradiso NP | Italy
Valgrisenche tour: 6 days in Grand Paradiso NP
Valgrisenche tour: 6 days in Grand Paradiso NP
Valgrisenche tour: 6 days in Grand Paradiso NP
Valgrisenche tour: 6 days in Grand Paradiso NP

Valgrisenche tour: 6 days in Grand Paradiso NP

The Valgrisenche tour is a great opportunity to discover the secrets hidden behind the Aosta Valley and the Grand Paradiso National Park. Do it under the supervision of one of the IFMGA-certified guides in the Peakshunter team.




6 Days


Mar, Apr






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Welcome to a really big plan in the heart of The Grand Paradiso National Park: the Valgrisenche tour.

It’s my pleasure to propose you this amazing 6-day itinerary in Valgrisenche. It is an Italian location of the Aosta Valley and part of the National Park of Gran Paradiso.

Furthermore, it’s the oldest and best known national park of Italy. That is because this region is characterized by wide spaces, gentle slopes and awesome glacial sceneries. And all those features will accompany us in our way to the Grand Paradiso summit! Undoubtedly, this Valgrisenche tour is really worth it.

It will be a 6-day adventure that you won’t forget in your life. The Valgrisenche Tour will run during the months of March and April. I can take with me a maximum of 5 people. All the participants must have a basic fitness level to face the ascents and paths without risks. Some technical skills are also necessary. I will give you more details about that once you contact me.

At the end of this description I’ll share a sample itinerary of this tour in the Grand Paradiso National Park. Keep in mind that the program can suffer changes according to your own level and wishes.

For any other doubts please feel free to get in touch with me! Fill out the form and I’ll answer you happily. It’s a honor for me to accompany you in this incredible Valgrisenche tour.

Price includes

- Accommodation included

- Guiding fee

- Breakfast

- Dinner

- Transport during the trip

- Mountain guide expenses

Secure your spot with just 25% payment

48-hour free cancellation with 30-day advance booking


Day 1: The Bezzi Hut

We will meet in Aosta at 11 AM for the equipment check. Then a transfer will take us to Valgrisenche. So we start walking along the dam, on the road that will take us up to Usellieres, at 1,780 m. From here we will climb to the Bezzi Hut, following a farm road that becomes a hiking trail. The vertical drop of this leg is moderate, but the distance is about 8-10 km. Overnight stay in the hut.

Day 2: The Benevolo Hut

We’ll leave the hut in direction to the Glairetta Glacier so that we can get to the Bassac Deré Pass (3,082 m). We climb to Becca Della Traversiere and then go down by the Goletta Glacier to reach the Benevolo hut (2,285 m), where we’ll spend the night.

Day 3: The Chivasso Hut

From the Benevolo hut we will climb up to the col Nivolettaz. From here, we’ll go along a broad ridge until we reach the end of the Basei Glacier. We’ll take off the skis and go the last few meters over rocks to get to Punta Basei (3,338 m). Back on the glacier, we put the skis on again and go down along the Basei Glacier. We’ll finally we reach the Chivasso hut (2,600 m) where we spend the night.

Day 4: Vittorio Emanuele Hut

Once we leave the hut we’ll cover the wide slopes leading to Colle di Punta Foura. Removed skins, a long diagonal will bring us to the Grand Etret Glacier. Then we go back to the Vittorio Emanuele Hut (2,735 m) passing by the base of the Becca Di Montciair and the Ciarforon. When we reach an altitude of 2913 meters, a fast descent will take us to our hut for the night.

Day 5: Grand Paradiso Summit day!

From the hut we go back along the moraine up to the glacier of Gran Paradiso (3,100 m). Some steep slopes alternating with gentle stretches will lead us to the “Schiena dell’asino” where we’ll find the trail that climbs from the Chabod Hut. We then continue towards the col of Montcorve and after a steep stretch, the slope decreases up to the last rocks. We remove the skis and follow an easy ridge for about 80 meters until we reach the top of Gran Paradiso (4,061 m), where there is a statue of the Virgin Mary. Back to the skis we go down along the Laveciau glacier to reach the Chabod hut (2,750 m).

Day 6: Last Day!

From the hut we climb towards the Sberna Camp (3,400 m), which is on the East peak of Grand Neyron. We’ll go down along the ascent route to pass by the Chabod Hut from where we’ll ski on wide slopes. Finally, we’ll arrive at the larch forest that in a few turns takes us to the parking lot where this amazing tour ends.


More info

  • Research and rescue insurance with IFMGA coverage (recommended): €12 per person for 7 days. Hiring of any personal equipment (avalanche beacon, shovel and probe): €15 per person.

  • The mountain guide’s expenses (lifts, transfers, meals and accommodation) are not included in the final price and must be covered by participants.

