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Backcountry Skiing in Abisko: Top Outdoor Adventures Awaiting You


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Explore the best of Swedish Lappland on your next backcountry adventure.

Just north of the arctic circle in Swedish Lappland you’ll find Abisko. This town acts as a gateway to some of Sweden’s best backcountry. From multi-day backcountry experiences to heliboarding adventures, you’ll find all kinds of ski experiences here. 

Top backcountry skiing trips | Abisko

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FAQs: Backcountry Skiing in Abisko

What should I know about Backcountry Skiing Abisko?

This really is an amazing place for heliskiing as it lets you access beautiful remote wilderness. Catch a ride high into the mountains to Nallo Cabin where you’ll be able to base yourself for a few days as you go in search of fantastic powder. Another great option is a Ski tour along the King’s Trail, this will take you from Abisko Mountain Station to the base of Sweden’s tallest mountain, Mt. Kebnekaise and you’ll stay in huts as you go. 

Why should I choose Abisko for my Backcountry Skiing adventure?

**Abisko National Park **

This area of Sweden is true wilderness. Expect stunning snowscapes which beyond skiing are also good for dog sledding, ice climbing and more. Go at the right time and you may even catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights.

**Heliboarding opportunities **

Some of the best spots here can be accessed by helicopter. In fact, in Lappland, 5,000 square kilometers of terrain can be accessed via helicopter. That’s a lot of slopes. Enjoy amazing snow in a remote location.

**Swedish Lappland **

Home to the Sámi, the indigenous people of this land, Lappland is filled with interesting culture. Learn all about their history, their customs and sample the local food. Don’t forget to visit the reindeers too.

What can I expect from the weather during my Backcountry Skiing trip in Abisko?

In the summer, temperatures range between 13 to 17°C in Sweden. In the winter temperatures sit between - 22 to -3°C, and can even go to as low as -30°C.

Which language is predominantly spoken in the Abisko region?


What currency is accepted around Abisko?

Swedish Krona

How can I get to Abisko?

Fly from Stockholm to Kiruna or Narvik, then take the train or drive to Abisko.

What's the country code for the Abisko region?


When is the best time to travel to Abisko for Backcountry Skiing?

March through May

What people are saying about Backcountry Skiing | Abisko



Markus was brilliant, from helping me to develop the idea for the expedition, figuring out a good location, route planning etc, while trying to keep the costs down. Prior to the expedition Markus was really helpful in helping me figure out the right equipment - this differed from my previous expeditions due to both temperature being warmer than I was used to, and the terrain we'd be covering. During the expedition Markus was excellent in communicating what were doing, how we were going to do it, all the while teaching me about navigation, his own methods for winter camping etc etc. Throughout our route, Markus explained to me about Sami culture, why the landscape is as it is, and how it has developed throughout history, meaning I returned far richer for the cultural enlightenment. i couldn't recommend Markus to anyone wanting to head out ski touring or deep wild Nordic skiing. I felt safe and in the right hands the whole time, and thoroughly enjoyed his company. The Explore Share platform was very helping in matching us together - the expedition wouldn't have happened with out them, as so few guides are willing or able to take people out into the extreme wilderness in winter in this way. they matched me with the right guide, so that was perfect. What needs to improve is that they wanted cash paid before I spoke to Markus, which I would never do, because of the complexity of the proposed expedition. We both needed to know each others' abilities and make a sensible plan for the trip before we could commit to it. While I appreciate $Explore share is an introductory service, for which they need a fee, finding a better way for this would be helpful. I was always going to honour the payment once the introduction was made, but obviously some people would attempt to get around it. No matter, I remain satisfied with the explore Share service, and recommend anyone to use it.

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Our knowledgeable team is here to assist you at any moment throughout your adventure.

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