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Multi-outdoor activity week on Uloya Island, Lyngen Alps (Norway)

Hiking on Uloya Island
Artic lights from the lodge
Boats used for sea fishing
Breathtaking views above the lodge 2
Breathtaking views above the lodge

Discover the magical island of Uloya, in the Lyngen Alps, surrounded by a breathtaking landscapes and untouched nature. Go hiking, rock climbing and sea fishing in this very special destination in northern Norway, along an IFMGA-certified guide!


Lyngen Alps

7 Days

Jun, Jul, Aug




  • Enjoy a unique multi-activity summer program in a stunning and remote island
  • Discover the beautiful green summer landscapes of Uloya and the Lyngen Fjord
  • Go on an unforgettable 7-day adventure at the edge of the world!


We invite you to discover a stunning natural paradise in the remote and magical Uloya Island in Norway. Join us for a unique week during the summer and enjoy great hikes, amazing rock climbing, and sea fishing in this very special destination, located at the northern end of the Lyngen Fjord, north of the Arctic Circle.

During the endless, long days of summer, Uløya is a peaceful haven of untouched nature, green birch forests and exceptional wildlife. After months of white landscape, in summer snow disappears in Uloya, revealing meandering rivers, green meadows, turquoise lakes and enchanting waterfalls, a perfect setting for great adventures, and a complete contrast to the harsh and snowy landscape of the winter months.

This 7-day stay in the Arctic gives you a chance to try a bit of every activity. Our multi-activity program includes wonderful day hikes -or with overnight camping- amazing sea fishing and rock climbing for all levels. We invite you to experience wild and untouched nature, surrounded by spectacular views, and unique solitude and tranquility in this beautiful island in northern Norway.

During this week, you will be staying at our comfy, warm and fully equipped apartments at the Lyngen Outdoor Center, with breathtaking views. We offer stays for groups of 3 to 6 people.

Throughout your stay, our team of guides will help you get the most out from this experience, taking you to the most amazing hikes and climbs in this area. They are all experienced IFMGA- certified, with excellent local knowledge, for whom experiencing the outdoors is a way of life. Our chief guide is Pawel.

Uløya is a truly extraordinary place. This is the Arctic, where you can really feel like you are at the edge of the world! It is right here that famous peaks like Uløytinden (1114m), Kjelvagtinden (1104m) and Blåtinden (1142m) rise straight from the sea, making for wonderful hiking routes. It is right here where you find stunning crystal-clear lakes across the landscape, and where beautiful waterfalls drop down many metres from high, rocky outcrops.

During these days, you will enjoy unforgettable hikes, discovering beautiful rivers and streams, in the middle of green meadows, even on the shortest walks. You will also find herds of reindeer and elk here! You will be amazed by the magical and unique scenic landscape and wildlife of Uloya and the Lyngen Fjord.

In Uloya you will also have the opportunity to enjoy great rock climbing experiences. Completely virgin rock walls are the perfect spot for unique  climbs in the island. Uløya boasts fantastic walls in 3 picturesque valleys. Above Isvanett, you will find a great rock wall, offering challenging and interesting dry-tooling opportunities with an exciting finale on ice. Below the lakes there are many smaller areas waiting to be discovered and explored!

Lyngen is also famous for its great fishing grounds. Many islands and inlets  make for the perfect conditions for fishing in perfect solitude, often with the whole fjord to just yourself. This area is rich in catfish, cod and the huge halibut. We will take you to cross the Lyngen Fjord by boat, to catch a great halibu for your evening dinner! You will experience a true adventure in a wild location.

The area surrounding Uløya provides any angler with amazing challenges, whether your goal is sea turbot, halibut, cod, coley or catfish! The sea currents deliver an excellent fishing experience and big fish. Our Rotsund Seafishing fishing camp belongs to the renowned Dintur network, which guarantees the highest levels and safety standards.

Our fleet of modern aluminum boats offer a safe and comfortablese fishing experience. In order to make the most out of your fishing trip, we have our own floating bridge and a large pier reaching 50m into the sea, with a fish skinning room.

Does it all sound like a magical fairy tale land? Well, it is! Just send us a request, come to the Arctic and discover it by yourself! We would love to guide you on this multi-activitiy week in Uloya. 

If you would like to check out some winter options, have a look at our guided ski touring week in Uloya or the self-guided option.

