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Hiking in Munich: Top Outdoor Adventures Awaiting You


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Munich is one of the most buzzing and beautiful German cities, with its intoxicating culture and lovely surrounds alluring millions each year. Hiking in the surrounding Bavarian countryside is an abolsute dream.

Munich truly is one of the great European cities, with its distinctive and fun culture, beautiful architecture, dreamy surrounding countryside and the world-famous annual Oktoberfest festival ensuring there is something for everyone all-year-round. Hiking in the quintessentially Bavarian countryside outside the city is absolutely stunning, with vast tracts of alpine forests and lakes leading to glorious rolling green hills and mountains, with castles also dotting the landscape. Choose from our selection of hiking trips in Munich, and take in its raw natural beauty!

Top hiking trips | Munich

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FAQs: Hiking in Munich

What should I know about Hiking Munich?

Some of the hiking can be strenuous, so make sure you have a decent level of physical fitness before undertaking.

Munich is the focal point of Bavarian culture, which is different and distinctive to that of the rest of Germany. Try and research and understand some of the customs and traditions of this culture to better get a feel for the way of life and the people here.

Why should I choose Munich for my Hiking adventure?

Glorious Scenery

The Bavarian countryside that surrounds Munich is as quintessentially German as one could hope for, with alpine forests and lakes dominating the landscape, and sumptuous green hills and mountains towering above. Hiking around here takes in all these and more, with the medieval castles adding a majestic touch to the setting.

Fun Culture

Munich contains a fun, intoxicating and riotous vibe for most of the year, with millions of visitors falling for its delightful charms and brilliant vibe each year. There are numerous splendid museums, art galleries, restaurants and bars to discover, with the annual Okotberfest festival widely considered to be one of the funnest festivals in all of Europe. The Bavarian culture is distinctive to overall German culture, making for an interesting and varied experience.

Excellent Conditions

The hiking conditions around Munich are as good as they get, with many trails and tracks to choose from, and a wealth of experienced hiking guides in the area. May-September is the ideal hiking period due to the warmer weather, and with tourism a big driver of the area there is plentiful help from a variety of sources.

What can I expect from the weather during my Hiking trip in Munich?

Warm Summers averaging 20-25 degrees during the day. Cold Winters with temperatures averaging 0-5 degrees celsius during the day and below freezing at night.

Which language is predominantly spoken in the Munich region?


What currency is accepted around Munich?


How can I get to Munich?

Flight to Munich from all European hubs. Easy access via train, car or bus from surrounding countries.

What's the country code for the Munich region?


When is the best time to travel to Munich for Hiking?

May-September, when the weather is warmest.

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