  • Fees for lift facilities, transfers and mountain lodges are subject to changes established and applied by they respective owners, without any liability attributable to the mountain guide.

Meeting point

In the Aosta Valley.


What are some recommended accommodations near our adventure location?

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About the guide: -PeaksHunter

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Mountain Guide

Giving and receiving smiles, seeing the satisfaction on the faces of our customers, seeking opportunities for growth, stimulating authenticity in personal and group relationships, in sharing mountaineering disciplines, fears, efforts, and moments of difficulty, which are part of the integrated with experiences, essential ingredients of every summit climb: these are our focus, our beliefs, and our most important results, as outdoor Professionals and as people who love the mountains and their work as Alpine Guides!

Founded in 2013 by Elis and Silvia, PEAKSHUNTER Mountain Guides is a team of IFMGA-certified Mountain Professionals and outdoor activities experts, based in the town of Aosta, not far from Courmayeur-Chamonix, on the Italian side of the Mont Blanc massif.

We live and work in the beautiful Aosta Valley region, very close to French and Swiss borders near to Geneva, Milan, and Turin international airports.

Mont Blanc, Matterhorn, Dufourspitze, Pyramide Vincent and Regina Margherita Hut, Gran Paradiso, Breithorn, Lyskamm, Castor and Pollux are only a few of several 4000 Alps summits you can climb with us: most of our team of Guides were born and grew up close to these mountains and they have explored the ascent routes several times during different seasons, with skis or crampons!

- We love our work: we plan all our trips with great commitment and deep respect for the Alpine environment, for its inhabitants, and its territories. Including local traditions in different valleys and Alpine areas.

- We love Mountain, Nature, and Outdoor activities, that we like to share with people from all around the world. We are enthusiastic to meet like-minded adventurers and share new experiences and memorable emotions with the support of our Mountain Guides.

- Safety and Risk Management are essential for us, as elements of fundamental importance during every single trip we plan and carry out with our customers: for this reason, we offer introductory courses to the different alpine disciplines (Mountaineering, Rock climbing, Ice climbing, Ski mountaineering, Freeride, Rescue Crevasse, and Avalanche) to convey awareness and responsibility to our customers.

- We offer solid Experience, with several years organizing outdoor disciplines around mountain and wild areas, in many different countries of Italy and Europe, for individuals or groups, including 7-day customer support for booking, logistics, and personal assistance for planning and reservations.

- As certified Mountain Guides, we offer training courses, to improve technical skills and to learn basic knowledge about mountaineering in the Alps, which is essential to explore and climb the Mountains safely in any situation or conditions.

- We are happy to provide customized programs for every customer's demand: our Experience is synonymous with Professionalism and Customer Care to guarantee unforgettable emotions and beautiful smiles!

Fulfill your dreams, discover breathtaking views or simply enjoy an extraordinary day: you just need to use your imagination and we will carry out your trip as you desire to live it!

Let’s plan your next mountain project together!



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What people are saying about -PeaksHunter



Gabriele was a fantastic guide, knew the area well and found so much powder. Thanks so much



Hello Basically I am satisfied with the whole organization, because in the end everything worked as expected, whereby the guide had a big part in the success! Unfortunately, the information regarding equipment was unclear in advance and sometimes varied, which didn't make it any easier for a beginner like me. In general, the flow of information was rather slow, but towards the end it was sufficient and quick. In general, I would recommend that you revise the list of necessary equipment! Above all, it should be clear what the guest has to bring (with a distinction between "must" and "recommended"), what is provided by the organizer and what could be rented if necessary. Of course, this is not easy to accomplish, as the necessary equipment also depends on the conditions. Best wishes and continued success with the organization of ski trips! Martin



Great service. Above and beyond expectations. Abigail went the extra mile to make my trip happen, after hours and at very short notice. It would not have been possible without her. Highly recommended.



Hi, good service from explore share and peaks hunter, only some miscommunication on 2 or 3 days program, due to bad communication between you both. The guide was OK, friendly although non very experienced in the practice of pédagogie and communication, especially before couloir des Goûter s, there can be better briefing on security and also in general on the whole expedition. But he can grow by learning some coaching lessons. We did not do the final ascension due to bad weather, a proposal and financial compensation for 2nd attempt would have been welcome.6/10.can do better.


We just remember now the breathing, the view and the joy we had in Gran Paradiso accompanied by our guides Silvia and Elis. This kind of memory makes us smile and look for the next adventure. Silvia and Elis were attentive, kind and professionally fully prepared to help us reach a great experience of discovery and safety. For sure the moment would not be the same without our guides. We feel grateful and lucky to have their support and company. Elis, Silvia, thanks for taking us beyond.

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