• Trip duration
    2 days
  • Trip level
  • Max people per guide
    2 people
  • Mountain range
    Japan Alps
  • Best period
    Jan, Feb, Mar, Dec


Mt Nishihodaka is in the Hodaka mountain range in the North Japan Alps. The views of the nearby North Japan Alps mountain ranges from the summit at 2909m are breathtaking. You can also enjoy it during your climb along the normal route on your way to the summit.

The ropeway from Shinhodaka and the conveniently located Nishiho Hut make Mt Nishihodaka an accessible mountain. It is a very popular destination through the seasons for climbers wanting to challenge the Hodaka mountain range. However, in the winter, the mountain shows a different facet. It is covered in snow and rocks, and becomes a more technical route. I recommend this climb as the best way to get into winter mountaineering in the North Japan Alps. I can coach you through the climb.

Available Period: December – March (best is over the new year’s and mid March)

I offer you the following itinerary.

Day 1: I will pick you up from your hotel. Take a ropeway from Shinhodaka Onsen and then a 2 hour walk to Nishiho Hut at 2385m.

Day 2: Summit day. Climb up to the summit of Mt Nishihodaka at 2909m. Then descend all the way to Shinhodaka Onsen via the ropeway. I will drop you off at your hotel.


Are you looking to gain a new experience and get a good feel of the Japan Alps? Then join me for this climb!

Extra details


1 person – JPY 80,000 per person
2 people – JPY 56,000 per person

Included in Price:-
Guide Fee

Excluded from Price:-
Accommodation (JPY 9,500 per person), Guide Expense (ca. JPY 20,000), Gear rental (JPY 1,000 per item), Guest Transportation Cost (JPY 2,900)

*Currently revising the prices so please enquire to get the most up to date price for the coming season.

Kit List

– Goretex hardshell jacket / pants
– Winter mountaineering boots
– Ice axe*
– Crampons*
– Helmet
– Harness
– Backpack 30L
– Screwgate carabiner
– Carabiners x 2
– Sling 120cm x1
– Winter mountaineering clothing
– Thermos
– Head torch
– Sunglasses

*I can lend you the Items with asterisks at JPY 1,000 per item

Guide Ratio

Up to 2 people

Previous Experience

Previous winter mountaineering experience is necessary

Fitness Level

Be able to be on the move for 8 hours a day

Technical Level

Must be able to use crampons and an ice axe


2 days


December – March; new years and mid March is the best time

Spots of interest

Nishihodaka Winter Climb views

Views during winter climb of Nishihodaka

Price per person

Price includes

  • Guiding fee

Other details

More info

Best timing for the ascent is over the news years when it is not crowded and mid March.