Price includes

- Guiding fee

- Accommodation included

- Transport during the trip

Price details

Price includes 1) 7 nights accommodation in 4- or 8-prs apartments with 2-bed sleeping rooms. 2) 6 days guided by experienced and highly qualified IFMGA guides, experts on the region, renowned skiers and alpinists, including a 9-seat van with fuel for trips on a mainland. The trips include: Stationary trips on Uløya and mainland (ferry and car included); Up to 3 trips to neighbouring islands or Lyngen peninsula, skipper, boats and safety eqp included; 3) Car for mainland trips. 4) Additional boat transfers mainland-island (bringing you back in case of missing the ferry). 5) Boat transfers for arrival/departure (in the absence of the ferry). 6) seafishing trips + equipment. 7) personal climbing equipment (harness + helmet + safety eqp)

NOT INCLUDED: food and drinks, airport transfer from Tromso, bikes, climbing shoes

Additional fees:

o Tromso transfer return (up to 6 pax): NOK 2000/person (min. 3 people), or 6000 NOK

o Molisfossen boat trip - NOK 1000 per person


Day 1: Arrival

The trip begins in the evening and we have dinner.

Day 2: Arontinden

We hike to Arontinden (563m) with a fantastic view over the little islands and the exit of Lyngen Fjord to the open ocean. Arontinden is a mountain dominating the north-east tip of Uløya. Its northern wall falls dawn to the open sea creating a striking panorama. 5 mins drive takes you to the beginning of the trail. The walk is gentle, yet continuously up, takes about 2-3 hrs to the top and 1-2 hr down. It’s very beautiful, meanders amongst trees at first, then goes up on the open plains with some stones and rocks and with great views to all sides. The view from the top is remarkable and it is long remembered – an epic panorama of Lyngen Peninsula, open ocean and the archipelago of islands. The way down on the same track, but it is also possible to take a longer way, along the wide crest of Reinrabben amongst the multiple lakes.

Highlights – spectacular views in all directions

Wildlife – chance to meet moose, reindeer, birds, eagles

Duration – 4-6 hrs

Day 3: Saeteraksla

A day-long hike to Saeteraksla (1000m) with stunning views over 1000 m drop down to Rotsund Straight and a unique glacial cirque of Isvannet mountain lake. Seateraksla creates a southeast aspect of Uløya island. Gentle to the north it’s almost vertical to the south. Standing on the top you get a feeling of being directly over the fjord. The trip starts right at the lodge and follows arctic woods and then goes up on the open terrain. The big Mettengelva waterfall is passed on the left, then the trail follows the crest on the right of the stream. After 2-3 hrs we arrive at the vast Isvannet Lake (600m) and the spectacular mountain cirque of Uløytinden (1113 m). A further walk of 2-3 hrs takes us to the top, from where a breathtaking panorama of Lyngen Alps and Kafjord Alps opens up. A striking view down on the Rotsund Straight sends shivers down your spine. A walk down the same way takes about 2-3 hrs.

Highlights – wild mountain environment, spectacular views over the lake and fjord

Wildlife – chance to meet moose, reindeer, birds, eagles

Duration – 6-9 hrs

Day 4: Seafishing and boating day

Let your legs relax, we go seafishing with our boats (all equipment supplied). During a 2-3 hrs trip, you get a chance to admire the views of the islands from water. There is also a chance to see many sea birds and eagles. If you’re lucky, a group of dolphins may come around. Of course, you should be able to catch one of the large codfish or even a halibut!

Day 5: Reisa National Park

a hike around Unna or optionally a boat trip along Reisa river to the Mollisfossen waterfalls (extra cost NOK 1000).

We drive outside of Bilto town (about 1-1,5 hrs drive) in the beautiful Reisa valley (great landscapes along the way) from where we have 2 options: either a walk around Unna or a boat trip to Mollisfossen waterfall. A hike is very beautiful and presents the true beauty and wilderness. The hike is gentle, goes up to 400m, and takes about 2-3 hrs. The boat trip (extra cost NOK 1000 per person) takes about the same time (3-4 hrs) and takes you to one of Europe’s largest waterfalls 269 meters high with a 140-meter free waterfall. You can take a walk behind the falls admiring 6 tonnes of water per second cascading right before you. A tea made over a fire is served at Mollisfossen. Reisa is famous not just for landscapes, but also for its wildlife. It’s possible to see many rare birds, eagles or moose and reindeer both on a hike and during the boat ride.

Highlights – a nature reservation area with lavish nature and great mountains. A boat trip to one of Europe’s largest waterfalls (269 m). A chance to walk behind the falling water.

Wildlife – all kinds of small birds, eagles, moose and reindeer.

Duration – 3-4 hrs, 8 hrs from/to the lodge

Day 6: Uløya’s Côte d'Azur

This is a fantastic and unusual track that follows a kind of riviera on the north side of the island. The path goes up and down to the rocky beaches and numerous rock towers creating a totally unusual landscape. Rock arches, lonely pinnacles exchange with gentle meadows and beaches covered with ocean-polished rocks. It’s one of the hidden gems known only to the few, many locals come here for their walks.

