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Best Multi-Activity Adventure Holidays for the Whole Family


Marina Parra

September 6, 2019

Last updated on March 22, 2022 by the Explore-Share team


Looking for ideas for an action-packed family holiday? Then you’ve come to the right place! One of the best ways of enjoying the great outdoors is to set out on a trip that combines different kinds of activities: you can enjoy water sports in the morning, then try your skills at rock climbing, and end up your day flying over the forest on a thrilling zip-line adventure! 

Multi-activity tours allow you to pursue a variety of family-friendly sports in a safe environment. Being in the company of a certified guide is the best way to discover amazing spots and enjoy nature while acquiring new skills. Guides are prepared to adapt the activities to the age and level of fitness of each participant, thus making sure that everyone can take part and have fun.

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You can decide whether you prefer to join a group (and get to enjoy with other families, something that your kids will certainly celebrate!) or go on a private guided tour to enjoy intimate family time. That’s up to you!

If you are wondering where to go on your next active family holiday, here’s a selection of the best multi-sport adventure holidays available at Explore-Share!

1. Haute Savoie, France – Rock Climbing, Hiking & Via Ferrata


No matter the time of the year, the French Alps are an amazing destination for those who like adventure travel. In the summertime, the region of Haute Savoie is particularly attractive for those into climbing, mountaineering, and hiking. Regarded as the ‘pearl of the French Alps’, the alpine town of Annecy is a wonderful starting point for a holiday in the area. 

This 1-week multi-adventure trip proposes a mix of rock climbing, hiking and via ferrata, and it’s perfect for families with teenagers! Never done that before? Don’ worry! You don’t need to have previous experience, just be in good physical shape and have no problem with heights. 

In brief:

  • Where: near Annecy, Haute Savoie

  • Duration: 7 days

  • Best time to go: June to August


Take your family on an incredible climbing adventure in Haute Savoie!

2. Lyngen Alps, Norway – Ski Touring, Ice Climbing, Sea Fishing


Norway is one of the most unique travel destinations in the world. Boasting breathtaking landscapes of fjords, mountains, and glaciers, this nordic country promises adventures for everyone. The Lyngen Alps in northern Norway are a favorite among skiers as they allow the magic experience of skiing from summit to sea. From September to late March, the area is also one of the best places for those who want to see the Northern Lights. 

To the east of the Lyngen fjord, the island of Uloya is home to a comfortable lodge from where you can explore this unspoiled area and enjoy a myriad of winter sports: you can go ski touring, learn the basics of ice climbing or jump on a boat for some sea fishing. Thinking of an off-the-beaten-track active family holiday? This is the place to go! Read more about what makes the Lyngen Alps the perfect place for a unique family holiday.

In brief:


Discover the magic of the Lyngen Alps on this all-inclusive multi-activity trip from a lodge!


3. Lake District, UK – Gorge Walking, Canoeing, Abseiling, Rock Climbing


Located in north-west England, the Lake District National Park is the largest national park in the country and a famous destination for outdoor lovers. Mountains, green valleys, small picturesque villages, and more than 15 lakes, turn this place into a huge adventure playground.

An exciting mix of adventures may include exploring a river gorge by foot (gorge walking and ghyll scrambling are two popular activities here), riding a canoe on the lake and try your hands at rock climbing. Swimming in the lake is also an option (and a great one to relax after an adrenaline-fuelled journey!). With such a broad offer of outdoor activities, a trip to the UK's Lake District is an excellent idea for a summer family getaway!

In brief:

  • Where: Lake District, England

  • Duration: 1 day

  • Best time to go: April to September

Take a multi-adventure day trip to England's Lake District!


4. Phoenix, USA – Hiking, Biking, Rafting, Kayaking, and more!


Tucked in the so-called 'Valley of the Sun', Phoenix is Arizona's largest city and the fifth most populated city in the US. But despite its urban allure, it's the starting point to epic outdoor adventures just outside the city metropolitan area. Head to the neighboring city of Scottsdale, at the foot of the Sonoran Desert, for some exciting mountain biking and hiking, as well as water sports like rafting, kayaking and stand-up paddleboarding in the Lower Salt River.


In brief:

  • Where: Scottsdale – Phoenix Metro Area, Arizona, US.

  • Duration: 1 day

  • Best time to go: All year round


Traveling to Arizona? Don't miss this 1-day multi-sport adventure day near Phoenix!


5. Mallorca, Spain – Hiking, Abseiling & Caving


Lying in the Mediterranean sea, the Spanish island of Mallorca is the largest of the Balearic Islands. Sunny days, a mesmerizing turquoise sea and incredible calas, with the Tramuntana mountains as a backdrop, make this place a top destination for an active holiday.

A 1-day tour with a local guide can take you to one of the islands' most impressive sea caves: Cova des Coloms. The picturesque Cala Romantica, in the east of the island, is the jumping-off point for this adventure. After enjoying some time at the beach, you'll rappel down to the cave and spend a few hours exploring it: you will swim and hike in this surreal and gorgeous underground world. Have fun and explore this hidden spot in the company of a guide!

In brief:

  • Where: Cova des Coloms, Mallorca, Spain.

  • Duration: 1 day

  • Best time to go: April to October


Enjoy hiking, caving and abseiling at one of Mallorca's most spectacular caves: Cova des Coloms!


6. Aspen, US – Rock Climbing, Hiking & Zip Lining


Tucked away in the Colorado Rocky Mountains, the iconic ski town of Aspen is also an amazing destination for a summer active vacation. The Roaring Fork River and the scenic Independence Pass, are just a few of the highlights this incredible town has to offer.

Ziplining over waterfalls, exploring gorges and caves, and hiking on beautiful spots like the Pyramid Amphitheater, are just a few of the outdoor activities you can enjoy. And all of it on a single day! Bring your family for an exhilarating journey in Aspen, and feel the adrenaline of trying something different.

In brief:

  • Where: Aspen, Colorado, US.

  • Duration: 1 day

  • Best time to go: May to September


Head to Aspen for an unforgettable family trip with a local mountain guide!

Multi-activity tours are a great way of sharing time with your family while trying something new and exciting.  Are you already thinking of your next active family vacation? Pick one of the options on this post and create some everlasting memories with your loved ones!

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