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Turquoise blue water, rocky coves, dazzling sea cliffs, wildflower-filled meadows are all par for the course when you head to Portoscuso for a hiking adventure. Weather you only have a few days or a week to spend making your way through the stunning countryside, there is no shortage of natural wonder to keep you enrapt.



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Getting to Portoscuso generally begins with a flight into the airport in nearby Cagliari (CAG), which can be reached directly from most major European airports. From here, Portoscuso is just an hour away along the SS130 by car. Traveling by bus and train is possible, but takes much longer

What’s the weather like?

Due to its location in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, Portoscuso enjoys pleasant weather year-round. Average daily temperatures range from 10 ºC in the winter to 25 ºC in the summer. Rain is not very common throughout the year, but it is the driest in the summer when next to no rain falls at all

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While there are various hiking opportunities all around Portoscuso, Miniere nel Blu is by far the most popular. Boasting stunning views out over the sea as well as the option to experience some of the region’s history. This tour perfectly combines nature and culture. Charming views of the Five Stacks, combined with all of the other chamrin scenery will leave you longing to spend even more time exploring this beautiful Mediterranean island. The tour is not very challenging and only takes three days to complete. If you have a bit more time to spend on Sardinia and want to see even more, then heading out on the famed Selvaggio Blu trek on the eastern end of the island is a great way to see even more of this stunning island and get some of the best ocean views in Europe. This one, however, takes about six days and is a bit tougher



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