Highlights – very picturesque walk, with many rock towers and rocky beaches

Wildlife – chance to meet reindeer, birds

Duration – 3-4 hrs, but may be extended to 6-8 hrs

Additional alternatives to day 5 or 6:

OPTION 1- a hike to Storberget (450m)

Storberget is a flat mountain overlooking Uløya from the east. We cross the fjord to the mainland Ravelseidet from where a very nice path takes us to the very scenic plateau which continues for several kilometers offering very nice views. Finally, we arrive at the edge of the cliff, from where a striking and memorable view opens up. It’s a very nice hike with unforgettable panoramas.

Highlights – spectacular view from the

top of the 350m vertical cliff

 Wildlife – chance to meet moose, reindeer, birds, eagles

 Duration – 3-4 hrs, 4-5 hrs from the lodge

OPTION 2-A trip to Skjervøy - a picturesque port town located in a valley between mountains and the fjord. It is the capital of the commune.

Day 7: Valhalla Valley

a trip to the beautiful Valhalla Valley on the Kågen island (450m). A fantastic and monumental valley with a picturesque lake and a vertical, 550 m granite wall that has never been climbed. The hike starts after we drive to Kågen island (about 1 hr) and follows a gentle path. After another hour we enter the valley, which we follow for another 1-2 hrs until we arrive at the lake and at the foot of the Valhalla Wall.

Highlights – great nature, a high mountain lake and a monumental rock wall

Wildlife – chance to meet reindeer, birds

Duration – 3-4 hrs, 5-6 hrs from the lodge

Day 8: End of the trip

We departure in the morning.




We offer comfortably furnished apartments in a two-story building and a separate house, both located 50m from the water line, at the foot of Blåtinden (1142m). Bed linens and towels are supplied There is also a drying room for equipment and the entire infrastructure associated with boating and fishing. There are three apartments in 2 houses. The Large House: Apartment 1: 4 bed – 80 m2, 2 bedrooms, living room with kitchen, bathroom with shower and sauna. Apartment 2: 6/8 bed – 140 m2, two levels, living room, kitchen, bathroom and 2 bedrooms on the 1st floor, 2 bedrooms with an extra toilet on the 2nd floor. The Small House: Apartment 3: 6/8 bed – 100 m2, two levels, living room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom with sauna, additional toilet on the ground floor, 4 bedrooms on the 1st floor. The apartments are comfortably equipped with everything you need for a home away from home. The kitchen is a modern, clean, fully equipped space with all the necessary equipment to make your stay comfortable: plates, cutlery, pots, pans, drip-coffee maker, electric kettle, toaster, oven, and a dishwasher. The livingroom area is furnished with leather seating and has a traditional Norwegian fireplace. TV, DVD, and Wi-Fi (free of charge) are all here to keep you connected with the outside world should you wish. There are hangers and laundry facilities, as well as several 400-litre freezers in anticipation of your successful fishing trips.

More info

PRACTICAL INFO - We accept credit card payments. - There is free wi-fi at the lodge, however be warned that the transfer is limited and there are fluctuations of transfer speed. - There is no ATM on the island - the closest is at a distance of about 20 km, on the mainland. - In the vast majority of sell points cards are accepted, including ferries. - The nearest shop is located on the other side of the island, in Havnnes (accessible only by ferry or boat). - Petrol for the boats is also available there. The other shops are at mainland, circa 15 km from a ferry port (Storslett, Olderdalen). If required, we will arrange for the groceries to be delivered to you for an extra fee. - Do not bring drinking water unless you require sparkling. We have a perfect quality crystal-clear drinking water straight from a tap.

FOOD -You could easily get food supplies on the way to the lodge. Our guests usually do this without any problems. In case you run short of supplies we deliver shopping at a small fee (500NOK) or you could just visit a store when you are on the mainland.

Meeting point

Uløybukt. Airport transfer available on request at extra cost. AIRPORT TRANSFER COST Trømso: 5750 NOK return for 6 persons. 1000 NOK for every person above 6, max 8 prs. Sørkjosen: 1750 NOK return for 6 persons. 300 NOK for every person above 6, max 8 prs.

About the guide

The Lyngen Outdoor Center is located in Norway´s far north, in the eastern part of the island of Uløya.

Located just 500km beyond the Arctic circle and surrounded by stunning fjords (including the famous Lyngen fjord), Uløya is a dream setting to practice a wide range of activities (ski touring, climbing and hiking are an every day occurrence here).

The Lyngen Outdoor Center team is made up of IFMGA-certified guides and outdoor lovers only. We are skiers, climbers and anglers. Our expeditions have taken us all around the world, including Himalaya, the Tian Shan Range, Patagonia, Madagscar and Mali, to name a few. We created this place to share our knowledge and passion with you.

You won't have trouble finding us: the only route on this part of the island leads straight to us. You can take a ferry to get here or we can pick you up in our "water taxi".

