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Hiking in Bavaria: Top Outdoor Adventures Awaiting You


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Meander the rolling mountains and meadows of breathtaking Bavaria

Wandering and winding trails zigzag across wild Bavaria. High alpine landscapes blanket the south of Germany where a wealth of culture and tradition is connected to the mountainside. The Bavarian Alps is home to a kingdom of climbs and hikes that are magnetic for outdoor adventurers. Visit between May and October for ideal hiking conditions.

Top hiking trips | Bavaria

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FAQs: Hiking in Bavaria

What should I know about Hiking Bavaria?

The landlocked state of Bavaria that lies in the south west covers roughly a fifth of the total area of the country. The region has a deep and rich history connected to the mountains, which play an important part of everyday life. The rugged and rough landscapes of Bavaria offer pristine pistes and breathtaking routes for outdoor adventures, especially hiking.

Why should I choose Bavaria for my Hiking adventure?

Classic alpine terrain

The Bavarian mountains of south Germany have long been a world-class destination for all types of outdoor sports, particularly hiking. Whether it’s hiking Zugspitze (2,962 m), the highest in the country, or a hut-to-hut hike around Mount Watzmann, or touring around the iconic Newschwanstein Castle that soars from the plains, the wild German landscapes form a dramatic background to classic climbs.

**Variety of adventures **

The rough and rugged mountains and natural walls of Bavaria offer some spectacular and challenging hiking terrain. Those seeking fresh climbs and difficult terrain, join a 4-day tour of the Gottesacker plateau, a karst landscape with pockets of caves and rare wildlife. Yet if you’re a newcomer to hiking, then discover the Meran Alps that are much less technical that other areas, yet retain spectacular scenery.

Mythic mountains

The centuries-old society of the great southern state of Germany offers a blend of famous forests and mountains to produce some spectacular scare stories and mythical creatures. Many of Germany’s myths, legends and folklore can find their origins in these murky mountains, like the tyrannical king Watzmann who was turned to stone, and still stands in the Bavarian Alps.

What can I expect from the weather during my Hiking trip in Bavaria?

The south central areas and deep south of Germany where the Alps stand receive cooler weather than the rest of the country.

Which language is predominantly spoken in the Bavaria region?

German and Bavarian.

What currency is accepted around Bavaria?


What's the country code for the Bavaria region?


When is the best time to travel to Bavaria for Hiking?

Visit between May and October for ideal hiking conditions.

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Explore-Share took advantage of my inexperience. I had asked for a beginner level trip, instead, they recommended me a rather advanced trip. Neither Explore-Share nor the guide were forthcoming with information until the very last moment. The guide sold my participation to another outfit about a week before the trip. Neither Explore-Share neither the guide are trustworthy and can be relied upon in making arrangements.



Rudi is an experienced mountaineer with a great deal of knowledge about the area and trails available. He coordinated closely with me to determine my skill level and objective for the hike. It was an absolutely terrific day.

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