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Backcountry Skiing in Lapland

Explore the snowy wonderland of the Swedish mountains

Pristine powder scattered across vast backcountry slopes. Arctic solitude sweeping across the Swedish mountainside. Lapland is the ideal place for some spectacular skiing adventures. And when the skies turn dark at night, the Northern Lights put on a magical dance that is truly unique. Visit between the months of March and May for ideal backcountry skiing conditions.

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There are many reasons for choosing Backcountry Skiing in Sweden

Spectacular scenery spreads out across the breathtaking arctic wilderness of Lapland. It consists of almost one-fourth of Sweden’s territory, and rests in the extreme north. Once known as a no-man’s land in the Dark Ages, yet the nomadic Sami people settled there. Through industrialisation, its timber and minerals were extracted, before tourism became an established part of the region.


Good to know:

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Swedish krona

Best time to visit

Visit between the months of March and May for ideal backcountry skiing conditions

What's the weather like?

Temperatures in winter can range from 22°C to -3°C, while during the warmer months can range between 13°C and 17°C

More info about Backcountry Skiing in Lapland:

Located in the north of Sweden, on the border with Norway, Lapland, along with the Scandinavian Mountains, form a stunning range that boasts steep peaks with a span of average altitudes between 1,300 m and 2,000 m. an area of outstanding beauty, Lapland is home to notable national parks, nature reserves and UNESCO-listed world heritage sites


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