Our very comfortable apartments are located just 50 meters away from the water line. They offer everything you'll need for a skiing or fishing trip with your friends, including a drying room. Our boats are some of the most modern in all of the Lyngen area and a large sized pier is located just 50m away from your accommodation.

Come explore the unbelievable Arctic. We'll be happy to welcome you!





What people are saying about The Lyngen Outdoor Center

Cristina Colombo


May, 2023

Great places, great guide, and all the staff, the house was very nice, we had a really good time, finally our guide found the best snow and views according to the weather every day thank you

Steven De Tollenaere


April, 2023

The traveller did not leave a comment.

John Franklin


March, 2023

Artur and the team at Lyngen Outdoor are FANTASTIC. The accommodation is beautifully positioned on the edge of the fjord, with stunning views and amazing ski touring / hiking straight out the back door, or further afield from their boat. The food is also amazing! One day we caught a cod (post skiing) and had cod sashimi as a starter, followed by salmon tartar, reindeer stew and chocolate cake. Pawal our ski guide was very experienced and was incredibly patient with our mixed ability group - taking us on 6 awesome tours. Thank you for a truly incredible week

Ryan Hassler


March, 2023

Artur and the guides (+all other staff) at the Lyngen Outdoor Center really go above and beyond to make this an unforgettable experience. The lodge is beautiful and much more luxurious than I ever imagined. The food is very good and exactly what you need after long days of skiing. My guide Pawel was extremely helpful and communicative and provided a truly exceptional skiing experience. I would highly recommend The Lyngen Outdoor Center for anyone interested in skiing in Northern Norway.

Richard Kibble


March, 2023

Well where to begin. This trip exceeded all expectations. Please do note I live in the Alps so am familiar with beautiful mountains and snow (well these days less snow in the Alps...). The beauty of this place is unsurpassed unless you're already familiar with Arctic scenery. Majestic snowy mountains falling straight into crystal clear blue Fjords. How often can you put your touring skins on, on a beach where you've arrived by small boat and then climb 1200ms to skin down untouched powder fields unseen by many people, let alone ski tourers.....that's what you get on this trip. As for the Tour guides, we had Marcin, what a great guy and Pavel too, was with the other group. Both super professional, patient (particularly with me as I am a 6/10 Tourer) and super pleasant and beyond fit (like very happy and supportive Terminator machines :-)). thank you Marcin you are a star. Brilliant, both of them. And then there's the whole team, Artur who runs the Lyngen center (you'll enjoy the conversations with Artur on politics and history - always interesting over dinner and glass of wine), all the staff and particular shout out to Janusz, the chef, whose food is just perfect for a touring trip. Brilliant hearty breakfasts and super tasty four course dinners, varied every day! From traditional fresh cod to reindeer stew, then pasta to fajitas. Also a special shout out to Bogdan who will take you Halibut and cod fishing for the day which was great fun and we caught fresh fish (large cod) for the evening meal that day. So what else to say, if you want amazing mountains, tonnes of snow and fresh powder plus advanced and challenging technical touring run by such a friendly team led by Artur (so friendly that that they will feel like friends by the time you leave), then don't waste time looking elsewhere, just book The Lyngen Outdoor Center and you will absolutely not be disappointed. My thanks go to all of the people that made it a truly wonderful vacation....and we saw the Aurora Borealis too on the first night and the following night! This is a 5 star location and vacation.

Christophe Duval-kieffer


March, 2023

All-star cast of seasoned Polish guides, all long-time residents of Norway and with perfect knowledge of the (challenging) environment. Safe, competent and very nice.

Katharina Gstrein


May, 2022

Artur and his team were so nice! We had the best week ever. Very beautiful skitours, excellent guides and the food was amazing. Highly recommended!!!

Filip Houttekiet


May, 2022

Absolutely amazing guides and owner of the lodge. Highly recommendable!

Clovis Parmentier


April, 2022

Artur's ski center, the Lyngen Outdoor Center, is exceptionnal. Everything is perfectly organised and built to spend a perfect time, skiing everyday with great views. The guides are very trustworthy and know the tours very well, thus giving the clients perfect confidence and enabling them to enjoy the tours as much as possible.



April, 2022

The traveller did not leave a comment.

Christophe Thomas


April, 2022

This week with my family was just...Amizing ! All the staff there was perfect and the place...no word ! We will be back !

Maxime Parmentier


April, 2022

Best trip ever, just came back from it. It's paradise and I miss it already!

Matteo P.


March, 2022

Great tours and adventures! Amazing experience

Kate Simpson


March, 2022

Individual billing from explore share would help. LOC were great lots of flexibility fantastic team great sauna wonderful Location and my friends were lovely company too

Tarmo Sibul


May, 2019

The traveller did not leave a comment.


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