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Cala Goloritze can lay claim to being one of the most peaceful, beguiling and alluring beaches in Italy, as its relative lack of tourism and sensational scenery make it an absolutely superb spot. The striking rock formations above the cove add a unique twist, adding up to a location of true relaxation.



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Mild Winters and hot summers, with average temperatures of 20-25 degrees celsius from June-October

How to get there

Fly in to Olbia Costa Smeralda Airport in Olbia, from there drive to Cala Gonone, and from there either 90 minute drive or a boat trip to Cala Goloritze

More info about Hiking in Cala Goloritze:

Cala Goloritze is a secluded and hard-to-reach place, so starting your trip and basing yourself in either Olbia or Cala Gonone is recommended, as there is also plenty to do in both places. Due to its wild and untouched landscape and terrain, some of the hiking can be challenging, so being very fit and in extremely good shape will help you enjoy the hiking more. Sardinia has its own unique and fascinating characteristics that are distinct from Italy itself, so taking the time to explore the small towns and villages will give you a greater insight to the culture, which the local people are fiercely proud of



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